Lying – Another Look at this Character Defect |

A little bit on why pathalogical liars do so even when the rest of us see absolutely no reason for the lie.

I find the first comment spot on as well.

It’s particularly disturbing to have someone look you straight in the eyes and lie when they know perfectly well that you know that they are lying.

His two most recent articles on Sociopaths are also well worth a read.


Kenya – brief experiences

I was thrilled that I managed though hard work to get my first research paper published and was allowed by my company to go and present it. The conference was in Kenya. The one thing that was very clear after the trip was that Africa needs practical, implementable research.

Wambo's Pub. Between Nairobi and Mount Kenya

Wambo’s Pub. Between Nairobi and Mount Kenya

The first days at the conference I was mostly hidden from the realities of Kenya and only got glimpses of it between the airport in Nairobi and the rather fancy hotel. I love the food at Hotel and was surprised to find Kimchi and Wakame soup on the menu. There were five restaurants to choose from!

Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

I did have the luxury of spending a few days in Mount Kenya amongst the Forests and Elephants of Castle Forest Lodge. I’ve been to quite a few African countries at this point and the one thing that stood out for me was that the contrast between poor and rich is rather striking there, but I can’t say this holds for most of Kenya sonce my visit was brief at best.

The Bushcamp 1000 metres above the main camp at Castle Forest Lodge in Mount Kenya

The Bushcamp 1000 metres above the main camp at Castle Forest Lodge in Mount Kenya

I think that m-pesa is responsible for most of Kenya’s paint ;P

M-Pesa : responsible for much of Kenya's Paint

M-Pesa : responsible for much of Kenya’s Paint

Weka StringToWordVector appears to do nothing

Just a check for anyone trying to figure out why the words are not being generated in the Attributes pane in Weka explorer.

It chooses which type to convert to word vectors based on the input type. In my case the database mapping in the DatabaseUtils.props file was incorrect and was mapping the database type varchar to the Weka type nominal. It needs to map to the type string (9) before the filter will function.

It doesn’t provide a very friendly user message when it can’t find a string attribute, it just fails silently.

But at least I now know that an arff file isn’t necessary.


The experiences adults forget to remember


Calorie Rants and Ketosis (part 1). | THAT PALEO GUY I love the balance in this blog. So true. I’m clearly part of the group that finally has rediscovered my, “you are full” mechanism through high fat (and low carb). I really could never figure out why all the foods my body loved and did well on were “taboo”. At least when you are aware that there are choices outside of what is prescribed you can work with that. It still appears that the obesity epidemic points to the current guidelines as being incorrect for most people.

Hiliki House – Little gem of Zanzibar

The place is not much to look at from the outside. A small street, lined on one side with a stone wall leads passed a few shopping stalls, to a large white wall with a nice wooden door, which hidden in it’s expanse.

Knocker knocked, and door opened, presents an intimidating wooden staircase going upward. This is where the magic begins and the reason I chose the place on Trip Advisor, starts to reveal itself.

Chair Detail - Hiliki House

Chair Detail – Hiliki House

It’s the small attention to detail that make Hiliki House so special. The brass knockers and handles on doors and the same embedded into furniture and window frames.

It has a rather odd mix of old feel, probably of Swahili origin, presented in a clean, new and oddly modern setting. My travel companion describes it as Afro-fusion Chic. He says that it has an African edge, but is somehow international (and luxurious) enough to cater for foreigners.

Door Lock - Hiliki House

Door Lock – Hiliki House

I particularly liked the bathrooms, which have rather modern taps, offset against the concrete and wood decor. The bathroom in our room had a nice big shower.

Hiliki house is offset from the middle of Stone Town, but is close enough that you can walk into the bustle in under ten minutes. After confirming that it was safe to do so, we even walked through town after dark, to a vegetarian Indian restaurant that we had heard was there.

I did not feel unsafe walking there, even at night and the streets are always full of people.

Breakfasts at Hiliki House were fairly normal. Fruit, eggs, coffee and fruit juices were the basics. The breakfast area was sunny and open.

