Can a Passive Aggressive man love?

Having had a rant in my last post, I thought I’d offer a more constructive point of view. I’m not sharing this out of malice. It is just opinion. I hope that I can help someone else close to this kind of situation protect themselves from the pain. I suspect though that it will only reach those already experiencing this pit of agony who are, like I was, too close to the trees. I have no plans to write on any of these topics again.

I keep reading about Passive Aggression. It’s typical for an INTJ personality to obsessively find out every tiny detail about a subject they become interested in.

This truly is not a subject I would ever have chosen to explore and the more I read the more bells ring in my memory and the more horrified I get that people can actually behave this way. The behavior is covert abuse and it is brutal and dishonest.

There are so many articles on the subject and they all are very consistent, except in regard to what kind of personality ends up with this kind of person. I recall reading them in the early days after bomb drop and I understood , but I didn’t really understand. As has been said, “a healthy mind will never understand a sick mind”. I am starting to grasp exactly what that means and as such the articles are evoking more and more horror as to what I really was dancing with and to the fact that what I perceived to be a health loving relationship was actually abuse and is recognised as such.

Firstly my now ex-husband also admitted to being codependant. Another word for Codependency is Covert Narcissism and like most Narcissists they can be extremely charming. In the case of codependancy the Narcissistic supply is your attention and love which fuels their, “need to be needed”. But I digress.

The passive aggressive man also comes across as charming, caring and easy going.

Most of us may have come across passive aggressive people sometimes in our lives, without actually realizing it.
This is because the passive aggressive man has a charming and caring nature which hides their actual nature. With this charming nature, they are also able to attract women towards them. However, the actual nature of husbands will come up sometime or the other in a relationship. However, it is difficult to actually diagnose the problem because they let out their anger in a passive and subtle manner. They do it in such a tactful manner, the wife starts thinking that the problem is actually with her.
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I spent three years in therapy trying to get my IC to diagnose my personality disorder. One day, she did joke that at an extreme push I might, maybe, possibly, tend to Schizoid tendencies but that I was mostly just too hard on myself. (Schizoid is hotly debated as to whether it is even a disorder.)
She did tell me that she’d wished I’d never met this individual. It’s taken me four years and a bucket load of pain, self reflection and tears to agree.

Many well meaning people keep pointing out how I should try to view my contribution toward the break-up. It’s well meaning, but it is wrong. It only takes one person to destroy a marriage, but I sure as hell spent a lot of money on therapy, taking myself to pieces, so that I could be sure.

A Passive Aggressive Fears Conflict:

It should have been a red flag that my husband didn’t argue, but as I wasn’t aware of how dysfunctional people can be I never questioned it. When I say, didn’t argue I mean he would just shut down, completely. It is impossible have debate with someone who refuses to respond. It got to the point where we just didn’t have any arguments. In hindsight one of us would bring up something and within a sentence he would redirect the conversation or I would say no, and that was the end of the discussion. This didn’t bother me because I preferred the non confrontation. I know that very early on I realised that arguing was not his thing and changed my behavior.

I also remember, very early on in our relationship, when I was trying to bring up some or other issue with him and he was shutting down, I got so mad that I threw a mug at him. I have to point out that I almost never show or feel anger. It’s just not in my nature. In fact, as an INTJ, I base everything on what is logical and anger is unconstructive. As a result I was horrified at myself. I have subsequently read that this is the kind of response Passive Aggressive people often elicit in people close to them. It just wasn’t in my nature to repeat that incident, so at least it wasn’t a repeating scenario in our relationship. In our 15 years together I think I saw him express anger exactly once at it lasted only seconds. It appears that avoiding arguments at all costs is what Passive Aggressives do.

It would seem reasonable to assume that they are just easy going and willing to go along with the flow and that is how it appears to the person on the receiving end. That isn’t however how it is. What’s really going on is that they are slowly building up resentment and in the typical Passive Aggressive way they won’t take ownership of their part in this dynamic and so they blame you. When they’ve built up enough resentment then they explode.

I guess it helped that he knew, and actually told me when he was leaving, that he is Conflict Avoidant. I had no cooking clue and I probably would have taken a lot longer to recognise it. I continue to be completely shocked that people adopt these coping mechanisms, they are completely illogical. An INTJ is more inclined to just call a spade a spade and get on with it.

I guess the final display of avoidant behaviour was when he wouldn’t just come out and tell me he wanted a divorce. He told everyone else in the neighbourhood though, and they told me.

A Passive Aggressive Blames:

I’ve mentioned this above as one of the results of fearing conflict. They may blame, but they will never openly express that. Not until they explode anyway. Even when they explode, and you ask for specifics, they can’t or won’t actually tell you what they blame you for. I suspect this is combination of more  avoidance and the fact that the resentment build up for so long over so many things that they’ve forgotten half of them.

The result is your marriage dies without warning and you have no idea why!

They run around telling the world that is was your fault and behaving like the victim. He left amid an affair so this is also fuzzy because people in affairs blame shift to justify their behavior anyway, which escalates the pain. That is described perfectly on the “about divorce” website here

A Passive Aggressive Fears Dependency

A quote from this article entitled My Abuser – Covert Passive Aggressive: A Grown Man With a Child’s Ego

He/she will dodge responsibility for anything in the relationship while at the same time making it look as if he/she is pulling his/her own weight and is a very loving partner. The sad thing is, you can be made to believe that you are loved and adored by a person who is completely unable to form an emotional connection with anyone.

Those of us who form normal honest loving feelings don’t understand this. It sure as hell shocked me to the very core when he dropped the bomb on my life. I’m left wondering how many times he has actually done this. I know of at least two incidents, including ours, of where he dropped everything and ran from his life. I’m left wondering if there was a person involved in the prior incident, since I am well aware that he also lies by omission, and am therefore fairly sure that I was only given some of the details.

A Passive Aggressive Feigns Forgetfulness

He wasn’t as bad as some spouses with this, but it was present nevertheless. I always had the funny feeling that something was off but never managed to put my finger on it. I guess he was better at picking things that were hard for me to verify. I know that I used to ask him if he had downloaded the reports for the nightwatchmen or checked that he was arriving on time and I would be assured that he had done so, but he never did it. I always felt guilty because I always felt like I was nagging. These are common feelings for Passive Aggressive spouses.

I got the height of this tactic after bomb drop. Firstly he forgot the two exams I was writing a day after he walked out. I assumed this was forgetfulness (from someone who could remember things going back 15 years!!?). You then learn that  Passive Aggressives forget in order to punish and it becomes so obvious. So now I also know why he sent my birthday as one of the suggested dates to visit the divorce lawyer and then denied doing it. This is intentional behavior and it IS abusive.

A Passive Aggressive plays the victim

He went to IC (Individual Counseling) for just long enough for the IC to condone his exit from the marriage. This is actually quite common among people who run from relationships. I always find it sad when another spouse on the receiving end of the bomb drop gets all hopeful because they think that their spouse is actually working on themselves, only to discover that they aren’t in therapy long enough for anything useful and usually spend the time explaining how their spouse is the reason they need to leave their marriage.

He made it clear to me that I was to blame when he offered marriage counseling, so that I could, quote unquote, “understand”!!!

A Passive Aggressive becomes a pathological liar

The Passive Aggressive starts with little minor lies to avoid awkward conversations. This behaviour escalates to the point where they can look you in the eye and lie about significant things. I particularly enjoyed the day he looked me in the eye and lied about having another woman when he knew perfectly well that I already knew that the relationship was a physical affair. Even if he hadn’t already admitted the affair to mutual friends it was pretty hard to miss her Silver car parked every night where he was staying.

It started smaller though. Way smaller. You first begin to notice the lies by omission. They will tell you about events or things that happened in their day but they leave out relevant information. You find out that they, “FORGOT” to mention rather important aspects of what happened. It is only through repetition that you start to realise that maybe something smells a little.

Then he starts lying about finances. I ask him if bills were paid and he says they are. I then find out that they were not. He tells me he has paid the tax man then the tax man attaches his pension because of non payment. A loan from the bank he claims is paid. I get the call from the debt collectors. He tells me he has phoned them and it is sorted then the debt collectors arrive to attach his things.

When, 9 months after he moved out, he still hadn’t collected his possessions and after several warnings that I would throw them out if he didn’t collect them, I did. I opened his unopened post as I chucked it, just in case there was something important in there. I have never seen so many letters of final demand in my life. There must have been 30 of them. There had been no mention to me that we are having cash flow issues and he was buying things as though there was no problem, but he was also quietly running up a huge rates bill without my knowledge which I discovered when they came to switch off the water.

Of course I also got the blame for him not making it from month to month. Funny. I’m paying for what both of us used to and I’m making it from month to month alone.

This behaviour reminds me of a middle age man in a green Mercedes that used to rent our cottage. The debt collectors used to come looking for him too.

I don’t know if you just become more aware of these things as time progresses. It really felt like this behaviour was minor and got steadily worse.
He would never share his feelings with me, even if I asked. I now wonder if this too was some symptom or way to keep his distance.

This is the man I adored and loved with all my heart that I was honoring my wedding vows with and supporting through all the drama?! I can only be grateful that I didn’t give him time to get nasty with the divorce. The emotional rape that I felt, and continue to have flashbacks of, is agony enough without that also being an issue.

It’s like being married to a turd that is packaged in a nice little ornamental box covered in perfume and flowers But it is sitting in the sun gathering pressure in it’s little dark box until it explodes and takes everything with it. The covert nature of all the interactions makes figuring out what happened a lot like trying to piece together a puzzle made from exploded shit.

The memories I formed in my marriage were of the pretty little box and had he died would have been the memories I kept. Having your memories rewritten and erased has to be the most painful experience of my life and while I’m healing very well and have a fantastic life it feels like a piece of my soul was torn out in the explosion.

As an aside, I am fairly sure that I was married to an ISFJ as described here  I am greatly amused when Hipster INTJ mentions that they are the type most attracted to INTJs. She also mentions that the ISFJ will tell the INTJ that they need therapy, which he did. Maybe that’s another mystery solved. I’m disturbed that my ideal companion is a Feeling type. Argh!!! *Screams histerically* *runs away*.

“Hipster INTJ”, ha ha!  Makes me laugh every time. Fabulous joke.

How can someone that is this dishonest with themselves and others possibly love anyone? I don’t think they are capable, but it sure as hell looks like love to the real victim.

He had little or no therapy for these issues because this was obviously my fault. Runs into another life, taking the debt with him. I’m watching with interest because I suspect that when the Karma bus arrives there is going to be a spectacular collision.


  1. Anonymous said,

    January 3, 2013 at 3:54 am

    Thank you for this article. I was married to PA for 37 years and am now divorced. It’s amazing how alike they are. I have a friend married to a PA and he and my ex both used to wait until they could barely see out of the car windshield before turning on the wipers. Was it procrastination or the desire to get a neg. reaction of some sort?
    I didn’t know there was such a thing as PA personality disorder until 35 years of marriage had passed, and you can imagine the amount of flashbacks I have. Yes, it is baffling to the normal mind that people behave this way. I like to think of it as a mental illness.Thank you for the turd analogy. I needed a good laugh.

    • Anonymous said,

      May 6, 2013 at 7:21 pm

      Oh my! I have been trying to figure out for YEARS now (like 16) what is wrong with my husband – I always questioned if I was the crazy one. Reading this article absolutely clarified what I am dealing with. I just got goosebumps too when you said you and a friend both have husbands that wont turn on the wipers until they couldnt see. My husband too would do that – to the point that NOTHING could be seen out of the window. When I just read your comment about that it all made sense. I believe that behaviour was to make me CRAZY – yet truly it wasnt me as the crazy one. Wow. I finally feel like I have figured this all out. cant believe I wasted my life though trying to…

      • Anonymous said,

        May 7, 2014 at 11:27 pm

        I am in total shock. You mean there is a name for what my husband has and I should of left a long time ago before he started blaming me for everything. This is how bad my husband is, if I say keep going forward he will stop and say “” you mean straight”” no I mean forward “”the correct way to say it is straight”” and then let it go. If I say it is 5:00 he will come back with “”its really 5:03″””” he agrees with any thing I ask him to do , but most the time doesnt do it,He never gets angry and always made me feel so out of control and crazy telling me I should get some help. Everyone thinks he is the best husband who walks the earth…He is a charmer and a LIAR BY OMISSION. he tells me just a little of what is going on, and I find out the rest and when I would confront him he would shut down. so soon I just stop talking..Sorry to hear there are more if him out there roaming around. The soon to be exwife

      • thalladm said,

        September 7, 2014 at 5:10 pm

        OMG, my husband won’t turn on
        windshield wipers either, I think he
        does it, so that I will be compelled to say, “why don’t you turn on the wipers”?
        These people are nuts, my husband must go for IC or he is out of here permanently!

      • Lynn said,

        September 7, 2014 at 7:05 pm

        It took me 17 years to figure it out. My passive Agressive husband avoiding confrontational issues with Everybody!!! Including me his wife. It stems from his narcarisstic bitch of a mother who is now deceased. Brought him up that way. Over the years I fought all if his battles for him. The mother and the two sisters. The two sisters kept my husbands share if his mothers estate and he won’t ask for it. So I took off my wedding ring months ago and hoping to get a job soon because he’s not going to change. I have two children in high school so they are on their way to adulthood. But I am so seriously done. I need to be on my own.

    • Gforce said,

      May 16, 2013 at 8:37 pm

      OMG! My potentially PA husband–well I won’t kid myself–I’ll say FOR SURE PA husband does the same thing with the wipers! That is so weird! Also, when he is driving, he knows, because I’ve made it quite clear, that I think it’s dangerous that he drives with his knee and tries to eat or unwrap things to eat while he’s driving with his family in the car– yet he still does it, often. Why the f*%^k would you put your family in danger just to get a reaction from your wife? That’s insane. I’m right there, I can unwrap his food, yet when I mention this, he acts like I’m just being an unreasonable nag!

      Christ, this crap is draining the life out of me.

      • gypsy said,

        January 29, 2014 at 6:56 pm

        my p/a also does the wind shield t6hing !!! crazy

      • Lynda said,

        May 10, 2014 at 7:01 pm

        Married 18 years. Have two teen sons. Just found this site. Omg. I am not alone. My husband is very passive. Especially with his Mother who is now deceased. She was a vindictive, narcassistic, bitch. My husband went against me everytime because he didn’t want to see her cry or have any type of confrontation. He stayed in the background and kept his mouth shut much so like his father. My husband never went to bat for me while his mother was alive. I fought all of his battles with her as she stepped over so many boundaries. She gave outsiders the impression she was this sweet old lady. Nobody knows! He is due part of his mothers estate his sisters won’t give him anything and my husband will not ask for it. They have him by the #alls. We are strapped for money. I can’t work because my sons have Asbergers and Autistic. Trying to talk to my husband is like talking to a statue. It is very frustrating. Early in my marriage I too thought my husband was just a gentle giant. Quiet, sweet. All these years I could never pinpoint the problem until now. Thanks for sharing!!

      • coralf said,

        May 11, 2014 at 5:26 am

        Talking to a statue…
        What a fabulous description of it.

      • coralf said,

        May 11, 2014 at 5:48 am

        I’ve been reading about Narcissism. Now there’s another disorder which appears to be badly misrepresented by the media. Many of them seem to appeal to sympathy to get what they want.

        Sociopaths also appear to be portrayed incorrectly. These people master the art of charm and most hide their aggression.

        I suspect both go unrecognised.

      • Lynda said,

        May 11, 2014 at 1:05 pm

        Ughhh When we would be in a store and my kids would say “Dad where are you ?” My husband could be in the next aisle and not answer the child. Which 90% of the time resulted in the child screaming because Dads not answering him. I used to get so mad at my husband as to why he couldn’t just say “right here” or I am here! He won’t answer me in the store either if I am trying to find him. He just won’t. I had to teach my kids to go to the customer service desk and wait.

      • Anonymous said,

        May 11, 2014 at 2:07 pm

        Ugh, I so remember that game. It is truly crazy making!! Your post hit me in the gut. My p/a, a soon to be ex-husband, used to pull that on me. My own experience came about when we were going to our son’s marching band event. He’d driven the equipment truck to another city, maybe a half hour away. I drove separately, but did not follow. When I arrived I was looking over a sea of trucks, not knowing which one belonged to our band. He was still with the truck and was giving me directions on how to find him. I wandered around for quite some time all the while talking to him on the phone. I saw, what turned out to be him, sitting in the cab. I asked him to turn toward the passenger side so I could confirm whether or not it was him. He wouldn’t do it. I kept saying, look to the other side. Of course he didn’t. He couldn’t make things easy for me. Such is a life with a passive aggressive. I smiled when you mentioned your remedy while at the store. Priceless!! Good Job!!

      • Bbela said,

        July 29, 2014 at 9:09 pm

        It is draining the life out of me too

      • Angry-momma said,

        July 31, 2014 at 3:28 pm

        omg my BF does the same thing, he turns around to look at our son and im like look in the rearview! Don’t kill us! He will look two more times just to prove a point

      • anonymous said,

        September 15, 2014 at 5:45 pm

        Wow, I just left recently and didn’t even make the connection with the wipers but more than that, my husband started driving in the left lane and then moving to the right lane at the absolute last minute to make a right turn in the middle of rush hour traffic. I would brace the door every time. I didn’t realize it but the SOB was probably getting off on me being scared to death. He’d whip into the right lane and then whip a right turn cutting off the guy behind us and then saying what a jerk the guy was. I’m just googling things hoping that my brain will stop hurting soon. The more info I gather as to how I let myself end up here and realizing that while others were growing in love and I was growing in love, my husband was growing in anger, the more made I get and yet I feel like I need information to help myself work through this very confusing, very hurtful, very tiring process. I’m on month three. At least the tears have stopped and I’m in the anger phase. I find that if I talk to him at all (by text), it just shoots me back to stage I so I have cut him off completely.

    • mixedemotions said,

      May 29, 2013 at 11:44 am

      it must be ingrained in them not to turn on the friggin’ wipers…. mine too does the same!!!

      • Lynda said,

        May 10, 2014 at 7:03 pm

        Mine too. Wiper and cabinets and drawers won’t close them

      • Kate said,

        June 27, 2014 at 2:25 pm

        My ex did same thing…wipers never on..or reading things on steering wheel when driving..just to get a rise…also used to tell our dog to “kill” when she was barking at someone when we were driving…just because he knew it aggravated me and our dog was not he was trying to program her to be aggressive..idiot

    • dancingstar said,

      July 2, 2013 at 4:27 pm

      Oh my goodness! mine did the windscreen wiper thing too! And he always put his seat belt on as we were approaching a junction, instead of before the car started. He also ‘forgot’ to unlock the passenger doors so we had to knock to get into the car EVERY time. I’m certain that his car sickness is part of PA behaviour too. I was never allowed to drive and had to sit in the back with the kids.

      I discovered recently that premature ejaculation and erectile disfunction are also PA traits. That helped my self-esteem a lot.

      • Janet Kline said,

        August 14, 2013 at 7:51 pm

        Really?!?!?! Premature ejaculation and erectile disfunction are PA traits?!?! That just settled it for me.

      • gforce said,

        December 10, 2013 at 12:07 am

        Seriously??? I just came back to this site after another Passive Agressive husband cycle (they come and go–for months, things will seem pretty normal, and then, he gets to feeling badly about himself, and wham, watch your back.) So no SH*T? Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are a part of this? Check, and CHECK! Weird! Why would that be???

        In fact, our problems started years ago, when he couldn’t keep it up for a few days straight. He fell into a sullen funk and WOULDN’T REALLY TALK TO ME FOR SEVERAL DAYS. When I asked him “why” he said something like, “he was having second thoughts about the relationship because of “our” sex life.” Later, he informed me that he had never had that happen with any one else, and blamed me for having difficulty having orgasms.

        I tried to get him to go to the doctor back then, but then, as now, he won’t go. He still has this problem on the infrequent times we try to have sex, and still, he won’t go to the doctor. I’m in shock that this is a part of it.


      • Lynda said,

        May 11, 2014 at 5:10 pm

        We knocked on the windows also. I Would just look up at the sky. Lord Give Me Strength..

      • Angry-momma said,

        July 31, 2014 at 3:30 pm

        ugh! never unlocking the passenger doors! EVERYTIME!!! E.D., hmm

      • Joanna said,

        September 1, 2014 at 5:00 am

        Omg!! I’m separated from my husband – married 35 years, lived together for 1, knew him for a year before that. He’s a text book case and I’m a text book victim. As I read numerous online articles about PA behavior, I swear I hyperventilate as they trigger memories of incident after incident of his sick behavior towards me. To think of all the years I beat myself up trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I can’t believe the woman who posted that she read about premature ejaculation and ED being PA traits. Talk about a trigger! We were living together and he had this exact problem. I told him I was going to leave him – I felt so little chemistry at that point – but being the “caring, fixer, people pleaser” I was, I succumbed to his pleading for me to stay. Off we went to a sex therapist BEFORE getting married to “fix” the problem. I wish I would have had the backbone to leave then. I would have avoided years of a use. I know my husband had huge guilt issues around leaving the nest and abandoning his parents. It only took me 28 years of marriage and a therapist to explain this to me. So, this passive agressive man never had my back. His background is complicated, like the rest of them, but for 35 years he shut me out, I came in second to his business and family, he was smug, would withdraw for days when angry, then rally back as if nothing happened. Over a year ago he pursued his married CFO and was delusional about it being mutual, for years he’s withheld financial information, would remain detached and uninvolved when my son was verbally abusive to me (I always said my husband didn’t reprimand my son because he felt I instigated the argument and I “deserved” what I got). How can a husband/parent sit mutely in front of the TV and not have his wife’s back when their son is mouthing off to his mother?
        He recently left the house for a “temporary” time out to figure out what he wants. Said he wouldn’t date other woman for a long time. He also didn’t deny he was leaving to see if this married lady he was so obsessed with would leave her hubby for him. Get this – within 2 weeks of leaving home, he felt that we should BOTH start dating and that it would be a good distraction for BOTH of us. He hates his teeny, expensive furnished rental and decided to buy a condo or townhouse – 2 1/2 weeks after leaving home!!! Btw, he claims she’s not interested in him but he’s lied and deceived me so much, I don’t know what to believe anymore. And of course, all of this, everything is all my fault. He claims he’s hurt and a victim. Excuse me???? Did I tell him I was planning on leaving him for another man?
        I’ve known for years my husband has been PA and has likely been suffering from a low grade depression (as I’ve referred to it) but he’s in such denial. As mentioned above, he too fooled a therapist, staying just long enough for the therapist to buy into his shitoad. This bastard Phd. So called professional advised my husband to put passwords on cell phone, iPad, etc. And to seek out a family lawyer. I guess I can’t totally blame the psychologist because he reacted to what he was told. Btw, my PA husband fired another therapist months before walking away from this one, and of course he blames our marriage therapist (who happens to be one of the best in town) for things not working out between us. Guess he just couldn’t get that as long as “someone else was in your heart, don’t expect your wife to move forward in wanting to fix the marriage.” In truth, this therapist didn’t know the extent of my husband’s PA disorder.
        So, we’ve been apart 3 weeks now and I don’t really miss him. I plan on rebuilding my self esteem and self respect with my own therapist. If I dwell too much on how I’ve wasted 37 years of my life with such a sick man I’ll go crazy myself. Believe me, I myself have become obsessed in my quest for answers from this man; something I need to work on. He has become a stranger to me. I don’t know who he is, but then again, as I reflect back, he was so often a stranger and I was so lonely so much of the time as my attempts for deep, honest connection were constantly met with rejection. The poor man was his own worst enemy, but that poison, his disease, caused him to destroy the best thing he could have had – ME – a caring, warm, fun, kind, wonderful wife.

      • anonymous said,

        September 15, 2014 at 5:58 pm

        This site is great because I’m adding to my list. I’m still in a phase where I am blaming a lot of the relationship on myself. I’m only 3 months out and my sister blamed her husband for the divorce when she was a good reason they broke up so I’m wondering if I’m that person even though I know the terrible things he did. I’m working on it in my head to determine what my real part was, how much of my reaction was me and how much was from him making me crazy. I don’t even know who I am anymore, I’m living in a world of confusion and I can’t think straight. 25 years of this has taken a toll. I can check all of these things off my list too. Erectile dysfunction, quick ejaculation, always having to knock on the windows (I never even realized it until I read it here), and never rolling down the window when I was talking and then when I’d come up to the car to say something he’d say “what the hell do you want, you’re bother me”, rules about approaching after work, rules about approaching on Sunday morning (that’s down time), rules about knocking on the door when he’s showering. All of us always walking on egg shells as not to disturb dad. It’s amazing that since he’s been gone, my kids are so noisy and even though it’s irritating, I don’t say a word. Let them be noisy. Mine was not always passive, he was passive and mean as hell. He left on our 25th anniversary because in May when he said “25 years can you believe it?” I said “I don’t think they count the days that you haven’t talked to me, we have a bout 7 years to go to reach our 25th.” I was just so done with all of his antics. When he threatened to leave and started packing, this time I let him and filed for child support. What is that movie “I can do bad all by myself”. One can only take so much. I feel so sorry for people who are still in it and yet I wish it was me, it’s all very confusing. Recently my 17 year old told me that he’s glad dad is gone because dad took out his anger on my youngest too all the time only I never was made aware of it. He would do it in secret. Great, more therapy. He was always mad that I got pregnant with my third child. Who would think a father could have secret anger toward a child and worse that I never had a clue. I’m only starting to get the details little by little and the more I learn, the more angry I become. My friends husbands all appear to be truly loving, I’m not sure if there really is such a thing or if we’re all just keeping secrets. It’s all very confusing.

    • Sharon said,

      August 17, 2013 at 5:20 am

      Gosh my ex husband used to do that with the wipers too.!!It made me feel car sick as a passenger, but he didn’t care. I have only realised he was a PA since I left 3 1/2 years ago. after a 12 year relationship .7 of those married.

      • Isa said,

        August 20, 2013 at 5:29 pm

        My husband does that with the wipers too! And he never puts his seatbelt on either! I used to beg him to, and I would sometimes yell at him, but now I don’t anymore and he is a little puzzled. What’s happening to his wife who had such a bad temper??

        I have known for some time now that he is PA (after 25 years…) and now I react in a different way. I have learned to let go. I must add that I am now 63 and I know I couldn’t have done that when I was younger. But that doesn’t mean I have learned to «shut up» in order to survive. On the contrary. When he takes my car for instance (with my permission…) he has to go by MY rules. Wipers on when necessary (I am the one who decides when it is) and he also has to buckle up. I don’t yell, I am very calm, but he knows I mean what I say. He is a grown-up child and I treat him accordingly. Okay, this is not what I had dreamed of when I married him but I have found a way to deal with the situation and I don’t feel deprived of anything. And most of all, I don’t fell guilty anymore for having a «bad temper», because I don’t.

        I know he won’t change and I don’t try to change him like I used to. I changed my behavior, and that made a huge difference. Why am I the one who has changed when HE is the one who should have? Because I am a grown up person and he is not. Because I am now a mature woman, which I wasn’t when I married him, otherwise I would never have done so. I CHOSE him because there was something in his personality that suited me at the time. Now it doesn’t anymore.

        To make a long story short, it is very hard to live with a PA but things can improve when you find out he is a PA! You then realize that you have the power to change things instead of thinking all the time «what is wrong with ME?».

        After thinking for some time about the pros and cons of my relationship with my husband I have come to the conclusion that there are more pros than cons now and I intend to stay in that relationship. Now I know how to deal with him (humor helps a lot and he finds me funny!) but he gets the message nonetheless. I set my limits and I remind him what they are when necessary. I try to show him that I love him unconditionally… and it works! He was treated very badly when he was young and he has no self-esteem.
        He gets very lovey-dovey when he feels loved. And I feel loved in return.

    • PAULA CLARK said,

      March 9, 2014 at 1:52 am


    • ZinniaLuvr said,

      July 23, 2014 at 7:55 pm

      Oh my!! I am just now getting my fingers on this info and research to find out why my husband acts and treats me the way he does. Always thinking I must have done something. Note: I am the 4th wife. Your comment about this wipers not being turned on till he can’t see anymore about made me fall out of my chair! Hits home. We are on year 19 of marriage and 2 more before that.

  2. tthetree said,

    January 22, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    “Many well meaning people keep pointing out how I should try to view my contribution toward the break-up. It’s well meaning, but it is wrong.” Yes, I recognise this and have received this from close friends and family trying to take the ‘default’ fair position; that there’s usually two people making a failed relationship, and similar general concepts – in some senses I can understand this, it’s not a bad rule of thumb, but it’s also infuriating. As someone who went through ~25 years with someone who has a passive aggressive (‘avoidant’ for diagnosis purposes) personality disorder, it’s hard not to shout at people who think they’re providing objective ‘tough love’ by suggesting that you should share the responsibility for the break up. Telling the abused that they’re partly to blame for their abuse is ignorant and callous.

    • coralf said,

      January 23, 2013 at 4:55 am

      I really appreciate the comment. It can be so crazy making when an AvPD person seemed so loving. My mind still plays tricks on me some days.

  3. Dara said,

    February 19, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    I said to someone the other day that my husband never gets mad. They replied, well that sounds good. Uh, no. What I should have said was He never gets mad, He gets even. I’m now at the tail end of a 25 year marriage to a P-A. He “asked”, rather told me, of the impending divorce in November 2011. He had actually started it in September but said he didn’t serve me then because he didn’t want to ruin my birthday (in October). So instead he ruined Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. He had the audacity to show up at my sister’s, uninvited, on Christmas Day. Talk about tense. It took me a while for the word Divorce to sink in. I did some crying. I guess I realized by then that I was not going to have the happy life I had envisioned for myself all those years ago… The P-A had seen to that. There was never any “easy” conversation between us. No heart to heart, no fun banter. It was always difficult to talk to him. I thought it was me. I was convinced it was me. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The frustration of never seeming to get through to him. I never had any good ideas. They were quickly shut down with a no. I was feeling lower that the dog. The hierarchy: Him, the kids, the dog and me, way, way at the bottom. I’ve become a shell of a person. (Fortunately not to the extreme of laying in the fetal position on my bed for days on end), but depressed and feeling worthless. I’m not proud to say that sometimes I just talked and talked, my voice getting louder by the minute as I tried to reach him. I was the one looking like a fool for even reacting. Then he could say, Who’s the crazy one, now. The kids aren’t used to this because dad is so easy going. I play Bunco with some gals. Have been for many years. On the night I was to host I waited for him to come home. This was nothing new. You host at your house once a year. Once! At that time I had a 3 year old and a baby. He came home that night and said he had to go to his sister’s so she could help him work on his resume. WHAT? Tonight? This has been on the calendar for 364 days. I’ve cleaned the house, the M&Ms are on the table. The chicken wings are in the oven. You knew about this, I said. So now I have to try and find someone to take care of the kids for a couple of hours while everyone is here. This was one of many, many disappointments throughout my life with him. I read somewhere that the P-A enjoys watching his partner spin out of control. You express the anger he cannot. Oh goody. He’s been telling you for years that you need help. You see a therapist together. You say to the therapist, Fix Me. She says why do you think that. You say because He said so. It is never their problem, they never take responsibility. You are left holding the bag, responsible for all of the problems in the marriage. It is a lonely experience. The kids see a dad that never gets mad. Ideal for them, yes. Ideal for me, no. They don’t “see” the rude comments at your expense. I guess I supposed to laugh. I didn’t think it was that funny.
    The comments have succeeded in cutting you to the quick. You sink lower into oblivion.

    • S.N said,

      November 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

      My goodness, yes. Yes and yes to everything. I am still with mine but right now I’m looking for an apartment & making plans to leave This will be an enormous financial hit but I don’t care anymore. Whatever happens happens, I cannot be this way a minute longer – I have felt suicidal from emptiness for the past 2 years, just plain empty and crazy for 5 years before that and enough is enough.

      I have only been with my husband for 13 years (only!!??) and went through so many of the things written in the post and comments (wipers included), different specifics, maybe, but the same feeling of being let down over and over and it somehow being my fault. It took me until this year to realize for certain that this isn’t me, it’s him. It’s by the grace of God that I found that inner strength – no other reason for it. Just pure fate & faith (and I’m not religious but I do believe in a guiding force of some kind)

      The ‘no easy conversation’ thing is HUGE for us. the same three topics over and over, and he probably doesn’t realize it but he repeats himself. I was SO angry when he quit his job to take a work from home job (I work from home) and I had expressed to him over and over how I need the quiet time, LOVE the alone time in my own home. But two weeks before my daughter left for university and I was on the verge of having total control over my space for the better part of the day what does he do? HE MAKES SURE I CAN’T HAVE IT!!

      Just last night we in the middle of watching a movie (it’s the only way to get through the evenings) and the phone rang. I was our daughter, and he knew I couldn’t rush through the conversation. So anyway he just sits there, staring at the paused movie instead of getting up and doing any one of a million NORMAL things that people would do when they didn’t want to make someone else feel rushed or guilty. But that’s EXACTLY they type of passive aggressive bullshit that is so hard to describe to people who don’t know what it’s like. If I were to tell that story to anyone else but the ladies on here I’m sure they would think I was the crazy one.

      The other one that is big, and actually is one of the things that makes me realize I’m not ‘safer’ or ‘better off’ with him in my life is that he literally lets me dangle out there alone and unprotected. His family has mistreated me for years and I had begged him to stand up for me. He never did. I told him how much it hurt. It didn’t change anything. Finally a year ago they mistreated HIM and wouldn’t you know it? A big fight ensued and it ended with him cutting off contact with them. Even afterward, when we discussed it calmly, never once did he say “and they did this to you for all those years, I’m so sorry I let that happen.” just oblivious. The worse is the fact that I have severe back / hip issues and he seems to forget that, making plans or expressing wishes to do things that would hurt me.

      There are so many things, I feel like I could go on forever. I know it’s because I’m finally letting myself see. I’m finally putting myself first instead of looking for ways to twist myself into a pretzel that might fit his weirdness.

      thanks for reading (if anyone did, lol) any comments or shared stories would be much, much appreciated.

      • Anonymous said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:19 pm

        Wow. Sounds just like my husband. Married 18 years, we two teen sons.
        My husbands main issue that affects our marriage is that he WILL NOT speak up for himself. Only with me. He walked on egg shells around his parents for years. They are now decease since 2012. His family treated me like crap. I fought all of my husbands battles with him and his mother. He always went in the corner and kept his mouth shut. His mother was a vindictive, narcarristic, bitch. Two sisters also vindictive, hmm wonder why??? Parents passed in 2012, One sister is Executor of both wills. The two sisters took everything. They kept the money for the sale of the parents home for themselves, 401Ks, bonds, jewelry. My husband got a broken rocking chair, a pair of eyeglasses that belonged to his great grandfather and some photo albums. My husband won’t ask for his share. He says I’m not going to fight my family for “YOU”. meaning me. I heard that a million times over the years. So guess what. I told him you’re on your own, I’m done fighting your battles for you. So I am currently trying to find a full time job, pray to God I get one and I’ll move on. It took me years and years to figure out what was wrong with my husband. Until I came across this site and I said to myself “OH”. Good Luck to You.

      • coralf said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:32 pm

        Conflict avoidance may be worse that passive aggression although these folks also display passive aggressive behaviour sometimes. George Simon is a good read for seeing this.
        I wish I knew these things when I needed them.

      • Theresa Hall said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:40 pm

        I read your post, good for you! Standing up to
        these people is difficult, but I made up my mind to take back my life. I am still in my
        marriage, but I will call him out on his mess! He must attend counseling, I go to counseling
        by myself. Hang in there, crazy people do crazy things. Btw, his crazy behavior is a direct result of his crazy family! Hold on to
        your faith, pray & pray some more and trust
        that you will survive & thrive in whatever situation you find yourself in!

      • coralf said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:53 pm

        Please make your support system aware of the calling out or choose public places! That has a higher than comfortable possibility of being the point of domestic violence.

        You only get to control YOU

      • God help me said,

        November 20, 2014 at 6:07 pm

        I mentioned to my husband over the years so they can UNDO what is mother made him. He wouldn’t go. My father in law was the same way. He sat in his recliner and hardly ever said two words. My husband also has two older brothers. “YUP”. From the 4 of them they don’t have a pair of …alls between them. I laugh because the younger sister who is 48 years old got a Friendship Ring from her boyfriend when the parents were alive. So after screwing my husband out of his share, she bought a home last year with the boyfriend. Now he doesn’t want to get married again. He’s divorced with a 15 yo child. Karma……….

      • Dara said,

        November 23, 2014 at 4:44 pm

        Hi S.N., it’s Dara. I am so glad to hear from you, but sad to hear that we have so much in common, lol! It helps me to know that others can relate to what I went through while living with a P-A. I put up with his crap for 25 years and all the while he was pointing the finger at me as if I was the problem. Once you figure out what is going on, and believe me I was in the dark for quite a while, it makes more sense. You’re on the right track. It will be hard, but it will be worth it in the long run to live life without the “crazy maker”.

      • S.N said,

        November 26, 2014 at 12:15 am

        I am not sure I’m replying correctly here… we’ll see I guess! :) Thanks for all the stories and sharing, everyone. It is so nice to read the words even though it makes my heart ache for you all going through this as well.
        Dara – thank you so much for the encouragement. I will hold on to that. :)

  4. Laila said,

    March 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    I also am married to a passive-aggressive. I can’t help thinking whether or not I “made” him passive-aggressive. About 2 years into our relationship, i had to deal with a major work crisis and problems with my mentally ill mother. I thought at the time that he was acting as a “fair weather friend”–when he faced problems, i was there for him. But when I did, all i heard was that I don’t deal with things well, that there is something wrong with me–for being so upset due to these problems–and that I, like my family am crazy. I wonder whether or not he felt that I pushed him away because of these problems. I may have done so without meaning to… Or is it that he just got fed up with the fact that I had to deal with these problems. Could that have made him passive aggressive? Did he feel unappreciated? did I really push him away, because I had problems and strong emotions? When he face crap, I was always there for him however. I always felt that I woul have dealt with everything a lot better had he been capable of real support and a few kind words—they disappeared very quickly. As it is, he was one more problem I had to deal with. I guess I am still thinking that if I was a better person, without problems, who could communicate in a better way, who didn’t let things get to her, who was more attractive, was more desirable etc. etc. etc. then I would have been worthy of better treatment from him—love, support, affection, closeness, interest. Would he act like this with someone else? Or was it me that brought out the passive aggressiveness?

    • coralf said,

      March 16, 2013 at 1:01 am

      Healthy adults, in my humble opinion, are capable of dealing with conflict. While most people can have passive agressive moments, someone who perpetually displays that behaviour learned it in childhood and carried it forward into adulthood.

      I found it useful chatting to a professional about those kind of thoughts. I learned a different point of view as well as getting alternative and unbiased input on my thought processes.

    • gforce said,

      December 10, 2013 at 12:13 am

      You deserve respect simply for being alive and human. Being attractive has nothing at all with deserving or not deserving respect. Being sensitive has nothing to do with deserving or not deserving respect. No actually, “deserves” respect. That implies that it must be earned by you toward your partner. Nope, you should be treated with respect by your partner because he chose to be with you and you are human being. No more, no less.

    • Amanda Sue Rollins said,

      August 21, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      Hi Laila,

      I feel the same way you do. My ex and I were together for 3 years, known each other for 5, and two months ago he disappeared on me. Didn’t say anything, he just reacted to a text I sent to him and stopped all communication with me. I went to his house a week later to find he was with another woman…he had been with her about 2 months prior to him disappearing from me. I found that out in hindsight. I feel the same way you do. I am asking myself what is it about her that made him cheat on me WITH her? All the research I have done has pointed to him being passive aggressive, but why isn’t he being that way with her? She has been with him exclusively for 2 months without him having to be with her and me so he must not be showing any of those signs with her otherwise why would she stay with him? I think the same things that if only I were prettier, not as emotional, didn’t fight with him on stupid things so much, didn’t push him away when I was scared….he would have stayed with me. I tried so hard to show him how much I cared about him, how important he was to me, and I would try to show it with my actions as much as with my words, but he just shut down and would disappear for days sometimes weeks without any signs, or it would be over a minor fight or argument and he would just take off and not speak to me until he wanted to. I wish I was attractive, more successful, or whatever this woman is so that he would be the way with me that I can see he is with her. I don’t get it either…..what did I do wrong to make him be this way?! You are not alone.

      • Anonymous said,

        June 5, 2015 at 8:54 pm

        Your story sounds like mine. We were in a long distance relationship for 2.5 years. Got engaged. Then on Feb 22, wouldn’t answer my phone calls. Started flinging every insult and issue my way, blaming me for everything but the weather. He had told me on the first day we met that it had been suggested to him that he was a PA. I didn’t really know what that was. I think the final straw was he wanted to move to my city. And that is what I wanted as we were engaged. But he was very secretive of his finances while I was very open. I told him he has to work. He tried to get a transfer. No luck. I became the barrier. For 4 months he would not speak to me, only by fb messenger or email. I tried to work things out. God, i tried. No luck at all. Giving up now. I don’t have any energy for it. I’m 60, not 16!!