Drawing on a Serviette

Drawing on a Serviette

Most of the accomodation and the dining area are upstairs while the staff, kitchen and reception are below. Be prepared to be navigating the stair case from time to time.

The rooms are air conditioned and the electricity is reliable, unlike some of the outer lying areas in Zanzibar. There are plug points in the room and we borrowed a convertor, from the staff, to charge our cellphones.

There are not too many rooms, so the place is quiet and farly private.

On checking out of the lady at reception handed me a serviette that she had been doodeling on. Both sides were covered in ink drawing and her name was on one side. What a very special touch.

Impressed with Zanzibar airport

The first thing that struck me about the airport in Zanzibar was the fingerprint machines. Not just the machines, but the seriously up to date technology. Photos were taken with their eyeball cameras, passports were scanned and left and right hand finger prints were taken with modern glass and light machines.

The hand fingerprints were retaken on the way out of the Country and compared with the fingerprint from your arrival. The reason I know they were compared is that the delayed my traveling companion, on exit, for a while and did extra checks after his fingerprint didn’t have a match.

Other than that Zanzibar airport was just like any other smallish airport in Africa, with it’s porters looking for tips and it’s small and hot building.
They had major queues when we arrived, but handled them extremely efficiently, even going as far as to collect passports, visa payment and yellow fever cards from the lines of people for processing, before the counter, so that by the time you got to the front of the queue your paperwork was in order.
It was a short wait.

Our guide from Eco Tours was waiting at the entrance for us with a placard, ready to take us to Hiliki House.

I was also very impressed with “One Time” airlines. It was great to have a flight that doesn’t insist you eat and build that into the price. They were also way cheaper than any of the other flights from SA and the pilot and staff were humourous and friendly.

A recommendation for travelers:-

  • Both the South African and Zanzibar officials were checking the Yellow Fever cards.
  • In our case the airline had payed our departure taxes for us, but I would check


My Mozambique travel description that I blogged about last year gets a lot of interest. I guess, people really enjoy getting away and dreaming about escaping for awhile.


Myself on Kendwa Beach - Northern Zanzibar

I thought that with my Zanzibar trip, I would spend a bit more time with observations, pictures and experiences of the various places we went, which I plan to do over several posts.

I found Zanzibar to have a similar infrastructue and tourist experience to Mozambique, however Mozambique was a slightly more intimate, personal experience, whereas Zanzibar is far more commercial.

I plan to chat about Stone Town, Chumbe Island, Kendwa, Nungwe and others.

In a one liner, “I loved the place”, but then I loved Mozambique too!

Run away from yourself (I just need to be happy) – 2009

I just don’t love you anymore
Random acts of kindness
I never had an affair before
It’s not you but my happiness

Then I die while still living
The death is so physical
and you still keep on lying
my mind a mangled fractal

I won’t drink you Koolaid
No off switch for feelings
I remember memories fade
forget good ones and you’re healing

How can your mind justify
with your friends wife?
Are my memories all a lie?
What became of my life?

It just was the only way
I could deal with my pain
Throw it all away
only devastation remains

It took a long time to trust you
forgotten hurt from before
who raped the man I knew
I am damaged once more

Ketosis, increased water consumption and headaches

I have been aware for years that if I develop a headache it is either because I haven’t had coffee for more than a day or it is because I am dehydrated. In the latter case a glass of water resolves the issue.

I have read that when you are in ketosis, from low carbing, and therefore burning fat, it is a good idea to up your consumption of water to flush the ketones.

The issue I am having is that every time I increase my water consumption, I am ending up with a headache.
I’d love to know what causes this, but googling for the matter is not helping. The results I get from searching, for variations on this subject matter, all cover dehydration and the “should drink lot’s of water” versus “should drink moderate water” debate.

I have not found one single article discussing headaches resulting from increasing water intake.

I’d like to know if anyone else experiences this and I would like to know what causes this bizarre reaction.

Most odd.

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