    • anonymous said,

      September 15, 2014 at 6:14 pm

      Passive Aggressive, as I understand from reading, comes from a miserable childhood. He most likely was passive aggressive way before you met and it only began to show “when you needed him most” taking care of your mother. It’s their MO. I am also stuck in the loop of thinking if I had just, it’s an incredibly hard concept. I’m only 3 months out of the relationship and some days I can recognize his part, some days I can recognize mine and then there are days of but if I had just . . .I think it takes years to get to the point where you find out who you should be at the moment (since you’ve been stuck in limbo dealing with the daily how do I make this work scenario that we all went through for years) so you can tell what you really are capable of as a person. Maybe a few relationships to realize what you can give and what the other person should take. I hope to get there one day. It took me a full month after I left for the “how can I make this work” loop to actually stop playing out in my head. I kept thinking how can I get him to come back. Some days it still pops into my head and those are the “bad days” that I have to research, research, research so that I won’t go back. Today is one of those. I worked through the last few month by calling the national abuse hotline which is 24 hours. It is nice to have someone to talk to at 4 in the morning when you feel crazy and think about calling him. They are helping me get to a point where I didn’t want to go back and was able to just focus on my daily activity and how to make myself enjoy the day and refocus my energy on something for me.

  5. Dara said,

    March 17, 2013 at 5:13 am

    I once felt as you did, that I was unworthy of love, etc. I would think there must be something wrong with me to make him treat me this way. This is exactly what the P-A is attacted to in the first place. Somewone who is unsure of themselves and questions themselves. I was forever made to look like a fool. He would put me down, belittle me and question my every move. When you react, which is what they want, then they like to say things like “I was just kidding, can’t you take a joke or you’re overreacting.” A P-A wants you to doubt yourself. They push and push you so that when you react they say, “see, she’s the crazy one” which in my case only mad me madder.. YOU express the anger they cannot. And for a lot of years, unknowinly I gave him exactly what he wanted. I did catch on, eventually, and stopped reacting. He’d try and try to push my buttons and I got good at ingnoring him. Please don’t believe that you are the one with the problem. You are not. We both married insecure men. If they weren’t so insecure they wouldn’t need to put us down in order to make themselves feel better. I found a site you might be interested in that explains passive aggressive behavior. You can find her at Her name is Cathy Meyer.

    • coralf said,

      March 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm

      You appear to be making some assumptions about me that are inaccurate. I do not feel unworthy of love and I won’t tolerate someone treating me badly because my self worth is 100%. I am very much NOT unsure of myself.

      The feelings I discuss above came temporarily in the wake of a sudden and unannounced bomb drop after 15 years together and amidst masses of romance and affection, which he labelled, “habit” when I asked him about it when he was leaving.

      I was never actively put down. That is overt aggression. The reason passive aggression is shocking is that it is covert and almost undetectable due to the fact that the aggression is hidden behind conflict avoidance.

      I do, however, agree with the insecure men part…

      I will look up Cathy Meyer. Thanks for that.

      • Dara said,

        March 19, 2013 at 12:53 am

        I’m sorry. I was actually responding to the previous writer Laila.

      • coralf said,

        March 19, 2013 at 2:03 am

        Oh dear!! My bad!!! :-*

    • Anonymous said,

      July 15, 2013 at 9:29 pm

      There may be another side to this as well. I am no psychologist, but please allow me to share….at the start of our marraige, I was the one trying to resolve issues and talk things through. But after 10 years of responses like ‘yes, but you do this or that'; after 10 years of lack of emotion and intimacy from my wife’s side, I stopped talking. Now, after another few years, it seems I’ve turned into a PA man. My fault? Me being abusive?

      • Anonymous said,

        August 3, 2013 at 12:31 am

        Hi, I understand what you meant. Yes, living with a PA for too long can make us ‘copy’ their responses or behaviour because we just don’t know what to do with their ‘shutting down’ but don’t. I almost did that but not because I don’t know but to ‘get even’. I did some reflection and evaluation and come to a final conclusion that I don’t want a marriage that is a battle field. These traits are self destructive and at the end of the day who are we going to hurt deeper; ourselves and our kids if you do have. In the areas of psychology, it may be termed as PA, etc etc but generally these traits are seeds of deception, rebellious and stubborness. If they repent, they find life but if they don’t, they died in their own evil doings. I learn to call them the right name -fools. How do we deal and mange fools? If you tell them and they refused to acknowledge, time given and they refuse to repent, there is nothing we can do but to leave them because there is no way to reason with a fool nor to have peace if you live with fools.

      • anonymous said,

        September 15, 2014 at 6:36 pm

        This is interesting because this is true in my relationship but I was 19 when we met. This is why I’m not sure what is real, what stems from rejection on his part, immaturity on my part. When we first started dating, he wouldn’t pay for anything in my apartment seeing as he lived with his mother. So while I was struggling to pay for things, he’d say too bad it’s not his job. Then he’d do something like give me flowers which would piss me off. I can’t pay rent and you are buying me flowers. Or he’d get me a birthday gift and pay $5 to have it wrapped at the store. His reaction though to my responses was to just stop buying me gifts completely forever. It was an extreme reaction. So while I did play my part in an immature response, he then took it to the extreme of not ever (for the next 20 years!) of not buying me a gift. I took this so personally. On mother’s day, valentines day, birthdays (if he bothered to even say happy birthday, half the time he wasn’t talking to me) I mean he held my (what I vies as normal) immature behavior in my 20s against me and wouldn’t live in the now. It’s hard to tell what’s normal now, what stemmed from our actual experiences, what he truly wanted when we were younger and what stems from his childhood as far as extreme reactions. His constant bad reactions had me calling him a “half man” because he wouldn’t help me with things and wouldn’t do the “man things”. He said I was overbearing and you know what, looking back now, I totally was but at the same time he refused to do anything at the moment. If I said can you carry down the laundry (while I was pregnant, we lived on the 3rd floor), it would sit there for 1/2 hour and I’d have to wait. It was if he had to prove I couldn’t tell him what to do. I’d be sitting angry because I worked and my weekends were ticking away waiting until he felt like carrying down the laundry. Meanwhile, why was it my job to do the laundry? . .Well he did his own of course, so it’s mine to do mine and the kids. It never occurred to him that his pregnant wife could use a break since she’s working full time and then some. It’s really hard after so many years to hash out if things like “oh yeah well you always . . .or you never . . .or a real man would” caused the problem or are a reaction to the problem that was pre-existing, I think a little of both. I think meeting that young and sticking it out when it didn’t feel right after a few years is a big part of the problem. He wasn’t what I was looking for in man and yet I wanted my family to stick together. Disney princess logic, and they lived happily ever after. Women want their families to work and will stay long past the expiration date to make it happen for it to end eventually anyway or worse, they stay and then have to squash their feelings and tiptoe around a husband for life.

      • Lydia said,

        September 15, 2014 at 6:52 pm

        My PA husband of 20 walked on eggshells around his mother. He could never say no to her no matter what she needed. Mother in law was a vindictive, naracaristic bitch. When my sons were about 8 and 10 years old. My husband took the boys over to visit his mother. So my husband comes home with one of those infant car seats. I said why did you bring that home. What am I going to do with it? He said his mother wanted us to have it. So what I did was I brought the car seat back to his mothers house a few days later. I left it on her steps. Don’t you know my husband came home from work and had a fit that I brought the car seat back to his mothers house. He never has no problem yelling at me, but when it’s his mother he’s tight lipped. She’s dead now but his younger sister also a bitch is trying to take her place. Not happening!!!! She hasn’t seen my boys in two years.

    • Amanda Sue Rollins said,

      August 21, 2014 at 8:28 pm


      Can I ask you a question? I have read that passive aggressive men will choose a woman who has low self esteem or who will basically try to “fix” them or whatever. My ex and I bonded over a break up (he was going through a divorce, I was just broken up with by a long term partner) and we talked to each other about the pain of that situation. Then we got to know each other more and more and bonded over tough childhoods and he was just so sad and seemed like he needed someone to be there for him. I was there for him for the past 5 years through so much stuff, including his divorce as he wasn’t legally divorced yet when we first met and started talking and getting to know each other. But if it is true that passive aggressive people are that way because it is who they are and not something they can actively control when they want to be that way and when they don’t, his wife wasn’t someone who was like that. (exwife) I didn’t know his exwife personally, but from what I have heard about her from others who knew her, they say she was a head strong woman who basically wore the pants in their relationship. She would call him at work and no matter how busy he was, he had to take her call. She was kind of bossy over him and made all the decision in their relationship including the divorce. It was her idea to get a divorce and then she’d change her mind, then she’d want the divorce. After 3 years they were finally divorced legally. She asked him for a divorce after they were married a year or so. This woman he is with now he met online, so there would be no way for him to know if she had any of those qualities you spoke about if he didn’t know her in person before deciding to date her. Him and I work together, he is my boss, so we got to know each other as coworkers, then became really close and good friends, then we started dating two years after that. So I got to know him in many different situations over the years. So my question to you is, if he is passive aggressive, does he only pick women who are as you stated are unsure of themselves but for a real committed relationship he picks women who are confident and strong and have strong personalities?

      • Dara said,

        August 22, 2014 at 1:59 am

        Hi Amanda, I think what you need to do is read about P/A. (For me there isn’t enough information about his personality to know for sure). The place that I found the best information, originally, was an online article from Cathy Meyer at She lists the personality traits of P/A. Eventually, I found a book from Nora Fermenia called, “The Silent Marriage” – How P/A Steals Your Happiness. Start with Cathy Meyer’s article. See if what you’re experiencing is Passive Aggression. Let us know what you find out.

      • anonymous said,

        September 15, 2014 at 7:01 pm

        I can actually answer this, well from my point of view. I’m all of those things, head strong, bossy, successful, I wear the pants, run the finances, and in the beginning was able to control the relationship and its course. What I lacked was self esteem, real confidence and I was a codependent. I’d put up with a lot at home while being amazing in the outside world. At some point it all crashes. I’m still head strong, still successful, he just started getting more and more and more and more angry to the point where I couldn’t control the situation anymore. I couldn’t tell when he was going to explode. He started to follow different patterns, different things started setting him off. I couldn’t read him anymore and even when I could, it didn’t fix it. To the outside world I look so together but recently one of my kids pointed out that home was hell on earth with all the constant battling of wills. In the name of trying to “have the family life”, I cheated my kids. In the name of “trying to appear strong and normal”, I cheated my kids. In the name of “keeping my family together because society says so”, I cheated my kids. Outward appearances don’t have anything to do with real personality. Inside she probably wanted it all and if that meant that she had to battle with the passive aggressive man that she chose, damn it, she was going to do it. Don’t tell her she was a failure at anything. One would never guess that I was in this type of relationship, from all outward appearances, I’m on top of my game. I appear to be very together with the perfect life.

    • Joanna said,

      September 1, 2014 at 5:29 am


      How clearly you’ve described my very dynamic with my husband from whom I’ve been separated from for 3 weeks after 37 years together. It’s the crazy making, the awful dirty crazy making they inflict on us. I mentioned in my previous post how after just 2 weeks he felt that – “a distraction” would be good for both of us, ie, dating other people. I asked him if he was kidding! Then, when I brought it up to him again shortly afterward to say that if this is what he wants, then the marriage is clearly over, guess what his response was? “I just said that. I didn’t mean it.” No surprise. Just more of his twisted crazy making. They drive you to the brink of near insanity, then retract what they’ve said. So…who ends up looking like the crazy? US!!! Well, for me it’s over. Not taking it any more. Am I angry? Yes. Am I hurt? You bet. Do I feel like scratching his eyes out? Of course. But I also know how unstable he is and how unhappy and insecure he is deep down. My job now is to take care of myself as I work to regain what I’ve lost – ME!

      • Amanda Sue Rollins said,

        September 1, 2014 at 11:50 pm


        I did read Cathy Meyers article as well as several others that talk about the traits of passive aggressive men. It would seem from all I have read that he is a passive aggressive person. From the articles I have read passive aggressive men don’t get outwardly angry, they don’t know how to express their anger in ‘healthy” ways is what the articles all said. I can remember this one time we were watching tv at his house and it was freezing so I asked him to turn up the heat, as well as let me wear his sweatshirt. He did both, and I was trying to be all flirting with him by walking my fingers up his chest, well he took my hand and shoved it off of him, got up angrily and went into the kitchen. I had no idea what I did, I wasn’t sure if he was angry because I asked him to turn up the heat (he didn’t like to pay a large oil bill in the winter), or if he was angry because I bugged him to let me wear his sweatshirt and he finally did, but didn’t want to. I had no clue. He came back into the living room, sat at the opposite end of the couch than me, wouldn’t look at me, touch me, nothing, he just had this angry look in his eye. We watched 2 hours of mindless tv and then went up to bed. He tried to joke around with me when we went to bed, but I was so confused and hurt that I just ignored him which in turned pissed him off, so he just rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning he again tried to talk to me, but I didn’t want to talk to him, I just spent the entire night wide awake, crying and listening to him snore as if the fight never bothered him. He got angry at me again and stomped downstairs to get ready for work. I went downstairs and we ended up talking and he said he was sorry, seemed very remorseful, and explained to me what had made him so angry the night before. He also said that if I wanted to know what was bothering him I could of just asked him last night and avoided the entire mess. He said it was his fault for shutting me out, he never said he BLAMED me, he said that I could of stopped the fight just as easily as he could of stopped it.

        Is that passive aggressive?

      • Dara said,

        September 2, 2014 at 2:45 am

        Hi Amanda, I think the person you should be asking is Coralf. I still don’t think there is enough information to confirm whether or not he is P-A. What bothers me though, was him saying to you that could have asked him what was wrong, and that by doing so, YOU could have ended the fight sooner. A bit P-A if you ask me. If he was a “Healthy” male, I believe, he could have just nipped it right then and there, told you what was wrong, before it spiraled into something bigger. He kind of sounds like a baby with his pouting and such. What do you think Coral?

      • Amanda Sue Rollins said,

        September 2, 2014 at 12:14 am


        Something I read in all the articles about passive aggressive men was that a passive aggressive man is incapable of emotionally connecting to someone? That they don’t make love they just have sex and that they can’t really love someone? I find that impossible to believe because my ex, who I really believe is passive aggressive at least he was that way with ME from what I have been reading, was married. How can someone get married if they are incapable of love and affection or being truly connected to someone? My ex never wanted to marry me, we never even discussed that topic, he cheated on me and is now in a relationship with the woman he was cheating on me with. He doesn’t treat her the way he treated me. We were together 5 years and he treats her so much better than he did me, he doesn’t act passive aggressive with her, they have been together (without me also being with him) for a little over 2 months and she is still with him, so he obviously isn’t acting that way with her. What confuses me the most about this whole thing is that he was married, granted his wife asked for a divorce a couple years into their marriage, but she dated him for 4 years before they were married, so he couldn’t of been this way with her or else why would she of married him? I am not sure why she asked for a divorce, but there were rumors it was that she wanted children and they couldn’t have any. She remarried 10 months after the divorce was finalized and had her first child a year or so later. So it could of been that and not because he was passive aggressive at all. I don’t really know the reason, as I don’t know her, only heard rumors and such from him and others who knew they when they were married. But I saw a lot of that behavior in him a couple years after we were together. In the beginning he was so charming, he made it seem like he was everything I could have ever wanted in a man. He agreed with the things I said, the things I believed in he said he believed in, too. It was like he was the male version of me lol What is that?

        We weren’t married and I know everyone on this board is or was married to a passive aggressive man, I just don’t know if he is really that way or if that is the way he chose to be with me because he had reasons to be with me such as he needed someone to lean o during his divorce, needed someone caring to empathize with him and listen to him and be there for him when he was having a tough time. I don’t know. We never got to the emotional intimacy level of our relationship, we would get there slightly and then he’d disappear for days or weeks without talking to me and then he’d reappear as if nothing had happened wanting me back and we’d try again, be good for a couple weeks/months and then the same thing would happen again over something else. But the girl he is with now, the one he cheated on me with, is infatuated with him and he’s on cloud 9 with her (I never seemed to make him that happy, he was always so miserable when I was with him, I could never cheer him up no matter how hard I tried) so he knows how to be in a relationship and that makes me wonder if this passive aggressive thing was just a tool he used with me to keep me at arms length because he was never serious about being in an actual relationship with me? Is that possible? Two+months and they’re still going strong, so he can’t be doing those things with her which makes me wonder if this whole passive aggressive thing isn’t who he really is, just something he did with me to keep me at bay and not get serious about me? Because he’s sure serious about her…….

    • Carolyn said,

      February 6, 2015 at 2:34 am

      Dara – this helped me SO MUCH!!!!!!! Thank you!! I came to my equation feeling a bit low about myself. But then as the relationship went on….whoa….did it bring me lower and lower and lower. Just now starting to see it all. What a relief to read these posts and identify with what you are saying. Clarity and truth, I’ve been begging for the clarity and truth!!

  6. Nikki said,

    March 21, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    I have been married to a passive aggressive also for the past 7 years, Have separated numerous times and have recently reconciled. Its the lies and lack of remorse when he has hurt my feelings then the stonewalling. For years I actually believed it was me with the problem, every issue or conflict would start with but you this and you that. No apology it was like my feelings didn’t matter and then he would punish me with the silent treatment for having any.As time went on as nothing was EVER being resolved my resentments and anger grew no wonder they are called “bitch makers” Even when the truth was obvious he would lie everything was my fault, thing is I started to believe it was hes a master spin doctor. Anyway since he has come back this time hes behavior has changed and I know he is trying there is no more silent treatment and l am also trying to change the way l react and eventually he puts hes guard down and apologies 5 gruesome hours later its almost like a real person has appeared and admits his sorry and understands we finally have closure. Im crossing my heart that we make it this time as I do love him dearly and we have children. I just find it sad they feel so alone and yet the only person they CAN trust is the people they push away the most that love them.

    • Anonymous said,

      March 20, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      Nicky, your post could have been written by me.I hope it has worked out for you.

  7. jentyjen said,

    March 29, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    i woke up about 2 months ago .i used to think he was depressed this is how manipulative my passive aggressive husband is. he went and had a word with our doctor and told him that he thought i might be depressed so the doctor gave him a form for him to just sit on the computor table and that i might pick it up .well my husband told me about this form and manipulated me in to reading it and filling it in he then got me to make a appointment at the doctors and himself and we were both going to ask him if either one of us were depressed as we had both had a lot of serious health issues well i went first and the doctor said i was mildly depressed then i swapped places with my husband who then mentioned he had a rash then the doctor asked if there was anything else to which my husband said no .i nearly fainted as i realised what he had done so i mentioned it to the doctor but my husband just lied through his teeth .i have been married to my husband for 37 years but been with him 40 years but since we have both been medicaly retired it is 24/7 god it is hard he makes me feel ill i have since realised he is passive aggressive and have told him but guess what it is my depression it is getting worse and i need to go back to my doctors with .when i look back over the years how he has manipulated every aspect of our lives i once worked nights so that there would be a parent there in the day for the kids and he would be there of a night for them it was the only way we could both work but he made my life hell by getting me to phone every night about twice to which he would inform me that he was going to kill himself it is a wonder i never ended up in a mental home years later when i asked him about it he told me he just did not like me working nights as simple as that he manipulates the weekly shopping the cleaning were we go what we do .but enough is enough he is never to blame for anything even when it is blatantly obvious he lies through his teeth he is sarcastic when i try and talk to him he stonewalls me he walks away i get the silent treatment he tells me to shut the f***k up.i have now told him not to talk to me unless he is prepared to look at himself and change he has replied to this by saying that will not happen .and that is were we are up too to day i have worked really hard for the nice home we have as he has but i dont want to just walk and start over again .i am at my wits end with this man.sorry for the long rant but it felt good to get just a little off my chest

    • Gforce said,

      May 16, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      Are you sure this guy isn’t BDP? The threatening suicide sounds more like BDP than PA, but that’s just my opinion!

  8. Joy said,

    March 31, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Wow, this is my life on paper! I am so mad that he happened to me, 11 years of pure BS and a loveless life. I am so angry at myself for allowing this to manifest in my life! I knew it but I ignored if for fear of not having someone near me…his childhood story is congruent with this learning/behavior personality disorder my background in human services and nursing plus my caring personality and my ability to explosively express my anger made me his perfect victim. When I would call him PA he would tell me ” I do not believe in that psych BS” and that anyone involve with psychology can suck his blank. It didn’t matter I was hurting… What matter was I was hurting him, I was the problem and his victimizer. One time we were fighting again, he used to break everything of mine in the house and occasionally some of his stuff ( I also began breaking things to mimic his behavior to see how much it hurts somehow it worked a little) not proud of it :( anyway he grabbed his computer and I thought he was going to break it so it became tug of war when he forcefully yanked it out of my arms the corner of it hit him in the eye causing a terrible hematoma he moved out again to his sister’s house she called me to let me know that I need to stop the violence against her brother and that next time she was going to press charges against me. Then he came back for 3 months then he goes back the boomerang effect thanks to my vulnerability but I am hoping that this time I take care of my own mind demons since I love my new tranquility I will continue to work in my feelings and let God and time cure my broken heart.

    • coralf said,

      April 15, 2013 at 3:00 pm

      Wasband and I never fought and he was never outwardly aggressive. He was too busy seeking ego kibbles…

    • Angry-momma said,

      July 31, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      wow I too went from a sweet caring person to a raging moody, aggressive bitch

  9. Joy said,

    March 31, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Coralf, thank you for this, I’ve read this forum about 6 times! We have twin stories and experiences based on what you related. PA personality disorder is VERY real and destroys the heart of too many good people. If anyone want to vent and form an email support system please let me know God knows I need some good friends to understand how I feel.

    • coralf said,

      April 15, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      I’m glad that you something in my ramblings. :) It sure is way more tranquil nowadays.

      Here’s to the healing hands of time and as Chump Lady puts it, finding “Meh”.

    • starr said,

      January 29, 2014 at 1:56 am

      I just read all that everyone has said.I am living this life and its killing me.I met my husband in2008 the min. We decided to make things more serious he started to change but was told it was all in my head. Now it’s 2014 and he hasn’t touched me since 2009 using every excuse he could find. I would love to talk to someone that had lived with this. April

      • Anonymous said,

        February 7, 2014 at 7:36 pm

        I am also living this nightmare! I’ve been with my PA husband since 2001. We have four kids together, last two being two yr old twins. I am just realizing the PA now, and I am exploding with emotion. Not for the good. I would love to chat more. I have to figure out how to cope!

      • anonymous said,

        February 9, 2014 at 2:16 am

        I desperately need someone to talk to that has experienced this insanity. I am married to a PA man. When I met him he was nice and charming. We made a move for a job that he took, got married, and it has been horrible. I knew him 18 months before we married. We have been married almost 3 years and I have literally felt like I was going crazy. After we got married the communication stopped- unless it’s something trivial, he can manage that. His refusal to communicate and to try and resolve conflict makes me explode out of sheer frustration. He does then look at me like I’m crazy. He said that there is no reason for the words “I’m sorry” because we should watch what we say. He views communicating as arguing. And intimacy- what’s that?? He doesn’t connect with me, he doesn’t connect with anyone. He constantly doesn’t follow through on what he says he’s going to do. He knows I love flowers so he makes sure I never get them. He says that I can’t just say something and then shut up. I really don’t think that PA’s can love. My life with him has been a roller coaster. Anytime we have a disagreement he’s ready to give up on the marriage, he can’t bring himself to ask me to leave (at this time anyway). I can’t ” fix” him, I have tried though. I go to therapy for my sanity. At the beginning I took this very personally. I thoroughly researched his behavior and that’s how i came across the PA information. He’s had two ex-wives and they both cheated on him. I wouldn’t do that, but he makes me feel so lonely, so unworthy, so unloved. I did tell him he was PA and that did anger him. He wants me here, but he doesn’t- it defies logic. I know I need to exit this relationship, just haven’t decided on how. I wish he wasn’t PA. It truly saddens me that this will not get any better. One of my biggest problems is remembering how he used to be- that’s the man I feel in love with. He had a messed up childhood. I know he doesn’t want to be this way. He is a grown up who acts like a defiant teenager. If he would recognize, and get help, I would gladly stand by his side. My therapist has also said he’s PA. I can wish until I’m blue in the face….I’m in a constant state of confusion and turmoil.

  10. Carolyn Gale said,

    April 27, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Thank you, you have made me laugh so much.I am dealing with just such a turd and am also waiting for the bus :-) For now I am enjoying he is penniless, on bail, stuck with a much older mother figure because he cant be on his own…..a completely frustrated and out of control little boy.

  11. Linda Robbins said,

    May 23, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Omg….. While reading this ,.it was as if you were describing my now ex husband and the 3 year hell i went thru. had i read this or something similar three years ago, I would have seen.what he was up to and doing. Thanks for posting this….. Hopeful that it will help another victim of this type of man . My ex also used his christian.reputation to hide behind which took the abuse to a much deeper hurtful level. My issue was his need to be needed by other women as if it gave him some type of ego fix. When i asked him about this one particular opposite sex friend;.he became enraged ,.defensive and the once gentle charming man now had become a raging abusive evil man. Confrontation about this private relationship caused him to snap. And naturally the abuse i suffered was all my fault.
    Had i kept my mouth shut about the other woman and just trusted him……. he wouldnt had hurt me so he claimed. NOT MY FAULT THAT HE GOT CAUGHT !

    • coralf said,

      May 23, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the comment.

      The phrase, “Needing to be needed”, is the sign of codependency. It’s another highly misunderstood personality disorder. Like passive aggression it is difficult for a healthy mind to fully comprehend WHY it’s dysfunctional because most people just see the caregiver. If that’s what you were dealing with it will ring a lot of bells for you. I’ve chatted about it a few times here but Shari Schreiber also describes it well at:-

      Codependents can be extremely charming, but they feed off “Ego Kibbles”
      You may also find some bells googling, “karpman drama triangle”.

      Great post on ego kibbles at Chump Ladies website here, Ego Kibbles

      I have strong indications that I was dealing with Avoidant personality disorder and Codependency. Passive Aggression was just a side affect of the other two.

      Dealing with covert behavior can be horrifying.

    • coralf said,

      May 23, 2013 at 1:32 pm

      Linda, I edited the name out of your post.

  12. Rae said,

    May 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    First time to the site. Found out about my PA husband 30 years into the marriage, (I traveled for a living, not home much) no kids (which he uses against me like a sharp knife). He left before Christmas, provoking a fight, he retired and his behavior became bizarre. So I started doing reseach. I found he has all the classic PA behaviors. Looking back, it all makes sense. though he makes no sense.
    He got verbally, emotionally abusive the last two years. Gaslighting to the hilt! I could not take anymore, my health was failing, I was depressed and would lay in bed for two day, which he hated, cause he had no one to talk to.
    These men are mommie boys, who will not take responsibility for their actions or words. It is so sad. I am getting divorced, sign papers soon to start a new life without a PA man. Sad thing is he thinks there is nothing wrong with abuse or him. pathetic. Hang in their girls.

    • Rae said,

      July 19, 2013 at 5:24 pm

      My divorce from my PA is now final. In the six months that he was gone, not one call to say he wanted to work our marriage out or that he loved me. Nothing. Then AFTER the divorce is final, June 3 (our 30th would have been June11) on June 10 the day before our said anniversary, he leaves a anniversary card in my mailbox. Saying “I love you”, “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I never wanted a divorce, I dont want to say goodbye”. Where the hell was he the last 7 months??????? Mind games again?
      I dont know what drugs this guy is on, but I am out of here, done with the manipulations. Divorce is the hardest thing I have ever gone through, if it was not for my dogs, I dont think I would have made it. I am looking to the future, without his putdowns. I now have peace in my life, yes it is very lonely, but that too will go away.
      I had wish I would have known about PA when I was in my 20’s, I would have never married him.

  13. Laura said,

    May 25, 2013 at 12:42 am

    WOW, I am in a state of shock at the amount of woman (and I am sure some men) that have had to deal with this from their spouse. I have been researching PA for the past 4 months since we found out my husband is a PA and a very GOOD one at that. This is my 1st time to this site and I have never left comments or information anywhere before. However, I feel completely compelled to here and feel safe in doing so. My husband and I have been married going on 13 years in July. We had a very fast courtship introduced in December and then married in July. There were things in the beginning that (very beginning) that I questioned and unfortunately for me accepted the answer I received, therefore I believe telling him that I am a stupid idiot and that he could get away with anything with me and I believe maybe why he proposed so fast. I had a rough growing up with a hard relationship with my family. My step mother and my father and I did not get along. I actually moved out at 17 and worked and finished school. By the time I met my husband I was in my late 20’s and had my fair share of failed attempts a real relationship or love for that matter. Shortly after my engagement, I started to have issues with my family over things I was doing with MY wedding that they were NOT paying for. My father ended up calling me one day to inform me that my family would not be attending my wedding and he did not just mean them, my aunts, uncles and cousins as well and they held true to that. There were a few arguments with my husband back then, but nothing major and I was a little more on edge or maybe even the Bitch he said I was. All I know is that was a very trying time for me. It was apparently at this point in our relationship that he started to form his anger and resentment toward me. However, I had no idea he was angry or secretly doing “things” intentionally. The wedding day came and went and I could tell something was wrong and I asked and asked only to be told “nothing was wrong, but if I continued then he would get mad” I got pregnant that year in December. I thought everything was ok except for the lack of sex and intimacy we had. When I would bring it up I was told I was “using him for a piece of meat”……………Seriously those words fell from his lips. In June the following year while I am 6 months pregnant we had an argument Lord only knows about what, but he made 2 statements to me that day that have never left and still affect me to this day and they are. That I was going to be a horrible Mother (because I yell, which is what he said at that time) only later to say he said because he did not want me to talk “at” the kids like I do him…… after that comment I said if that is what he thinks there is no need to be together and that we should divorce and that is when the 2nd statement came out he said the only way I could make it, is if I shacked up with some guy……now when he met me I was not shacked up with anyone???? So not only am I going to be a “bad mother” I am also a “whore”. This is only the 1st year. I have so much and present day is so bad and I feel so helpless. After going through so much in the past 13 years and after I have foolishly believed lie after lie and promise after promise. The fact that I have a hard time believing what he is saying is truthful he told me just yesterday that I may have been stupid and stayed 13 years,but he would not. He said that I either accept and drop the past or he leaves. I am dumbfounded by his arrogance and was quite shocked to see he could stand and walk normally with the extremely large BALLS he had. He always gets me to ignite and I HATE that and I need to learn how to be when you are so mad. I started to ask him years ago if he was trying to drive me crazy………………………..little did I know this is what I would be faced with now. I have so much to say and have almost written a book here. Thanks for letting me rant.

  14. Laura said,

    May 25, 2013 at 1:13 am

    LOVE the mommies boy comment, because I truly believe that is true. I have 2 sons and I PRAY that although I want and hope to have happy and close relationships with them as adults, I certainly hope they will put their spouse 1st and NOT repeat the actions of their father or think that “all” woman are a Bitch like their mom………………………..I am devastated at all that has happened and been lost. Today, more happened and I just do not know what to do. He says that he has loved me all along, even though he did not show it. That sentence just confuses me even more. He tells me he wants to be respected, yet does not respect me. Tells me I do not make him feel like a man (insert his fake tears here), yet insults me as a mother. I unfortunately, have fell into every trap laid and I feel after reading thread after thread on site after site about PA, was the PERFECT PUPPET for him. He goes back and forth faster than my windshield wipers in a monsoon…His mother has been rude and disrespectful to me more times than should have ever been allowed as well as his sister and his grandmother. When asked why he did not defend or stand up for me he says he did not want confrontation with them as he is a non confrontational person………… Now with that being said it has escalated to other people now coming above me and he had an emotional affair with a co worker 2 years ago that he rationalized I was just a jealous wife, until he asked her to stop texting and such (after 6 months) and she blew up he then realized OMG you were right. This was the first affair (as far as I know anyway), however, NOT the first time he has placed another woman ahead of me and when I say something I am a jealous and controlling wife. He deleted his FB account instead of having to explain activities. However the few I addressed I was told that FB must have been doing stuff to screw with him. Yes Yes Yes because I am that stupid to believe that FB actually decides who you are friends with, decides who you block etc………… He will look right in my eyes and swear he is telling the truth and how unjust of me not to believe him………..until I present black & white and then it is MY FAULT he lied because I am unapproachable and would be upset if he told me the truth. So after he deleted FB we shared a page briefly and in tha time his co-workers requested my friendship. Everything was good and they seemed very nice and we commented on one another’s post and so forth. However, just this yr we attended a funeral for a co worker of his and this was my 1st time meeting the majority of his co workers. Every WOMAN was rude and literally made me feel completely invisible and would NOT speak to me. Now that night he stated he was shocked that they would be like that as he really thought after we were friends on FB that they would be like “It is so nice to finally meet you” and he seemed truly dismayed that they acted the complete opposite. Ironically enough they quit communicating with me on FB that very day and a few actually deleted me. I was confused and asked my husband that I found it odd that they would ALL treat me that way, not just a few, but ALL the females. He then said to me I must have done something as they would not. He said I must have been giving attitude and looking them up and down and such……………….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? So naturally I ignited and said you were right beside me the whole time and even commented when we left how rude you thought they were. He then replies “I was not watching every move you made and I know how you treat me so I can only assume that is how you were treating them that night. I had enough, it was bad enough every other woman in his life came above me,but now some 2 bit little tramp co-workers…NO, so I left and of course fell for the ol’ I am so sorry and I am so lucky to still have you and I thank God for you, your an Angel routine……………for 2 days later he informed that he said that to me to hurt me because he was mad. However, he now does not want to deal with the consequences of not only having an affair with a co worker, but now this. So I am on edge and nervous and full of “what if’s” the entire time he is at work. I might add he is in the public service area for work and works 24 hour shifts with these co-workers. WHY on earth would you put your wife in that position to have to fear that all the time and then become angry when questioned………..I just do not know anymore.

    • Lynda said,

      May 10, 2014 at 7:37 pm

      My husbands mother and two sisters had him by the balls for years.

      • coralf said,

        May 11, 2014 at 5:30 am

        Or thought they did. PA’s fight on their back. The other party often has no clue there is a fight

      • thalladm said,

        September 7, 2014 at 6:22 pm

        No they don’t, ask my mother-in law. When we were dating, he gave
        her my phone number and you probably can guess as to how that turned out. One phone call too many from Mommy Dearest and he is showing me a house. He packed his things and informed Mommy Dearest on the way out of her house, that he was leaving. Mommy Dearest did not take too kindly and attempted to berate and dress me down in My Own Home! He is pacing, not defending me and def not telling her to knock it off. Well nearly thirty years of marriage with this same scenario
        replaying over and over is too much! His extended family comes before our family. Had to sell a rental property because he Allowed his extended family to live
        in it, rent free! I’m done, yelling and
        sick and tired of a life that is not normal. Made appointments with therapists and Medical, the choice is now his, I am done!

      • Lynn said,

        September 7, 2014 at 7:13 pm

        My husband used to pace also. Because he wanted me to check with his mother first. Not Happening!!! I told him if he needs a pair he can borrow mine. I thought I was marrying a gentle, kind, man, he is in a way but I had to fight all his battles for him and 20 years later his mother is dead but his two sisters decided to take over. So nothing’s changed.

    • SherSher said,

      June 3, 2014 at 8:55 pm

      So typical of a pa husband, my pa husband is 66 and plays more games than a 5 year old child, but, he is sooo handsome,sooo smart, oh yeah forgot to mention that he is an engineer, a pilot owns his own airplane and just sold his yellow corvette lives in the nicest neighborhood & owns his own business!!! And he plays all of thoses angle’s and then some… He stopped telling me that he loves me for 4 years now, he will not tell why or what made him change his mind about me, but makes sure that he tells his daughter that he loves her repeatedly in front of me, he has not touched me in 4 years and I have been sleeping in the guest bedroom for about 3 years now…..because that is what he wanted. I have to watch him play footsies with his baby mama every Thursday when they make the exchange and every other weekend and he is sugar sweet to her now, she is narcissitic as the day is long and uses and abuses their child all the time, I am allowed to play the NANNY part and other than that he tells me that anything else to do with my step daughter is none of my business, although I keep her all the time for him. Me really makes me sick with all of his sweet polished abuse, they named streets after people like them ONE WAY and DEAD END, just sayin… I wish that I could just walk away but I love his daughter and she needs someone who is sane in her life. Please pray for me….
      Sher Sher

      • Manda said,

        July 12, 2014 at 8:34 am

        I will pray for you and your step daughter. Mine as well. Same scenario. His ex comes before me “for the sake of his daughter” but my daughter lives with his pa bullshit everyday. My ex was the same way … 16 years. I am married now, a year last week. My b day was 6 days prior, he told me at 8 am he wanted a divorce, by 1pm he sent me flowers. We are in counseling, but nothing changes. He takes everything that he knows will hurt me or trigger my anger and uses it to THE EXTREME … He is intentionally hurting me, playing games, and is a mommy’s boy. He refuses to defend my honor EVER to anyone, but mostly his ex and his mom. Today he had me balling on our bed, feeling rejected, neglected, and exhausted, five minutes later, he kissed me and we had amazing sex. This is the first time i have used the word sex…I don’t feel intimate with him anymore, no love, no affection. He tries to tell everyone I am crazy, and lies on a daily basis. I love this man more than words, and after reading this site, I know that he Is incapable of loving anyone but himself. He told our counselor, he doesn’t think he is not capable of making me happy. He puts forth effort into everyone except me, and refuses communication. God, please help me be strong…I will be the one who has to move, with my daughter while nothing in his life will change. He did this on purpose. I had my own place, but circumstances a raised and his father was dying, and he gave me an ultimatum that I should have refused. Now I am broke, he spent everything we have and then some, and unable to move quickly, he has cornered me, and tells me on a daily basis that he doesn’t know why I stay. He fronted me with a prenup (as if he has money or something, which he doesn’t, but for the assets his dad left him…home, 3 vehicles, a pool, money, not a lot, but enough…) 29 days before our wedding. He said I was a red flag if I didn’t sign it…but the thought of him not trusting me…crushed me. I signed. And the last 3 days, he has stolen from me while I was cooking supper, taking a shower, and sleeping….and then justified it, and blamed me, and then accused me of the actions he had blatantly done to me. I am exhausted. Everyday.

      • SherSher said,

        July 14, 2014 at 3:40 pm

        I will pray for you to have peace in your life, I on the other hand have decided to leave my PA husband, because he has broken my heart too many times and he enjoys doing it. So I have decided that I need to protect myself from his “sweet covert abuse” now, I will have to slowly break away from my stepdaughter but I pray for her everyday because both of her parents are mentally abusive and her Mom is physically abusive at times and her brother has Aspergers……I am an aspiring writer and I wrote a poem a copule of years ago I would like to share it with you now.
        Your Love,
        Trying to love you is:
        Irretrievable as smoke inside of a water glass,
        It is as slippery as an eel,
        Elusive as a dream,
        It is intangible as a beautiful thought,
        Outlined with love and fear,
        Like a shadow within a shadow,
        Like a vapor swirling in thin air,
        It is like a thought that presents itself into my consciousness,
        But, vanishes before it can be captured with even a single word,
        Now that my heart is so full of doubt,
        It really makes me wonder,
        What “your love” was all about.
        Copyright 9/27/2012

        Even back then I still had hope that some day he would come around.
        I also wrote a few songs about him “Cheatin Boots” “You Branded My Heart” and “Your Alibi” just to name a few. Good Luck to you and stay stronge, you are worthy of LOVE and CARE.
        Hugs and Prayers,
        Sher Sher

      • coralf said,

        July 14, 2014 at 4:17 pm

        Your poem is very beautiful and very fitting.

      • SherSher said,

        July 14, 2014 at 6:35 pm

        Thank you, one thing about it my PA husband has given me alot to write about….it is sad story but, I know that I have to leave him to save what is left of me…It will not be easy to leave my step daughter.

  15. jean randolph said,

    May 25, 2013 at 7:30 pm


  16. Ruby said,

    May 30, 2013 at 5:34 am

    Hi ladies, thank you for sharing your stories and I’m sorry that we – as women who obviously have large hearts flowing with grace, love and forgiveness – have been abused and caught in the crazy cycle. Because of our optimism and hope, we have spent many years investing sooooooo much effort into a lost cause. A number of experiences and feelings resonate with my own…I have said in the past that “I feel emotionally raped”. Being married to my husband and ‘his family’ is psychological warfare’. It’s just amazing how similar the experiences are. Despite a number of hardships in life, being married to my husband for the last four years has been the most crushing. I have a tenacious personality. Despite losing both of my parents when I was young – including caring for my mum after a severe stroke in my early 20s – and having no other family support, I bought my own house, earned several uni degrees and worked professionally when I met my husband. He saw an independent girl who longed for family, love and acceptance….was sensitive and emotional. I was more extroverted than him and I express my heart – I wear it on my sleeve. I attended church as a commited Christian. First red flags…..he had NO friends, he lied about details of his divorce and timing of separation (we started dating while he was still freaking legally married I found out later), he did not express how he felt about me after two months of dating….I had to ask him, he bore no responsbility for his last failed marriage (his cheating wife “was selfish and a whore”), he dismissed my opinions and needs, made jokes about me in front of MY friends that humiliated me and said I was too sensitive when I said it hurt me, he proposed after 8 months of dating…..the proposal I will always cherish closely…”do you love me, do you love me, do you love me (yes, yes, yes, I answered)….will you marry me?”….??!!! He commonly….lies by ommission and outright lies, dismisses 95 percent of my needs and feelings, makes excuses for not showing any sexual interest in me (he’s tired, we fight too much, we have kids, he’s overweight…..different week, diff excuse), attempts to define and control my reality – denies saying things, distorts facts, shifts blame etc, says I imagine things and labels me – denigrating my character – (critical, judgmental, crazy, pyscho, too senstive, nasty bitch, selfish, entitled [when I ask for romance or help with cleaning during 3rd trimester pregnancy], stonewalls, brushes issues aside, packs and leaves for days at a time with no evidence of whereabouts or communicating intent to come home through both of my pregnancies, globalises facts (you always statements that he can’t back up with specific facts), brings up the past to deflect my feelings but blames me if I ever do that to inform a point. After two years of marriage, he has become extremely hostile and verbally abusive. I am accused of having a toxic, nasty tone or attitude so have practised being extremely calm, loving and rationale which only seems to make him angrier. He DEMANDS respect, but denies my requests for love and respect. He DEMANDS trust, after leaving and sleeping in his “car or an hotel” I would estimate over three hundred times over the past four years without any evidence or communication. Despite my requests and counselling advice, he still won’t say, “I feel (insert emotion) because of (event). I need a time out and will be back in 30 minutes or an hour. I am going to (place).”

    With little children at home and through pregnancies and c-section recovery, I have lost all dignity and security begging him to come home.

    He is extremely sensitive to any perceived criticism, and will construct alternate realities of what I said, almost convincing me that I did call him lazy when I ask for his help with dishes after I cook dinner.

    If I ask for A, he demands B. If I deliver B, he makes excuses for not doing A, citing how I didn’t do C or that I’m just too demanding……it goes on and on……..the goal posts never stop moving and I never reach them. Consequently, my deep relational needs for communication, quality time, sex, intimacy are never net.

    I pray we all have the strength and courage to forgive, heal and channel our unconditional love and effort into those who preserve and cherish it and nurture the best in us.

  17. Ruby said,

    May 30, 2013 at 6:08 am

    Just adding….other typical behaviours….gaslighting and blaming my emotional reactions as a reason for him to leave or deflect the issue off himself, making and breaking promises regularly, taking no responsibility for significant financial or parenting decisions while he invests hours of time on his personal interests, uses work, study, watching TV, playing games etc as excuses to not communicate, doesn’t share any details of his worklife or colleagues, doesn’t share his feelings. He will NOT use “I feel” statements. He obstructs all communication related to feelings, needs, responsibility or expections by looking bored, tired, hungry, talking over me, getting angry, leaving…..etc etc etc . Double standards and conflicting messages. He has no problem saying, “i love you” but the actions and lack thereof speak louder.

  18. joanne said,

    May 30, 2013 at 10:51 am

    When I didn’t know he was PA, I was always trying to ‘help’ him see the picture, working out the differences. Sometimes, I got so bad that I said that we should divorce. Imagine, I was his virgin bride for 4yrs and probably just to ‘proof’ he is a man, he finally consumated the marriage and we have a son. He said he wont divorce me because he won’t want to make me an adulterer. How ‘kind’ of him right? Because of the child, I thought he would ‘grow up’ but as the marriage age, he turned worse. Since I conceived, he never touch me again and I became a ‘widow’ for 14yrs. About 4yrs ago, what is a PA changes my life. Finally when he knew I came to understood what’s the traits of a PA man and he no longer can manipulate my emotions, he proposed divorce but said that he will not do the legal proceedings. He accepted divorce if I want to divorce him. The complication part in marriage was not only we are in matrimony , we are also business partners. Though he did the field work, I manage the overall admin , I also take care of the household without any helper plus home schooling. I did freelance work as our business earnings was not enough to pay our monthly expenses and our savings were draining. After he agreed that he will sign the papers if I proceeds, his crazy behaviours worsened. After another 3yrs , I finally throw in the towel because he used our son to provoke me. Added to that he would tell his son that he pray I die when I applied a personal protection order due to his words which I could sense the resentment and anger of 18yrs. I have to think about our son’s mental and emotional growth so I decided the split is needed as the living together is toxic to a growing teen. I gave up my I.T career and biz and trained him the trade and pass my biz over to him. He is now claiming everything his including our matrimonial flat. He insisted in selling because on papers, the money went to his central provision fund to pay off our loan mortgage so in the event that the flat is sold, this money must be returned to this fund (managed by the government). A PA husband wants the love feeling but refuses commitment and responsibiities. He wanted to be called father so that someone could take care of him in his old age and he feels the company. They only need that ‘feeling’ , the sense of a family , the outward appearance of a loving family to others. In short, they are just hippocrites. Their love is never sincere. They live in their own world. I thought he love his son but to my horror, the divorce proceeds reveal his entire true self. He wanted joint custody but not the care and control giving the lame excuse that in a divorce, the kids always go with the mother. He knew I have ‘drop’ my carreer for 14yrs and at age 50 now, there is no way I can be employed under I.T and sarcastically mentioned in the Affidavit that I was an engineer and would easily fetch $5K. He agreed to the divorce but contest the flat and drags the proceeds till today. 11/2yrs. The last Affidavit , he revoked his expenses statement saying it was wrong because those bank accounts and expenses were unknown to me and the expenses were not ours. In his resubmission, he again gave the same accounts only with a month expenses minus property purchases and children’s expenses. If this is his lawyer’s mistakes of attaching another’s family expenses as his , what is going to happened in court hearing? any one knows? I know lawyer will never admit such mistakes as he the defendant needs to check before signing and twice he signed. Is either he really commit adultery or the lawyer’s mistakes of attaching wrong document again. My husband keep lamenting the flat needed to be sold because he needed the money to buy another house for himself because he has no alternative accomodation and mine you,he is earning $4.5k. He had also won the heart of his lawyer and play victim. They are superstar liers. Our marriage is a deceptive marriage. After 19yrs, I need to live sanely. The life is really an emotional roller coaster. I needed to live on to take care of my 14yrs old boy. They will take your love and forgiving for granted . He is an emotional parasite and will suck your life dry and cry innocent. Yes, they will continue to live in denial to survive on so we have to learn to let go the pain they caused in our lives. Initially, it may take both of our personalities in the marriage breakdown but when we realised they are PA and willing to work out the marriage with them by therapy,etc. and they refused, it is no longer us , it is the PA in the first place has a different agenda of marriage. Love is interdependent.

  19. Jen said,

    June 5, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    I can’t believe it! There is actually someone else who feels the way I do. I too went to a therapist convinced I was crazy! What I found out is that living with such crazy making behavior for so long resulted in my having PTSD. How did my PA hubby deal with the news his wife was suffering from an anxiety disorder? He ran out and had an affair with a stripper, then of course blamed it on me.
    Shit he’s said that makes my head spin
    – I need you to need me. Then 2 days later will say I’m too needy.
    – He says “I’d like you go out and find something to do, you seem unhappy. When I explain I need someone to care for the kids, he says, get a babysitter, I’m busy.
    -Whenever I confronted him about my feelings, it was always my feeling that were the problem, never his behavior. Everything was perfect in his world, yet it was his dissatisfaction in the marriage that caused him to cheat.
    – don’t even get me started on lies of omission! ( )
    These men ( I use that term loosely) have no idea what the hell they want, so instead of being an adult and making a choice, they decide they want it all, and it’s their wife’s job to give it to them. When our lack of mind reading fails to produce the outcome they want, it’s somehow our fault. I decided I’ll never understand crazy!

    • coralf said,

      June 5, 2013 at 8:12 pm

      Thanks for the link. I’m long enough into this process to have understood all of that, but reading such a concise description of it sure triggered an extreme emotional reaction. I had to take several breaks to finish reading it.

      I particularly agree with mourning the loss of who you were. Your entire worldview changes and this is clearly a one way trip….

    • On my way to happiness said,

      June 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm

      I totaly relate to you. My soon to be ex-husband went a step further being passive aggressive, he assaulted me by choking me late at night when I confronted him about possible affair (I was suspecting but never had concrete proof except odd restaurant charges that he claimed was VISA fraud). After the assault I had PTSD and he did not even support me, he just pulled away even more after seing me suffer. His response to his assault was – going out and engaging in affair with anotehr female. This time I caught on very quickly, basically 1 month after he started having an affair with some woman full of tattoos from head to toe that he met in nighclub along with his cheating co-workers. He moved out 2 months after affair by saying he has no feelings for me, etc. but then he would call me and state the opposite. He was full of conflicting messages. He was always blaming me for everything, nothing was ever his fault. Then when I filed for divorce, he tried to come back but I was doubting his genuine love, it seemed that he wanted to come back only for his selfish interests and not wanting to lose house, dog, etc.
      He accused me of not being supportive after he became a cop, taht I didn`t compliment him enough and didn`t rub his ego, he said I turned into a mother instead of a wife (because I didn`t support his reckless actions that he started doing after starting this career), he said he didn`t feel loved and needed, etc. All bunch of BS. I can`t even count how many times I have approched him to spend time together, to watch a movie or cuddle on the couch or go for a walk or make love or try new things in bed, etc. I complimented him but due to his internal insecurities he never believed me and dismissed my compliments. I have tried to talk to him millions of times, offered counselling, etc. but he didn`t even budge. He even had an excuse for the affair by saying I wasn`t there the way he needed me. interesting because he never ever once said how I could be there for him and what he wanted , it was always me trying to make relationship better and approaching him and asking what he wanted, etc but he would always say that everything is fine and he is happy and that he is just a simple guy. When I started university, that`s when he hit the peak of PA because he internally didn`t want me to advance because he was scared I will dump his sorry ass like I have tried to do many times before (but each time he would cry and beg for me not to leave or come back), so because I was busy at school 2 x a week, he used me being away and started cheating (that was the 1-st time when i didn`t have proof for it but by confronting him he got angry and assaulted me).
      When I couldn`t take any longer, I started threatening with divorce and that was the time when he cheated with that woman from the nightclub. Instead of commiting to us and solving problems by going to counselling, he started an affair.
      His childhood is to blame because his parents got divorced when he was 6 and his mom abandoned him when he was 16. So he is full of traumas and makes everyone else suffer. Even at work, everyone else is to blame but not him. They call him “a man of excuses”. Apparently I`m not the only one to notice that.
      We have been together for 12 yrs and will be officially divorced soon.
      But the damage he caused is beyond words. I started feeling unattractive, ugly, not confident, etc. even though I never felt like that before. I started feeling like I`m not good in bed or smth because of constant sexual and emotinal rejection while other guys would be all over just for the chance to be with me.
      In the end I thought it was my fault because he convinced me of that but now when I read about PA, I know it has little to do with me (unless me feeding the monster), other than that, I feel lost. It`s like part of me died inside because of constant rejection. I don`t even know who I am anymore :(
      I could write a book about the damage that he has done but at this point it will do no good, I have to go forward. I just feel like some huge fog has been lifted and I can finally breath. He says he will become a better person for the woman he is with now and whom he impregnated 4 months after he moved out of the house. Well, I don` know what will happen with him but I highly doubt he will change for the better. And his woman is a piece of work too, she harasses me with her pregnancy emails and on FB brags about destroying the marriage and being in affair with a married man.
      If karma does exist, I think it will hit them in the face big time.

    • Angry-momma said,

      July 31, 2014 at 4:17 pm

      the mind reading part! My BF will always said he told me something, when he clearly didn’t. I don’t talk to him much longer than 5 mins during the day and don’t see him at night because I am sleeping when he gets home this is all week long and he will say, I told you ..such and such..i say no you didn’t and he gets infuriated at me saying he did. and i know he didnt. He may of thought about it in his head, but never mentioned these things to me! When in the 30 mins that I talked to you this week did you ever mention..such and such. so friggin frustrating

  20. barb said,

    June 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Wow! So many sad stories, but thanks for sharing. I’ll be brief and summarize mine. 22 years married to whom I now confirm to be a PA (that is, after reading story after story and having researched a few papers and definitions on the topic).

    I describe it like this- “if my husband was lying on the sofa watching tv and I was inside a little paper bag on the ground and I accidentally moved causing the bag to make a noise – he’d be irritated”.

    The wiper thing – he does that.

    If I pass in front of the tv to get something, he contorts his body in disgust as if I’m blocking the final 10 seconds of a tie game.

    He says, I roll over too quickly in my sleep and it bothers him – so now I have to think ‘rotisserie’ and rotate smoothly – even though I’m unconscious of turning too abruptly.

    If I forget to buy something we have run out of (e.g. bath soap – he will never remind me or tell me what to add to a grocery list despite my always asking, let alone stop at the store himself – he’ll wait until it runs out and then ask “is there any soap?” knowing darn well it’s gone, but it is his way to find fault with me.

    and finally:
    We had the family holiday of a lifetime planned – a year off and travelling with the kids. He had some leg surgery, I packed up the whole house for incoming tenant, nursed him as he was couch bound. Never complained about any of it (because is was a great time to be happy).
    He was so grumpy and tensions flared, strife hit. But of course no discussion or resolution like normal people have.
    The day we were to leave as a family – he left without us (me and 3 teens) Just got in the car and off he went!!
    We did catch up 3 weeks later prior to overseas flights. I forgave, I did all the calling to him trying to locate him, etc. Crazy!

    I am slowly learning how to hold my head high despite the covert abuse of 22 years. There is a reason behind his actions (not defending it – but a reality pf some sort of secret warped childhood). I hope he gets released and set free from it all soon.

    • Dara said,

      June 12, 2013 at 1:35 am

      The passive aggressive man in my life never got mad, he got even. Many years ago when my kids were young I was to have Bunco at my house. It was planned a year in advance. It’s one night a year where you fix a finger food dinner and put M&M’s on the table. Eleven women were coming to my house at 7:30. About a half hour before everyone was to arrive he mentioned he had to go to his sisters house to work on his resume. Are you kidding me!? He knew I needed him to watch the kids for a couple of hours. It’s not that big of a deal, really! I know now that he was mad at me for hosting and so now it was payback time. This lack of respect and irresponsibility was just so frustrating. I just wanted to cry. I know it was a pleasure for him to see me exasperated and confused. Talk about crazy making behavior!! One other time we were going to a Christmas program. My daughter needed tights so we drove over to Mervyn’s on our way to the freeway. My daughter and I dashed in the door, made our purchase, and headed back out. When I looked around for the car, where he was waiting with our son, I couldn’t find them. I was dumbfounded. We stood there for a bit and then walked around to the other side of the store and there he was. I said ‘why did you move the car?’. He said he thought I would come out a different door. What?? Are you kidding me.
      Had he just explained to me that he didn’t want to go in the first place I would have made other arrangements. We were late, as usual. Walked in to a dark auditorium as it had already started. I am now in the late stages of a divorce. Twenty-five years of this crap and now at 55 I’m slowly making my way back to the person I used to be before all of this mayhem began.
      Thanks for letting me vent!!

      • barb said,

        June 12, 2013 at 7:48 am

        If I had a dollar for every sabotaged event that was planned – I get your devastation at having to cope with that one on Bunco night.
        Several of your comments have triggered chilling memories for me – like the moving the car thing.
        Your earlier comments from another post also spoke to me.

        ” I’m not proud to say that sometimes I just talked and talked, my voice getting louder by the minute as I tried to reach him.”

        I realised that in ALL the years of our marriage, it was NEVER, NOT ONCE my husband who would try to resolve stuff. I truly believe he could go to his grave never speaking to me again, when he goes off on his ‘silent treatments’ to me. Who can do that? Who can live like that and be happy? And then even though it was he who walked off and shut down, after throwing some verbal abuse my way, he manages, in his mind, to blame me for it.

        and your other comment:
        ” There was never any “easy” conversation between us. No heart to heart, no fun banter. It was always difficult to talk to him. I thought it was me. I was convinced it was me. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The frustration of never seeming to get through to him. I never had any good ideas. They were quickly shut down with a no.”
        My husband will take private conversations about workmates, friends, etc. and turn them back at me and say things like “no wonder you can’t get along with anyone at work…” He’d listen as if caring, but them use it against me. I learned to share nothing with him because there was no trust or safety with him.

        I also realised after reading others’ comments that he never actually gets ‘angry’ like normal people do and then deal with it maturely – he never displays anger but is always grumpy or mad about the littlest things – constantly in a state of irritation – usually toward me and what I have or haven’t done. It’s a no-win for sure.

  21. claire said,

    June 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    I’ve read a lot about PA recently and coming to terms that I’ve been coping with a PA man for the last 26 years. Whilst it feels like my relationship has been one big lie at least I now know I’m not going mad. The result is that we barely speak, he’s never wanted to talk about the things that matter and I don’t want to talk about trivia. I imagine we’ll split eventually he’s not going to change and I want a chance at happiness
    It was the thing about the wipers, so weird, and such a relief to finally have some kind of explanation and shared experience.
    I will no longer get upset about forgotten birthdays, events kept secret, he won’t get a chance to be late picking me up or start projects he’s never going to finish. Best wishes to everyone.

  22. Laila said,

    July 6, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Everything can be twisted by the passive aggressive. My husband “rewrites” my life history claiming all sorts of things which are totally false–to make me look like a messed up loser. So for example, he even said—you have had a falling out with every single friend you’ve ever had your whole life, you have an “anger problem”, that’s just how you are. Both of these are not true–I have lots of friends HE is the one that doesn’t have friends. And I have never been an angry person–until he came along! The reason he said this about me and my friends is because I told him about the only friend I ever lost contact with –he wasn’t doing well psychologically and cut all his friends out of his life. And once I complained about a friend–but just that I wish that she wasn’t so wrapped up in her new boyfriend and that we could still meet now and again! On another occasion—one of my friends said that i was “very sensitive”. My husband made a face like he didn’t know who she was talking about. When she asked him, don’t you see your wife as sensitive? He just shrugged and said “I don’t now”. When she said –you don’t know whether your wife is sensitive or not after 13 years of marriage? He looked a bit confused but pissed off at being challenged and just walked off. I have the feeling that my husband doesn’t see me, know me, or like me at all. If I hadn’t just lost my job I would have left him. I have had enough. I was raised by two very narcissistic parents and realise now that they “trained” me to accept the following behaviour—people who say they care or love you but cancel out those words with everything they do and don’t do. I am supposed to always accept and put up with malicious intent and bad behaviour–that was my early education. My narcissistic parents produced someone who would take their crap as well as everyone else’s. I have only just realised that there is nothing I can do except stay away from them. After I get a job, I intend to leave my husband. Even now, I see him as just an unfortunate but temporary roomate. This is actually easy now —because I can see that this is what he always really wanted. A roomate –someone he can keep a distance from, talk to a bit about TV or the news, and then go off and do his own thing, without having to share anything else, except for sex now and again, and certainly without having to deal with someone else’s “demands” which are always an imposition on him and simply unacceptable. Even if it is a “demand” for a relationship which includes honest behaviour, intimacy, closeness, friendship, and warmth. It is simply unacceptable to him to want all of this from him, or in general. I think that his mild-mannered exterior hides someone really lacking in humanity, who tries to fake it when he has too–but then when he feels he doesn’t have to, he can just show is real, inhuman character. Sorry for the length of this!

    • Jo said,

      July 16, 2013 at 1:01 am

      After reading all these real life experience, mine is the same, every happenings, every crazy behaviours that are being described, I experienced all. Talking about PA man is contented being a room mate, exactly. I understand after 19yrs of marriage why he wasn’t keen to consummate our marriage and left me being his virgin wife for the first 4yrs. Maybe at the end of 4 yr, he ‘tied me down’ with a child. When I conceived my boy, there he ends our marriage. I only came to know about PA characteristics after 16yrs into the marriage and I started to ‘re-live’ again. Like all of you, it is a life of insanity. For the last 3yrs, I tried to get him to understand himself but nothing works. He will always try to find friends to batch back his marriage or rather I should put it his house mate so that he can live a care free life. We were business partners which added more agony to my life. It was a hard break with him when I finally go for divorce. He did not contest for it but our matrimonial flat and the joint custody of our child. I left our biz to him and I am let with nothing so I have to contest for the flat so that my 14yr old son and I have a place to live and I can re-establish a home business. God vindicate my case, it is a miracle. My lawyer initially has no full confidence because under our law, a 5rm government subsidized flat often are ordered to be sold and divided. God is my provider for my son and I because He is a God who said true religion is one that look after the widows and the orphans and He protected us. My husband and his lawyer were so confident that our flat will be sold. God confused them. His lawyer made a blunder by submitting a wrong financial Affidavit, he asked to revoke and was accepted but again submitted the same household because the bank accounts were the same. I believed he did not dare to tell my husband his mistakes so he tried to get my lawyer to make me settle out of court which was to be heard just 2 weeks ago. Anyway, now at least I got the flat and my son accommodation is settled. The marriage though insane but I know God in a deeper sense not in mere letters as G-O-D. God disciplines those whom He loves. I submitted to His Sovereignty. Separation may be a time that allows Him to do a work of salvation restoration to us as a family, as an individual.

  23. Dara said,

    July 7, 2013 at 1:39 am

    It’s never easy to keep it short when talking about passive-aggression. I have written a few comments myself and I always write a long message as once I get started I always have so much to say about what I went through. Anyway, I just read a book called The Silent Marriage: How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness by Nora Femenia. I got it for $3.99 on my Kindle. Well worth it. Although it is geared more towards those who are currently dealing with P/A I found it extremely helpful in confirming just exactly what I had been dealing with for the past 25 years. I had wanted to leave for years. But that unfortunately isn’t always the best solution. For financial reasons I stayed. As it is I will be without medical insurance soon enough and will not be able to afford it on my own. As he has only moved out three months ago I am still getting my “Self” back again. I know it will be a long road to feel normal again. I had become a stranger to myself as I doubted myself constantly. Anyway, this book will help you realize that you are not to blame for his problems. He learned this behavior early on his childhood and you had/have nothing to do with it. A saying you may want to remember, from her book, is:
    I suppose one can live with this crazy making person once they realize they have nothing to do with it.

    • coralf said,

      July 14, 2013 at 5:14 am

      I’m familiar with the three C’s. I think it takes a while for a lot of us to truly take them to heart though.

  24. Dee said,

    July 13, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    My story is of a long silent progression of my soon to be ex’s personality. 25 years of it. He is the quiet one..the charmer. When I started realizing something wasn’t right, my friends and parents said…’oh you are so lucky, he is so nice’ I tried to explain what happened behind closed doors..they thought I was sensitive and overreacting. We started going to counseling and he actually manipulated the therapists into believing I was the one that was nuts !! Finally after much research, I found the passive aggressive diagnoses. Brought this discovery to our new counselor and that is where the story ends. My PA husband was now ‘discovered’ and the gig was up. He was like a deer in headlights, backed into a corner. Therapist was asking /confronting his behavior and making him accountable. He was having no part of it and we are now in a middle of a divorce.
    We rarely argued. He had me trained..i walked on eggshells. I had to be careful of how I said things, when I said them, how I worded them and the tone I used. He would use any of these as a reason why he would not respond to me or carrying on a discussion and walk away. He lied my omission … for things that were insignificant. He lied just to lie. He would twist things that I said or events that happened to make me look like a bitch. Hence , the eggshell analogy.
    He NEVER supported me with the kids. I was the disciplinarian, I handed out the chores etc. My husband just ‘floated’ in the background …so I looked like the bad guy to my kids. we would agree on a punishment and he would go behind my back and revoke it. He would even have our kids lie to me !! He would buy the kids whatever they wanted..a horse, cars, trips..etc. However, he NEVER hugged his kids, kissed them or told them he loved them.
    My husband was inappropriate with women for years, but not necessarily in front of me. He would have ‘dates’ with other moms in my sons cubscout troop. Conveniently bringing my son , and the mom…her son and they would have an outing. I told him NUMEROUS times that it was not appropriate as it appeared to be a date , he agreed, would stop. He then would find other ways to stroke his ego…social media. I started becoming suspicious and notice he was missing some of his ‘pills’ and carrying them in his pocket. When I confronted him , he said he carried them ‘just in case’. REALLY?
    Then I found the emails.. of his affair. He said it was not physical..just sexting. So, he went and got his own phone contract so I couldn’t see who he was texting. He said it was my fault he got his own line, because I shouldn’t have been looking and he needed privacy. His phone will even go in the shower with him. In these emails, he told the woman he loved them..funny, he cant even say it to his own children.
    Wont even get started about his gambling addiction and how we split up the house bills into percentages based on how much we make.
    He claims it is his time do what he wants to do..because of me and the kids and the house, he cant do what he wants to do. He want a hot rod, a boat , a truck..etc. Yeah…I dare him to tell his kids that. I now realize..its not me or the kids. The man will NEVER be happy. Always looking for a way to be happy..mainly material things. Inside he is a very angry, sad, manipulative controlling man. It must be mentally and emotionally exhausting. No wonder why he looks like shit. He is always the victim. Very sad really.
    I am soooo excited to get this toxic person out of my life, so I can find myself again. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
    Oh…and the wiper thing, he does that to

  25. Kayvee said,

    July 18, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    The 19 years of marriage I am now ending have been a total waste other than making me hyper-vigilant and horrifically angry. My 44 Year old PA husband has gone to stay at his brothers, I think (another PA) for at least the third time in the past year. Years of therapy and his behavior is only getting worse. Sunday morning he baited me into an argument by lying. Later admitted that he lied and ‘wanted me to be angry’. I had awoken in a chipper, cheerful mood that seemed to make him angrier and angrier. Anything that makes me happy, he hates. He has been obstructing, sandbagging, obfuscating me the entirety of our marriage. I was trained for abuse by my NP mom. Unfortunately, her home is probably where I’ll end up, as we’ve struggled financially for years in spite of my valiant full-time efforts, plus odd-jobs on the side. He was to have started a new job Wednesday – I don’t know if that happened – just when I think things are starting to look up, he will somehow sabotage – money issues were going to be behind us with his new employ. I guess he could not stand that I might indirectly benefit from that and made sure to throw a wrench in the works – the divorce will also make it nearly impossible for me to purchase the business where I work; an offer that was made to me only weeks ago, and when I told him about it I said, “Please don’t sabotage this for me – it will directly benefit you to refrain from your normal destruction”. I knew this was coming…..I have been hoarding every penny I could (outside of household budget – I am a person of honor who would not lie, steal, cheat…) for the past two+ years knowing that he’s a liar of the highest order and at some point, my self-respect would not allow me to stay – would kick in and I would have to find myself lodging. The pittance I’ve saved won’t last long. I have 3dogs and 3 cats and renters do now allow for that – I don’t know what to do. He’s still trying to control the course of our separation by calling all the shots: coming by the house while I’m not there to get ALL the mail (not suspicious at all, right?), TELLING me that he’ll call on certain night at certain time, being righteously indignant that I refuse to tolerate the lies (this is at least the 6th time he’s been caught and promised to never lie to me again). I meant my vows, but God would not condone this, right? RIGHT??????? HELP.

  26. Caity said,

    July 19, 2013 at 1:04 am

    Something that all of you poor women who have husbands / bf’s who have done this to you and left you for another woman…the other woman was taken for a ride too. Certain the man who is charming and loving and considerate to a fault, has been the victim in a loveless marriage that they tried so hard to save. Then after a very few short months with this man, it becomes horrifyingly obvious something is wrong and the intimatacy promised and offered at first, dries up. No more closeness emotionally and sexually denied, in fact each and every one of the things he’s perfected against his former wife or gf, he now uses on the new one. Thusly, she realizes exactly what was happening, that the former wife or gf was probably done a favor by causing him to leave them (although I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it). After leaving his wife and his life, my ‘future’ decided I was too demanding, too close, too ‘much’. Previous to that I could do no wrong, but eventually the conflict he hated he had to create. Nothing I said could help and I was at fault for everything. Yes, eggshell walking. I have since realized that he was the 3rd in a line of relationships over many years who were PA…evidently I attract them.
    For all the women who have been hurt in this way and who’s husbands left them for another woman, I collectivly apologize. In some cases we knew it was wrong but he was so damn convincing and in the end, we just wanted to make, who we thought was a victim, happy. I”m suffering only a nth of what you ladies have had to suffer…I don’t know how you stayed with him so long. I couldn’t do it, and even tho he ‘left’ me…I’m relieved he did. He has no idea what a favor he’s done me.

  27. Cindy said,

    July 19, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    wow!! i’m so happy to have found this web site. Because i feel like others know how i really feel. I told my friends but i don’t think they really understand, unless they have been experienced the same thing. I’ve been married to my husband for 28 years. I recently discovered the P.A. and I am still baffled at his behavior. A few years ago I went to the book store and started reading on different mental disorders, then one day I accidently found the PA article on I thought i discovered gold! I didn’t feel so crazy after that. But reading this web site of your different stories tells my life with my PA husband. I had to laugh to keep from crying when I read the windshield wiper stories. My spouse do the same thing and always says he can see without them for the most part.

  28. Anonymous said,

    July 22, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    One thing that I learned is that our mens’ changing actions can be from low testosterone. Keep that in mind Ladies.

  29. Zorah said,

    July 26, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Oh wow…I am so glad I found this. I’m up at 3:38 a.m. trying to process an interaction from my PA ex-husband a few days ago. I’m also dealing with a friend that I was in a relationship briefly (we are roommates now b/c I’m a divorced Mom going back to school) that has a PA problem, too.

    I was asking myself how in Hades did I manage to attract people like this? So I was very pleased to find this written up by a fellow NT (I’m an INTP). My ex-husband is an ISFJ, too (the friend is an INFP). I read that PA people are often attracted to those that had similar childhoods but instead of adopting a PA to cope, these people learned to be emotionally expressive and take charge. I’m not particularly emotionally expressive but I can and do express them. I tend to take charge by the way of “Well, since no one else is at the damn wheel!”. I’m not afraid of conflict and willingly dive into difficult discussions if I see that it’s necessary to resolve things. I’m all about growth and improvement and don’t mind making sacrifices in a romantic relationship (or the ones I have with my children) to create better tomorrows.

    Right now, I have to say that my life is a mess because I allowed myself to believe in these “nice” men. I trusted them and now that it’s been blown to bits, I feel a sense of despair that I have never experienced. Everyday it’s all that much harder to keep going and pull myself out of this pit. Having a chronic illness and four kids to care for makes things all that much more difficult. I have to trust that I have enough strength, belief, and will in myself to get where I need to be. It was good to read your words. Thank you.

    • coralf said,

      July 26, 2013 at 11:38 am


      I think the hardest part for me as an NT type was realising that none of what happened is all that logical.

      I tried very hard to understand what happened, but sooner or later you have to admit that there is no logic and you will never “get it”.

      People just aren’t logical, which I guess is why researchers don’t use the scientific method when studying people.

      Healing is also illogical and boils down to that horrid word TIME! Lots of it.
      You know when you get to that place when your focus shifts.

      Although there are clearly some wounds that don’t heal that you just have to learn to live with.

      • Dee said,

        July 26, 2013 at 1:36 pm

        I think the endless destructive relationship we have with PA partners is best summed up by the phrase ‘ a healthy mind will never understand a sick mind’. I tried for a long time to fix my husband and our marriage. Now I know it was impossible …. because I couldn’t understand him, plain and simple. How can somebody you’ve been married to for 25 years look you in the eye, lie, and treat you like a piece of shit. Looking back on our marriage, I don’t believe he ever loved me. We had ‘moments’ of happiness, but he would erase them by bringing them up and saying…I was a bitch at that time, he just agreed w/me to give me my way, twist the ‘moment’ or event into a negative situation that never happened to justify (in his own sick mind) that once the bad guy. We would go MONTHS with absolutely no issues … then out of no where he would say…’you remember when… well, you were a bitch that day.. or ‘ I didn’t want to buy that, I just agreed to make you happy..see you always get your way’ So… I always got the rug pulled out from under me. Never knowing what was real or fantasy.

      • Dara said,

        July 29, 2013 at 8:22 am

        I feel your pain, Dee. And why the hell did it take so long for us to figure it out. It was the same for me after 25 years of marriage, but I should say I stayed in the marriage because of my kids, and learned to just ignore him as I didn’t want any of his crap thrown my way. My nice times with him was the few random days in a month when he was actually nice. I’d get lulled into thinking maybe a change was coming. LOL. Like you, the rug would be pulled and he’d be back to himself again. Towards the end I was staying away from the house as much as possible (kids were late teens), and out of his way of being a target for his sarcasm and jokes at my expense. I stopped reacting. He probably divorced me cuz I was no longer “fun” to play with. I wonder sometimes, as he sits in his apartment, how boring his life must be without me. No one to poke fun of, just his only little twisted reality.

      • coralf said,

        September 14, 2013 at 8:29 am

        I completely agree with your first sentence.

        Just like my divorce can be completely summed up by my answer to his exiting sentence, “I can’t do this anymore”, to which I responded, “do what anymore?”

    • Sharon said,

      July 26, 2014 at 5:32 am

      Wow Zorah
      My personality is like yours, as you describe.(I am separated 4.5 years and recently divorced in Dec 2013 from a PA man who was extremely covertly emotionally abusive ,but to others seemed very calm and sensible. and likeable but not very out going)This caused a lot of pain and I became a shadow of my former self.I left before I crumpled completely and now am finally back to my old self and stronger !! (there was a lot of loss due to the leaving. and I worked myself up to leaving over a 3 year period)

      You WILL over time learn how to identify these men.They will still be attracted to you but you will learn the signs and cut off contact or be evasive,before they get to worm your way into your life..I say this because I have learnt to do it.
      I have broken off a 2 year relationship recently that was long distance ( most of the time )and it was difficult to do but I saw signs of poor mental health but it took ages to piece it all together.(paranoid personality and OCD about certain things) and I have mental health training.

      I thought like you ” how do these people find me do I have a lantern on my head ???” I felt bad but I’m learning all the time.
      I’m a compassionate, capable ,intelligent caring person with a medical background.My family circumstances were difficult due to the early death of a parent leaving a big family behind of which I was the eldest and the youngest was a toddler.I learnt young to be a caregiver and put my needs on the back burner for the betterment of others.Then I went in to Nursing LOL.
      Ripe pickings for a PA.

      I’m like you in that I also deal with life like this as you put it…
      “I tend to take charge by the way of “Well, since no one else is at the damn wheel!”. I’m not afraid of conflict and willingly dive into difficult discussions if I see that it’s necessary to resolve things. I’m all about growth and improvement and don’t mind making sacrifices in a romantic relationship (or the ones I have with my children) to create better tomorrows.”

      My PA husband has shared custody with me of one daughter. so I have to deal with him regularly.
      I have learnt to calmly deal with his PA and because he is not married to me now and I have my independence I can keep his covert behaviour at arms length.But I never let myself forget and I see him try little tricks all the time to irritate me../throw me off balance.(He has never had another relationship since)

      It takes a lot of self control. to think calmly how to not fall into his little traps where he can get me to express the anger that he cant express.
      My child is now 11 and can now see some of his ways .I haven’t told my child how he is because they are too young but comments are made by the child that demonstrate that as the child is starting to think abstractly they can identify the duplicitious behaviour and it affects life at times.

      This is what I do to avoid his stuff and to avoid attracting other men like him
      I never get angry I’ve learnt some self calming measures,But I will speak my truth forcefully and briefly.
      I don’t be helpful unless it benefits me more (hard for a an unselfish person I know but we need to swing the pendulum back to mid point)
      I don’t rescue.I don’t explain myself.(Its a waste of time with these people and they just use the explaining to manipulate you and load on more blame.)

      I’m very selective about rushing in to meet others needs now. anyones!! There are so many users out there.

      I don’t offer a lot of info about myself or my background to men.

      Hope this is encouraging to you and any others.

  30. Repenting@leisure said,

    July 31, 2013 at 1:12 am

    HOW does one get away from a passive aggressive monster when one has no job, no money and no family to help?

    • Dee said,

      August 3, 2013 at 8:37 pm

      Get a job…even if part-time. Start saving. If you don’t…you will look back a year from now and regret it.

    • coralf said,

      August 3, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      The same way you eat an elephant. One meal, one bite at a time. And when it gets overwhelming you try again tomorrow, but you never give up.

      Tomorrows bring as many surprises as the ones that got us here.

  31. anonymous said,

    August 6, 2013 at 4:20 am

    WOW. I am somewhat speechless, yet feel a very strong pull to reply where I normally would continue reading story after story searching desperately for answers & continued strength…perhaps confirmation I am not crazy. Answers to how in the world could someone after 16 yrs of marriage & finally getting the strength to divorce a man who was an Emotional Blackmailer, find themselves struggling now to end (& stay away this time) from a PA man !!!!???? I applaud all of you for reaching
    out & sharing your stories. It truly is remarkable how our upbringing, both the PA & our own, greatly impacts how & what we perceive love to be. While divorcing, I knew I had to do the work to heal myself. I too was told I was crazy for feeling the way I did. My ex-husband literally told me he would take me to every Dr in the country until we had answers as to why I questioned him & felt the way I did. I did feel crazy at times…in a fog of confusion. I knew these things were happening. My instinct told me something was terribly wrong, yet somehow my thoughts & feelings would be twisted to the point I questioned my own sanity. God Bless my therapist for shedding light & giving me clarity to see everything for what it was ! However, old habits die hard. I also believe this is why the statistics are so terrible for 2nd marriages. Ladies, if we do not do the work to heal the very core of ourselves so we become whole healthy women, we are almost inevitably going to fall again for the same type of man…I am living proof. Thank the Lord I had done enough work on myself & had gotten almost 100% healthy prior to meeting my PA or I would not have the know how to stay away now. An emotional roller coaster in which I didn’t pay to get on. Oh they are charming for sure. I bought it hook, line, & sinker. He has never been married & no children…a Red Flag or a Blessing?…I wondered. I have 2 children. As much of a big heart that I have & know I could love someone else’s children, I have to admit it was nice not having to make that adjustment. Still, not long into the relationship things just felt weird. I, like so many of you, couldn’t put a finger on it…just odd things would occur. “Tentatively” making plans then breaking them, yet always had an out because after all they were tentative. The big High of the possibility followed by the tremendous Low of disappointment. The forever doing things with his parents yet trying to get him to join my family functions or a work Christmas party was like pulling teeth. Man I was working hard at this. I knew at this point (again with help from counseling) exactly who I was & what I wanted. I too was independent. Shockingly so after being a stay at home mom for 12 yrs & with no degree. By the time I divorced, my ex was making great money yet I walked away with almost nothing (knowing that it would happen due to control). I didn’t care, I wanted out. I got a full time job & purchased my own little work in progress house…fitting since I felt I was the same. I was bound & determined to never depend on a man for finances again. I didn’t need my PA for $. I wanted him for companionship, love, & emotional support. I don’t feel any need to rush down any aisle anytime soon, but if I am going to have a man in my life I want them to add to my joy & be a true partner for me, having both of our lives become fuller & easier because you help one another, not be a joy stealer. I am tired of receiving text messages that don’t acknowledge what I have said…lot’s of times something completely rude (joking of course) or lack of acknowledgment for something positive I have going on & turning the focus onto him…all leaving me with a disgruntled look on my face while trying to decipher through the what feels like a nightmare rather than love. Sometimes I swore he really couldn’t be happy for me & had to try to bring me down. I mean seriously, is genuine healthy love supposed to feel so bad??? NO. Is someone you care for & love so much, & they claim to love you the same in return, supposed to abandon you, withdraw, ignore you with the silent treatment for however long they feel like it because you were trying to communicate & lovingly express concern over certain behaviors or simply asked them to help you with something…only to come searching for you when they feel the dust has settled & is now brushed under the rug…full of promises, those cute innocent smiles we fell in love with, perhaps with an event planned to sweep us off our feet…AGAIN??? NO. So difficult when you are an Empath. We truly are only responsible for ourselves. We cannot help or change someone unwilling to help themselves. Hard to accept sometimes when we still love them & because we don’t want to believe someone who loves us would hurt us like this, but true. I am moving on. I survived divorce. I will survive this. Each day is getting easier. Love & prayers for all of you.

    • Angry-momma said,

      July 31, 2014 at 4:38 pm

      if my BF comes to my family’s house he winds up closing his eyes and sleeping on the couch. But when I was 4 months pregnant and was exhausted went to lay on my couch when his family was over he became irate and belittle me and told me to go in the other room. He never comes to my parents, but always wants me to go to his mothers…really just so that I chase our son around so they can talk.

    • Angry-momma said,

      July 31, 2014 at 4:39 pm

      I am an empathy also! so draining. my head is spinning right now

  32. Anonymous said,

    August 8, 2013 at 4:17 am

    I am just in awe….it has been 21 years for me. I have looked high low for answers to my husband’s behavior and finally found it when another lady in my divorce care class suggested I read a book on PA men…there he was…on every page!…he was the picture of the good husband to others. but at home he would withdraw when angry…brood…hold grudges…never wanting to address problems. Eventually he was always angry…irritated by any and everything. I later found out he would take revenge by having relationships with other women…always playing the nice guy…their knight in shining armor..literally addicted to their approval….meanwhile leaving me to deal with the kids, the bills, the chores….and lying about it the whole time ….he has done sooo many disrespectful things I am too embarrassed to even mention them…the whole time claiming to be a Christian. I soon realized he was only nice to me when he wanted something or felt guilty about some filthy behavior he had covertly engaged in…..As soon as I became wise to his games…he turned downright evil. Now he wants a divorce…he is doing me a favor. I am amazed how long it takes us to figure these idiots out…

  33. anonymous said,

    August 9, 2013 at 3:59 am

    I am pretty sure you can all relate to this…My PA & I had not been out to dinner in months. I suggested once a month we search for a new restaurant (taking turns choosing where to go). Nothing elaborate, but something different. At first he tried to make me feel it was a bad idea & why can’t I just love him for him. Later I guess he somewhat came on board & said “if you let me be a lazy guy on your couch Friday night, I will take you out to dinner on Saturday.” I was thrilled ! We weren’t married. I couldn’t wait for the weekend ! While I still had rose colored glasses on, I still got butterflies about sharing an evening together & being on his arm next to him. We had our relaxing Friday night…me waiting on him hand & foot making sure he was happy & comfortable as usual. Saturday came & I naturally woke up in a good mood. He couldn’t get out the door that morning fast enough (most Saturdays at my house I made breakfast but not this time as he didn’t want anything). I continued on with my day & we text periodically. I told him how excited I was & he quickly reminded me “it”s just dinner.” I told him to not burst my bubble right now or knock me off of my high…after all, my excitement was only because of how much I loved him. Arrived at his home. Didn’t exactly get the “warmest welcome”. I could tell he was off & something was bothering him yet when asked he denied anything was wrong. We went to dinner & the restaurant was lovely…conversation not so much….definitely something missing. Went back to his place. After snuggling on the couch for awhile, he wanted to go to bed. This was now my moment…little did he know, I packed a negligee’ & went in the bathroom to put it on. When I came out (and might I say at 41, I may have some flaws but I looked pretty darn good all done up with my high heels on!!!!! :)). First thing he said was “you’re wearing THAT to bed???” Hmmm???? Did I just hear him correctly? Thinking quickly i said well we can go to bed but we don’t have to go to sleep ! That’s when he blew his top. Where is it written in stone that taking me to dinner meant we had to have sex ???!!!!! I was mortified. We had had intimacy issues but they had gotten much better (always controlled by him) so I was stunned. We fought & he said I made him uncomfortable by putting that on. I left the next morning & said I would call…that I needed to think about some things & collect myself. I called him, we spoke, well I spoke. He said he loved me & still wanted us to be together. Me being me, I was more than willing to work through these intimacy issues (because I had not yet put all the pieces together & had left a marriage where sex was expected 4 times a week). He said he would call that night. I didn’t hear from him for a month. No response to phone calls, txt msgs, emails…nothing. Out of the blue, he came for me with promising love. Made a big date for us, something he knew I would love. After crying every day in utter confusion, I took him back. This time though, my eyes were open. 4 months later & enough occurrences (too many to list & too embarrassing), to have me realize something was seriously wrong here. I felt the withdraw coming, spoke to him about it. He claimed everything & WE were fine. It’s been 3 weeks & not a word. This time I have not reached out to him once via anything. I am done. I am over it & deserve much better. I have researched & researched for answers to explain his behavior & have found the answer. He is a PA. I now believe he really didn’t want to take me to dinner. He was crabby that entire day. He did it so I really couldn’t complain, but he didn’t WANT to. He withheld sex as my punishment for asking him to do such a thing & when I called him out on his something seriously feels wrong behavior, he silenced me . I know he will come for me again sometime. I can’t & won’t do it anymore. I actually feel wonderful right now. I have my life back. I am smiling A LOT more. It was a long 18 months of ins & outs so I can’t imagine 18 yrs.. I don’t know if I ever had one week with him that at some point something he did or said didn’t strike me as strange or unsettling.

  34. Anonymous said,

    August 15, 2013 at 4:08 am

    Thanks for researching and reflecting on your story,,

    Oh ya..After 16 years of marriage and three kids. I came to realize, he is a PA positive . And finally, stopped believing his lies and promises. Again, he looked too calm, kind, caring, playing victim, playing depressed, playing broke. Blamed me for everything wrong. He said i am sick with mental illness!!! However, With evidence, I found him to be a big fat lair, multiple affairs at each time, physical more than 30 on record. He was far from broke! He never did chores and always said: he will handle things his way, he never did. He managed to make everyone believe I am bad and that he was kind enough not to divorce me as he felt sorry for me. When the truth that i took good care of him in bed, cooked his favorite foods, supported him financially (I had a better career), took care of the kids, and covered for his disasters. I don’t blame anyone believing,, he has the skill.. I am not sorry for the years spent. I got wonderful children. Plan now is to do all the things I like. To all ladies in a similar situation, never look back, you can never look forward and backwards the same time. Thanks very much for sharing your stories.

  35. Free-but-sad said,

    August 16, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Well, I have read all the posts, and am confident through what I have read that I can finally put a name on the problem, and take cold comfort that I am not going mad!!
    Like so many others, I have a lot I would like to unload that has been boiling away for so long, but I will do my best not to rant!!
    I have been married 24 years soon, the last few having been hell. I was widowed in my late 20’s, and met my now husband in my mid 30’s. We hit it off straight away, were inseperable all through those years. I knew he had a very traumatic childhood, but he would never talk about it, it was through his brother that I learned bits and pieces over the years, but even he had problems concerning their childhood, which showed through, as he had lots of personality issues, and relied on my husband and myself a lot, as he saw my husband as the strong one who coped with the past.
    Over the years we had a great marriage, social life, jobs etc, no issues out of the ordinary as such, we just enjoyed life to the full. Then, a few years ago, their father turned up out of the blue saying he had split from his wife and was living in town. After a few months of having him in our lives, my husband and brother in laws behaviour changed. I started secretly delving, and found that their childhood was more than traumatic, it was horrifying. I immediately banned their father from coming near our house, and so did my sister in law. We pooled our information, and realised we had a deep and serious situation, which extended to 2 half brothers as well, who also turned out to have severe emotional problems due to the father. Sadly the brother in laws marriage didn’t survive, and they divorced within months of all this coming to light.
    I never doubted that we wouldn’t survive all this…wrong! A few months later, I came home from work, all cheery only for him to explode! He was, I know now, the typical PA. He’d always been calm, laid back, happy, thoroughly likeable, so when he exploded, it was totally alien to me, I was reeling. The rest is text book, shut his self away, addicted to computer games, secretive, talked of suicide, looked ill and stopped eating, then started disappearing for days.
    That’s when I stopped coping! I never knew if he’d be home on a Friday, he would just go, I didn’t know where or who he was with. I started researching, and came to the comclusion he was BPD, but having found this site, I’m confident he’s PA. He came back from one of his “trips” to announce he wanted to leave, to sort himself out and clear his head….6 years later, I forced his hand and made him get a flat. That was 9 months ago. I…need…to have closure, I’ve learned enough now to know he will never clear his head, face his demons or admit he has a serious problem. It breaks my heart, as I would love to see him well and in control of his thoughts and genuinely enjoying life, but it’s not going to happen. The stage we are at now is, he comes over every Sunday for the day, we get on great as long as I don’t want to talk about anything to do with divorce, or our/his problems!
    I am so pleased to have found this site, I have felt so much better for knowing I’m not alone with this, but sad that there are so many others in the same boat!
    I don’t know where I go from here, I see there is no going back, but at the same time, I hate the thought of him not being in my life. Any advice would be gratefully recieved….that’s if anyone is still awake through reading this!!!

    • coralf said,

      August 17, 2013 at 5:36 am

      It’s a very painful trip going from thinking you are happily married to nothing very suddenly.

      The advice I got that seems to be sound is that will know if and when you are done and that doing nothing is also a choice.

      On the other hand one of my divorce support friends hung on and is still there five years later and still in pain. I went no contact and my life at the moment is great.

      It took that extreme choice to be able to step back and see the wood from the trees.

      Just getting through those first 2 years is an achievement. The chemical imbalance that occurs is shocking and off balancing.

      I would also google the top 20 things cheaters do/say because they are virtualy scripted and you’ve mentioned a few of them.

      I feel for you.

  36. Dawn said,

    August 31, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    You could have written my life out here. And apparently many other women! I feel lucky I only wasted 7 years of my life & never married the fucker.
    The lying about bills, the possessions not being taken away. It was one month ago that I finally moved out (and threw it away). Thank goodness.
    Thanks for the reminder that I didn’t deserve it.

    • Dee said,

      August 31, 2013 at 4:59 pm

      So….my husband left..even before the divorce was final. After some ‘investigating’ turns out he had a queen size bedroom set delivered to an address, also found some receipts for Victoria secret and receipt for dinners, lunches and women’s clothing. Funny..when we were married we split all the bill..57% to 43%. I wonder if his new girlfriend has to follow the same rules..yeah right. In the meantime, he is behind paying his ‘share’ of the house bills, although all 4 of his kids were home this summer. Its amazing how someone can leave after 25 years and doesn’t skip a beat. Sad really. On to his next victim. Honestly..i feel sorry for her. Not knowing what (eventually) will happen. Hes just schmoozing her now. Now that I look back..i think there has been many women for a long time. Although he will never admit it. Even now, he says he is living with his ‘work’ friends in one town. Even looked me in the eye and said ‘HONESTLY’ However, found out bedroom set was delivered to another town..and yes..his truck was there. Now..i realized..every time he said honestly and looked me in the eye, he was lying. Such a sad existence. He lies so much, he does it without hesitation..its his nature. My 3 older kids left back for college, have a 14yr old home…alone. His father left, his siblings left, HIS dog of 13 years just died last week , starting a new high school this week and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago.. His father hasn’t come to spend time with him since he left. Need to get him into counseling , he holds feelings in..just like his father. I want to take care of that before he has the same problems. How much can a kid take???

  37. Gracie said,

    September 12, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    wow….exactly what i am experiencing ‘my partner is passive aggressive but i do not know what to do because i truly love him…All these comments just perfectly fits my partners behavior but at least i picked up on it on our second year dating HOWEVER now he wants to official get married …should i accept because i love him and hope that he will maybe change or will i just be signing my death certificate by accepting his marriage proposal….HELP!!!

    • coralf said,

      September 14, 2013 at 8:19 am

      People can change but not due to other people only due to their own thought and/or trauma. Hoping someone will change is hopeless.

      Listen to your gut. It’s far more accurate than we give credit for.

    • coralf said,

      September 14, 2013 at 8:20 am

      and google “love bombing”.

    • James said,

      November 23, 2013 at 8:33 pm

      I would suggest telling him you love him but cannot marry him because of his behavior. Give him the ultimatum, telling him therapy or you are gone. Meet with the therapist first and describe his behavior. Keep in mind that a PA can manipulate a therapist. I know. I have done it more than once.

      The bottom line is he probably loves you deeply but subconsciously he fears losing you. That is why he behaves the way he does.

    • gforce said,

      December 10, 2013 at 2:49 am

      Good lord! NO NO do not marry this man! Marrying someone because you “hope” that they will change is a terrible idea! You can’t change anyone, and believe me, passive aggressive’s don’t really want to change. “Love,” is not enough to sustain a real relationship. Passive aggressives, really don’t know how to be in a relationship, and you can love this guy from here to Eternity, and believe me, you won’t get much in return for it but grief. What’s the point.

    • Anonymous said,

      February 25, 2014 at 4:21 am

      You will be signing your death certificate- sorry. These men will drive you stark raving mad! I hate to be blunt, but while you love him, believe me, he doesn’t love you. I do not believe they are capable of that feeling. They are users and manipulators. Imagine a life where you can’t express how you feel, a life where you will get the silent treatment, a life where intimacy will cease (believe me, it will), a life where this man will only do what’s in his best interest, never yours, a life of loneliness, a life of constantly questioning yourself because of his words or actions. I implore you to save yourself. Life will feel wrong with this man and it will only worsen as time goes by. You deserve better than this.

    • Angry-momma said,

      July 31, 2014 at 4:46 pm

      it takes a long time to change

      • Lynda said,

        August 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

        It’s not going to change once you get married. I have been married for 18 years, Over the years I could never figure out what was wrong with my husband until I found this website a few months ago, I said to myself Ahhhh, ok now I know what’s wrong. Mind you it took 18 years to figure it out, My Husbands biggest PA problem is that he avoids confrontation with anybody at all costs. He shuts down. Might as well be talking to a statute, his parents both died two years ago, within 6 months of each other. His sister is executor of both Wills. The parents property was sold and the proceeds were to be divided between the five children, My husband is still waiting for his share, he won’t ask her for it. He doesn’t want to get into a confrontation with her, so he checks the mail box every day for the past year now to no avail,, I spent 16 years of my marriage battling it out with his vindictive, narcarcistic bitch of a mother. While he stood in the background with his mouth shut. I told him your on your own with your sister, after the mother died I said I’m done fighting your battles got you, his douchbag younger sister age 47 years old who is JUST like her mother, bought a home with her boyfriend who have her a sterling silver friendship ring a few years ago, now she wants a diamond ring and a wedding. Both douchbag are digging their nails into the boyfriend who is now currently divorced from his first wife. So to end this I asked my PA husband if his sister was holding back on the money to plan a wedding and his response to me was I’m not going to fight with my sisters for you. Whatever happens my PA husband will be going to that wedding without me,

  38. Anonymous said,

    September 19, 2013 at 1:34 am

    I met someone on Christian Mingle. Dated him for 14 mths. He turned out to be a huge PA! Everytime we had a “tiff”, he dominated the conversation and pointed all the blame on me. He’d twist things that I said to make me feel really bad. For example: He has massive road rage- The cursing/anger nonsense. Because I told him that it makes me uncomfortable, he tells me that he’s 48 years old and isn’t changing for anyone! All I was doing was expressing my feelings- I feel like I’m on eggshells alot- He has some underlying anger issue and I never know when he’s going to get mad. He’d never apologize or humble himself to make things right…He’d never comfort me when I was upset/crying. I always felt that there was some kind of little distance b/t us- I never felt adored. He’d tell me he loved me, but, his actions sure didn’t show it when he was angry! To me, love is an action, not just a word. He also ignored me for days if we had a disagreement. I’d try to communicate and he would shut down. One time, he ignored me for 5 days!! We broke up 1 month ago- One part of me feels relief…the other part feels sadness. I loved him and always wanted the best for him. It’s a shame- He needs help and alot of prayer!

    • Walkaway said,

      April 22, 2014 at 9:53 pm

      If a man that says he loves you but ignores you in your time of need he doesn’t care. If he needed you would you be there for him? Trust me we are women we want to fix the broken and hurt. I lived it for 24yrs. they do not change. You will need a padded room if you stay with him.

  39. Devon said,

    October 10, 2013 at 3:23 am

    I just evicted my PA boyfriend and his daughter. All of you have described my life for the last year and a half, such a charmer to begin with then manipulating PA behaviour showed itself. I thought at first it was me, but after spending a great deal of time reading about men withdrawing, not communicating and selfishness I discovered PA.

    I tried to make it work and give him what he needed, but after months of nothing in return I made a pact with myself. I would give all the things he asked for with no complaints for one month. I would only ask once for what I needed, the rest was up to him. At the end of the month there had been no change, except I was still the bad guy. His daughter and him were living with me at my house, paying no rent and showing me no respect. Finally I decided to catch his daughter lying and see what he did. She had a tantrum and threw my things at the wall, breaking them. They both started to abuse me as if it was my fault she had lied. He was bringing things up like ” you didn’t do the dishers 6 months ago” and various other diggs. Who can remember 6 months ago? I am sure thought that his lazy daughters arms and legs are not painted on so maybe he should have asked her to contribute for once in her life.

    After some time of these ridiculous statements ( the only ones made in our whole relationship, my dog is more responsive) I called time out, waited for them to go to bed, took back all my house keys, went to the bedroom and asked him if he was awake. He said yes to that I calmly replied ” you and me, we are done! Be out of my house before the end of the weekend”

    The next day I put his daughter and a suitcase for each of them in a cab and sent them both on their merry way.

    For all of the other lady’s who posted, there is no better feeling than taking your own destiny in your hands! There are only so many years, months, weeks and day in our lives and once they are gone you can’t get them back!!

    Yes he too did the wiper thing, and the no sex, and I did try, even got counciling, but None of that works with a PA. the only one you can change is you, so decide what you want and go get it! If you think you can’t get out please know there is always a way. Just want to be happy bad enough to get through some tough times to get there!

    My thoughts are with you all

    • Bev said,

      October 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm


      You have given me strength. I am so proud of you for taking back your life and wish you continued happiness.

      One positive thing about being in and then ending a PA relationship – you will spot any other PA types a mile away and never let them near!

      My best wishes and thoughts are with you and everyone reading and posting here. None of us are alone.

  40. Bev said,

    October 22, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    I love the analogies/descriptions used by you all. I could write a thesis about my experiences but will keep it as brief as possible.

    Not only is my husband of 29 years PA, he also has zero empathy and has admitted he cannot try to out himself in anyone else’s shoes.

    I can state with certainty that he is arrogant, narcissistic and incapable of having any feeling for anyone other than himself, including our children.

    I have been the only parent to our children and the only person in our marriage. Like so many others, I believed I was the reason he was so wonderful in social gatherings but so cold and silent at home. Even now one of my siblings takes his side but I suspect that is because they cannot deal with the reality of being taken in by him for so many years. The realization and acceptance of having been duped by someone you have loved and cared for, for over half your life is gruesome but is also a fantastic wake-up call.

    His mother and sister have very similar personalities and their husbands, gentle, kind but weak, were and are treated like second class citizens in their own homes.

    I describe my husband as a cardboard figurine. The outside looks human and lots of his energy is used to maintain the image, but there is nothing inside.

    Sometimes I have wished he would resort to physical violence as it would make the divorce process easier, but he never would – he is too busy sitting in silence and ignoring anything said to him.

    Our 30th Wedding anniversary is in March 2014 but I will be well away from him by then.

    • S.N said,

      November 20, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      ^ this. this is my life.

  41. Ann said,

    October 31, 2013 at 8:55 am

    I recommend the book, “Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men” by Lundy Bancroft. You’ll find out you’re not crazy. Ladies, please stay safe.

  42. Dee said,

    November 2, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    Also…a fantastic book by Scott Wetzler “Living with the Passive Aggressive Man” I have read it 2x already and use it as my therapy.

    • Dara said,

      November 7, 2013 at 5:37 pm

      Thanks for the book suggestion.
      This is for anyone. I heard people mention that they can relate to the windshield wiper scenario by their P/A’s. My P/A never uses his blinkers. This is so annoying to me. So much safer and polite to use the blinker to change lanes. Just wondering.

      • Anonymous said,

        November 7, 2013 at 10:59 pm

        OMG I feel like I have been in a washing machine for 10 years- I felt anger and rage and didnt know why- I had my thyroid checked, thorght I was bi-polar, thorght I was simply going mad then realised after I saw my divorce lawyer that all this was because I was married to a PA !- I feel like I have been living with a ghost- I skate forwards, he skates backwards!- of course I am the one with the problem and I need anger management!- nothing to do with the fact he walked out on me 1 day before my exams!- 7 days after giving birth or when I bought a clock he did not like- my husband would run to his passive mother and domineering father!
        Thankfully I have many friends or I would by now be in the asylum having spent 10 years with this brutally mentally cruel, covertly angry passive aggressive man!- I am now trying to rebuild my life!

  43. Kiki said,

    November 12, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Having been with a PA for 17 years, suspecting but not sure if this was actually his problem, I have found myself riveted to these stories. The main thing that caught my attention was the windshield-wiper nonsense! I couldn’t ever figure it out and now I know. The truth is that I am now so relieved, as well as being totally shocked and very worried that I have finally got a name for my husband’s horribly crazy-making behavior. My anxiety is off the charts, and my internal compass has been smashed. He has done a bit of everything I have read; from all of the lying (over things big and small), to the affair (which he wouldn’t admit to and still calls “just chatting with an old girlfriend”) to the blaming of everyone for anything wrong with his life…and the ultimate heartbreaker for me which is no sex whatsoever, and I have sought to make my marriage work while he floats along in his rickety, leaky boat, thinking all is well while he sinks further and further into his self-delusion. And good old me, sinking right along with him.
    Thank you to everyone who has written, because of you all I am making a plan to get out of this marriage as soon and safely as I possibly can. I fear leaving, as I have tried to in the past and he has done everything from threatening to kill himself to stalking me. Honestly, though, I cannot take it anymore, and I am determined not to throw away anymore of my life. Wish me luck.

    • Walkaway said,

      April 22, 2014 at 10:09 pm

      You can do it, I walked away 24 yrs even worked two jobs just to get out for my own sanity. We may be modern women but we are as strong as the women in the covered wagon days.

      • S.N said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:18 pm

        I know some of these posts are OLD, but we need to support and share. YES! You *can* do it. I’m about to. I’m terrified. Literally terrified. I am a self supporting worker, no benefits, no guarantee of income – we will have a messy division of assets. I’ve got a kid on the verge of graduating university and God know what she’ll think about her mom having gone from “happily” married and living in relative luxury to her Mom being separated and just scraping by but I don’t care. I said to myself, “You can live without money, or you can live without yourSELF.” The choice was clear.

      • God help me said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

        Hey your daughter is grown. She’s not a baby. My two sons are in high school. So they’re not babies either. It will be just 4 of us at Thanksgiving this year. I will be thankful for being independent at some point in my life. Have to get my ducks in a row first.

      • S.N said,

        November 26, 2014 at 12:18 am

        Hi God Help Me.. yes, she is grown so it’ll be much easier. Still, she’s sensitive and I wonder what all of this has done to her. She shows PA tendencies herself, actually, but I’m hoping it isn’t too late to undo some of those with love and care. You be strong – you can do it, you know you can. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your kids. :)

  44. tish said,

    November 14, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    married my pa husband 8 years ago (together for about 10). after years of questioning my OWN mental health, and accepting blame for EVERYTHING in my marriage, I filed for divorce. ironically, he did not want the divorce, yet was perpetually unhappy and abusive.

    during our separation, I’ve met about 6 men who are EXTREMELY interested in dating me. they also have a healthy emotional affect…it’s refreshing. as I lived the past decade believing that he was the ONLY one who would ever love me, that all other men just wanted to use me for sex (he’d withheld sex more times than he initiated….because, he loved me of course, and sex is NEVER about love), and at 40, i’m pretty much done.

    to say he was wrong is an understatement. for those afraid to leave out of fear of being alone, DON’T BELIEVE IT! these guys are damaged and need you to believe you are worthless in order for you not to leave him. and of course all other men only want to use you.

    it’s all LIES…

    so, now, we’re in the final stages of the divorce. and I look forward to the day we sign on the line, and I get my life back…

    • coralf said,

      November 14, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      Watch out for love bombing. I
      have also learned that the particularly shiny people frequently have invisible red flags waving wildly at you.

  45. James said,

    November 23, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Last weekend I came to the realization that I am a PA male. I was married for 14 years and divorced 3-1/2 years ago. I exhibit almost every characteristic described in this article and within the comments. I got involved after my divorce with a Borderline Personality Disordered person with strong covert narcissistic characteristics. She destroyed my
    world and exposed deep childhood issues. I was controlled by my father and raised in a family that didn’t show their emotions. I came across PA while researching Covert Narcissism. They are VERY similar with the only real difference I can see is that a PA does have empathy. I will say I am a very loving person who loves bringing joy to the lives of others. MY PROBLEM HAS ALWAYS BEEN SHOWING LOVE TO THOSE CLOSEST TO ME. I DO LOVE THEM DEEPLY. I am cold, calculating and hold deep resentment for those that I really do love. I am in therapy and know what has caused this behavior but I still do not know WHY I behave this way. I will fix this. I have emotionally abused every woman I have ever been in a relationship with. Why? Insecurity, fear of abandonment, possibly even feeling like my partner is no good because she wants to be with me. Fear of being left is probably the biggest factor, at least on a conscious level.

    I still have a good relationship with my ex wife. We have 2 beautiful children (I am now in tears) that we are raising together. It hurts me so deeply to think my behavior may affect them for the rest of their lives. I am going to get better for them. When I care across an article similar to this one I broke down in tears. It is all true and it is me. I emailed the article to my ex wife and called her in tears. I told her that I was so sorry. It is a huge reality check when you read something that says you treat those closest to you like a pair of slippers. I can’t change the past but I can focus on repairing the black hole inside of me that longs for love and acknowledgment that I didn’t receive as a child. I have been searching for an unconditional love that a child needs to develop into a man. I now know that this love that I long for is Peter Pan fantasy love.

    I don’t know how to show love over an extended length of time. Why? I wish I knew the answer to this. It kills me to know that I hurt the people closest to me. It angers me to feel resentment towards those that I love. I fear going into a new relationship because I know that my emotions and feelings will turn on me. I long to be in love and to give myself to someone unconditionally. I want to open my heart and put it all on the line. The fear of either being rejected or my feelings turning on me (due to this fear) is overwhelming. I have read many articles about PA in the past week and it looks like I don’t have to live with this the rest of my life. I will do the work that is required to make myself healthy.

    NOTE: If I had read about PA during the relationship I do not know if I would have acknowledged that I was this person. Like I mentioned before my recent relationship has brought my childhood issues to the surface. It has been a blessing and a nightmare at the same time. I am sure many of you can relate to the nightmare I am talking about. Sorry for the ramble but I hope this helps some of you to see it from the other side. I know many are looking for closure.

    Please consider the fact that the PA person in your life is likely a very troubled person who has learned over the years how to shut down their emotions and build a wall around themselves so that they will not feel the pain again that they suffered as a child. Many of them may not even be aware of this on a conscious level.

    • Dara said,

      November 23, 2013 at 9:53 pm

      Your letter was beautiful!! I only wish it had been written by my soon to be ex husband. I tried to show him the characteristics of a P/A, but he never saw himself in them. And as you described, his childhood was much like yours. Not much shown or expressed love. I agree with you that PA sort of overlaps Covert Narcissism. There are many similarities. The havoc he created in our marriage was overwhelming. I am slowly starting to rebuild my life after 24 years of his crazy making
      behavior. You should be proud of yourself for recognizing and wanting to change. You ROCK!!

      • James said,

        November 24, 2013 at 4:09 am

        Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear your marriage is ending. I am happy that I finally found out what was wrong with me after 47 years. I am ashamed that it took me this long. I have always worried that I was a narcissist. I have taken many personality test and always scored very low for narcissism but very high on codependence. Because of my lack of emotion around my family I always feared narcissism which amounts to a death sentence in my opinion. Dating a narcissist tore me apart piece by piece and forced me to look within to find out how I stayed in a toxic relationship. I can only imagine that a relationship with a PA is probably much like what I have gone through. Like I told my ex wife, “karma is a b*tch and I am getting what is coming to me”. She is a very strong woman who was a great wife. I thought the grass was greener with a younger woman. It’s not. I destroyed my family and although we have discussed dating again I am too ashamed and don’t know if she will like the new me (once I am healed. Good luck to you Dara in your new chaos free life :)

    • Cinthia said,

      November 24, 2013 at 5:13 am

      Your letter is beautiful… I encourage you to help others in your shoes. Many out there need help… and the fact that you are now humble enough to get help and do what it takes is the most amazing thing.
      I wish you the best of luck… and I can only pray my husband will reach where you are now. It is a good possibility that he won’t… but maybe by some miracle he will.
      best of luck! and keep moving forward! :)

    • Anonymous said,

      December 7, 2013 at 12:22 am

      Thanks James- it is refreshing that you are so honest here. I just hope my soon to be ex husband one day looks into himself too. ( he is divorcing me!)
      All the best

    • Anonymous said,

      February 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm

      Hi James,
      I must comment on your courage to realize and admit. You are on the road to recovery. My ex-spouse never admit so there was no way to work out the marriage. I am married to him for 18yrs. Good for you. This is the best gift you ever do for yourself. Changes is for your own good because you will be a happier person. Bitterness and resentment kill slowly.
      Learn to receive love so that you can give. Take ownership of yourself and don’t play the blaming game. Start being responsible.
      I hope you recover so you can be truly happy. A happy man then is able to lead his family, restoration will come when a man resunes his headship.

      Bless you

      • James said,

        March 2, 2014 at 11:39 pm

        Sorry PA Man. Don’t know why it posted me as “Disgusted”. I’m not ;)

      • James said,

        March 3, 2014 at 12:01 am

        Thanks JA. I am excited and scared of the “new” me. Letting go of control is difficult for someone like me especially after I did so with my ex Borderline Personality Disordered girlfriend of three years. She made my PA behavior look like child’s play in comparison to hers. I got a strong taste of my own medicine, she turned me into the “victim” and almost literally drove me to my grave. I exposed myself and was torched but that is OK. Karma. It was one of the best things that could have happened to me though.

        I have done a lot of work on myself the last 5 months and dealing with my PA / codependency issues. We will see what the future holds but it will be better now that I have begun to build the self worth that I never developed as a child. Better for me and all of those that I love.

  46. Cinthia said,

    November 24, 2013 at 5:10 am

    I have read most of everyone’s stories… and I am horrified. :( I just realized I am married to PA. After seeing a counselor, she identified him as a PA. In some sort of way, I am relieved… I can tell myself now… that I am not crazy. That it is not my fault. I am not perfect, and certainly there are things I could change… but, who is perfect! no one.
    My husband does the wiper thing… he also loves to tailgate. He texts while he drives, then turns around and says how dangerous it is, but yet continues to do it. He never accepts responsibility for anything…. In the 10 years married, I can count with one hand the many times he truly apologized. Everyone thinks he is such a great husband. He is mild manner and super nice to everyone. He will give me the moon, if I am intimate with him, will only last for a couple of days thought… or the moment I say something he doesn’t like, or God forbid I’m on my period, all hell breaks loose. He punishes me. Takes my family away from me and my kids. Makes me feel guilty that I don’t love him enough, and love everyone else more. I am so distant from him, to be intimate is a chore that I put off, cause I just can’t get my self to be intimate with him. Last time I was, I cried the entire time. He doesn’t get it. I should be lucky to have him, he says. He has threaten to leave me many times, and me like an idiot, when off and apologized to him for yelling at him, that I shouldn’t have…. even though I was justified. He enjoys seeing me in pain I think. He enjoys pushing my buttons until I snap. This isn’t love… it can’t be.
    Thank you everyone for your stories. I have a long road ahead of me, but at least I know now what to do. I have gone back to school and going to get my life together. After that… I am done. I can teach my kids now, how to deal with their dad… they are still young. But now I know.. that I will not give in to any angry feelings, because they should have never been there in the first place. I am naturally not an angry person. I can be too compassionate… that I actually feel bad for him. I would like to help him… but, I am also not a young naive person anymore. I have tried for the past 7 years to work things out. They aren’t. He is currently still home. He calls us “roommates” until he decides what he really wants to do… continue counseling, or just end the marriage… nice huh? I have to wait for him to decide for the sake of my kid’s sanity. Cause trying to talk to him, to figure out what we are going to do with the kids, it’s almost impossible. I don’t want a bitter divorce… so I will do what I can to avoid that. For now…all I can say is “knowledge is power” knowing this, knowing he is a PA personality, I can handle things better now.
    Thank you everyone for sharing. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel.

  47. Dee said,

    January 17, 2014 at 4:15 am

    I think I am dealing with a PA man. We have been dating for 6 months and he has never complimented me. He’ll say things like “That hairstyle makes your head look big”, “You have big thighs”, “Those jeans make your butt look big, wear a shirt that covers it.” He is divorced and said he and his ex never argued or fight. When I try to talk to him about something that is bothering me he either shuts down and says nothing or makes a joke out of it. He is a really nice guy, but I’m not so sure this is something I want to deal with after being married to a sociopath. It’s like he does stuff to make me mad. I asked him to say goodnight/good morning – he sets up an automatic txt. REALLY? Is it that hard? I’m confused as to try to work this out or just leave. He is very affectionate from a touchy/feely standpoint and we see each other every day. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    • barb said,

      January 21, 2014 at 12:45 pm


    • Anonymous said,

      February 25, 2014 at 4:39 am

      Run!!! Fast!!

      • coralf said,

        February 25, 2014 at 10:22 am

        Yep! Run is good advice.

        PA can be the tip of the iceberg…

    • Jenn said,

      April 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

      Yes, high tail it outta there….unless you want to live your life totally devoid of emotion & support, it’s a lonely existence with a PA!

  48. Anonymous said,

    January 21, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I second that! Please don’t waste any more time trying to figure out whether or not he is PA. He is. He said, he and is ex never argued, let me just say from years of experience, this is not a good sign. In my case he walked away as well. You’ll end up frustrated when you try to talk to him and he ignores you. The rude comments will only escalate as he tries to push your button so you’ll react. Heed the advice from those who know and have spent far to many years with a PA. You’ll thank us.

  49. Dara said,

    January 21, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    I second that! Please don’t spend anymore time thinking about whether or not he is PA. He is. Just by what you’ve written it is clear he has some “issues”. And believe me you don’t want to look back in five or ten years and wish you would have gotten out when you questioned the behavior at the six month mark. The rude comments will only escalate, and in addition to that he may say that you are “too sensitive” or “over reacting”, both of which my husband said to me and made me question myself. PA’s don’t argue, they don’t get mad, and the more you fight it the more you’re gonna look like the loon. Google Passive Aggressive behavior. Read all you can. Reread the history of comments from this website. Make an educated decision before you spend anymore time with this man.

  50. PA_man said,

    February 28, 2014 at 7:40 am

    I’m PA man. I want to change. I’ve tried many times but wasn’t so successful. Yesterday we had long talk with my wife again and we decided to start new life once more. Start to change…hope it will work.
    Sometimes I hate myself. I really dont want to make someone feel bad. The main problem is fear and lazyness. First you are lazy to do things you have to…and then you lie because you are afraid of being critisized and have scnadal. but at the end it brings to even more problems.

    • Disgusted said,

      March 2, 2014 at 11:34 pm

      Hi PA Man,
      Awareness is half the battle. I have been in therapy for PA and more specifically Codependency. There is a great book by Pia Melody called “Facing Love Addiction”. You are likely love avoidant and fear abandonment and intimacy. My intimacy fears were subconscious. This book will explain the roots of love avoidants/love addicts and the dance they play in relationships. Basically I have learned that most of my issues stem from my mother treating me like an adult when I was a child. I’m told it is a type of emotional incest. My father was very controlling and self absorbed and my mom would use me as a fill in husband to fulfill her emotional needs (nothing sexual!). Anyway, as an adult when intimacy kicks in my PA behavior helps me to avoid my fear of engulfment (avoid intimacy). It’s crazy and stems 100% from coping mechanisms I learned as a child. BTW, I was a love addict in my last relationship with my Borderline Personality Disordered ex girlfriend that broke my heart which lead to me hitting rock bottom and forcing me to find myself. Love Addiction can stem from having a controlling absent parent. Also, love avoidants can cycle to love addiction with other relationships (friends, coworkers, etc.). These relationships often evolve due to the fear of sharing to much with the ones we love (out of fear of engulfment). It is crazy!!! Sorry for the ramble.


  51. Dara said,

    March 3, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Although it didn’t work in my case, as my husband never recognized his PA behavior, one thing I said to him over and over again was, please think about what you are going to say before you say it. It’s too late for me, but you can do it if you want to change the pattern. Mull it over in your brain before you spew out something hurtful. If you really don’t want to make someone feel bad, you have to make a conscience decision to change. Screw fear and laziness. If you want your relationship to work, try harder. Read all you can on the subject. There are books out there that will assist you with “normal-er” communication skills. Don’t sit around and feel sorry for yourself and regret what may have been. If she sees that you are working on it as a willing participant, it can work. If you continue to bury your head in the sand, for her sanity’s sake she will walk/run away first chance she gets. You can do this…. Really!!

    • PA_man said,

      March 3, 2014 at 9:00 am

      Dara thank you for support. It really helps and motivates me.

  52. Anonymous said,

    March 9, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Not too harsh??

  53. free2go said,

    April 18, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    I am out! I am out! After reading all I could on Passive Aggressive behaviour I finally said “Enough, I am not playing this twisted game any longer!” I refuse to be the one who is always bending over backwards to try and make things work, sacrificing my own self esteem.
    The windscreen wipers scenario is so true and I really had to laugh when I read that.
    No doubt I will be back at some point to tell my whole story, but for now I would like to ask others out there if their P.A displayed the following behaviour…

    If I was ever upset about something ( this could be totally unrelated to the P.A) he would completely ignore me, I mean utterly ignore me until I was not upset at all. He would even go so far as to sit on the seat beside me lay his head back and shut his eyes while I was sitting visibly hurt/distressed next to him.
    I just could not get my head round that, I really cannot understand how someone can see their partner upset and not want to offer some kind of comfort but instead make it clear that they don’t want to know?!

    • Sharon said,

      July 26, 2014 at 9:46 pm

      My ex husband did that all the time.That’
      s what hurts the most the lack of empathy..its like they have hearts of stone.

    • S.N said,

      November 20, 2014 at 5:26 pm

      yep. it hurts

  54. Carol Lim said,

    May 3, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    This is the same exact story of my life! It took me so long to put a finger on the real problem. I stupidly paid for his degree course (of which he abandoned), his credit card bill, all the home bills all my 18 years of marriage. He never shows anger and punishes me by withholding sex. Never fixes his sleep apnea which gave me panda eyes for life. And he made me a victim of mental abuse without me aware of it all these years! When I blow up, I end up nursing my own wounds and our issues are never resolved. I ended up a person I am not. I feel a great relief that I now know what I am dealing with! I pray for divine intervention, so help me God as I have two kids who are also victims of his childhood trauma of tyrant parenting.

    • coralf said,

      May 4, 2014 at 4:56 am

      Part of the issue with recognising it that it is generally part of bigger disorder.

      It takes a very long while to recognise this awareness as a gift. It seems that we learn that aggressive people are overtly aggressive. This just isn’t the case.

      The most successful aggressives hide it.

      Have you read any of George Simon’s books? “In sheeps clothing”.

      Very enlightening.

    • Gaslight said,

      May 7, 2014 at 4:03 am

      Hi Carol, from your name , you are chinese. Very few chinese realised this problem and some will ignore. Good for you. If you are living where I am (Singapore). Get in touch with me. I am a widow of 19yrs in the marriage. A one night stand resulted in a child. I am doing a lot of repairing work now for my child. Thank God for His truths that set me free. Living with a passive aggressive man, good is evil , evil is good depending on their emotion meter. Do not throw pearls to the swine. Do the right thing , not the nice things. Make right decisions not nice decisions if you want to retain sanity of life with this man. Don’t talk your matter with others because you will be the bad person to those who never relate to such people. Save pain and agony.

      • coralf said,

        May 11, 2014 at 5:34 am

        Hi Gaslight. I’m African and haven’t been with this man coming on 6 years.
        Take care of yourself.

  55. Lynda said,

    May 11, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    I am grateful that my two teenaged sons are verbal, outgoing, express themselves in a manner that allows for some confrontation but have the ability to have a two sided conversation. They are nothing like their father. Glory Be.

  56. Crazyhorse said,

    May 12, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I’m so thankful to have found this site· I was dating a man for 8 months it was wonderful at first he was like a Dr e am cone true· I noticed slowly things changed less calls, wouldn’t answer my texts· It drove me flat crazy·

    I was married before to a heavy drinker for 23 years. I even went to see a counselor because he would call me needy, crazy, bipolar. I began to believe him until my counselor assured me I was again, thankgoodness.

    I recently cut all ties with him after being shut out an given the silent treatment for at least six times. It seems he enjoyed me calling, pleading begging to talk an what did I do wrong to be shut out.

    It was so hard to walk away because he was so charming, never raised his voice. I now see after reading the posts he is a full blown PA man.

  57. Snazy said,

    May 16, 2014 at 6:50 am

    After being married to “Mr Perfect” for 15 years I finally discovered that he is PA. We were friends for a couple of years before becoming romantic and I just thought he was the most wonderful guy… Kind, gentle considerate. After coming from a home with a narcissitic mother and abusive father, he just seemed like the best thing in the world.

    But it started on our honeymoon. We boarded the plane for a romantic island getways and it was as if I was just not there. He spent the entire flight playing computer games on the in flight entertainment system, even the stewardess made a passing comment something to the effect that its your honeymoon, you should be giving attention to your wife. At the hotel resort, he wanted to do every single activity and I now realise he did not want to spend any alone time with me.
    We got back from honeymoon and the next day he told me he lost his job. He was behaving so strangely & I just attributed it to him loosing his job etc. So i excused all of his beavior on this basis. I got him a new career path and helped him find a good job….things should be going better????
    Then we had problems trying to conceive, as I have severe endometriosis. The next few years were spent focusding on trying to have a family & all of his crazy behavior got excused “because it was just so difficult for him”. Then finally I fell pregnant. You would think this eould be wonderful time, but Oh No. He refused to have sex with me, becuase he said his sister (who is a gynae) said it was not advisable and we should be overly cautious, I believed him. The only thing I asked for in the entire pregnancy was that I was craving toffee apples…he never bothered saying where would he find this, even though i told him where to go.

    After our daughter was born I thought things would get better since we no longer had financial issues and we finally had a family. But no the crazy behaviour continued & when she was 6 months old I threw him out. What followed was an intervention by him, his family & mine telling me I was being selfish, he was a great guy and it was just my hormones. I wish i had never taken him back, but I did.

    The irony of course is I always thought it was me, he would say that I do not know what a healthy relationship looked like because I came from a broken home. I believed it was me, at times I would get so angry with him and when he would not listen, engage, its me who would shut him out. I would stop talking to him, becuase there was just no point. He would always apologise to me, make all the promises and a couple of months later we were back to square 1.

    He would always suggest therapy. He loved therapy and off course presented so charming & well. For years i asked him what was the problem with me, what did he no like etc, but he always said to me & to the therapist that I was a wonderful wife. He would try harder, make the changes etc. but a couple of months later back to square 1.

    Then he left his career & went back to join his father in the lucrative family business and this when things got really bad. He had a poor relationship with his father & I told him not to join, but they were giving him half the business (only son) so he did.

    Our rletionship deteriorated after this and things were going so bad, i could not understand what was going on. Back to therepy, family intervention, pilgrimmage…. Nothing helped. We barely spoke, he insisted on sleeping in our daughters beroom, since she was small & scared, we moved to a new house & she was scared etc.

    Then one night i caught him on the internet with pornography. I was Surprised & relieved at the same time. Surprised that this religious upstanding man was watching porn, something that he openly crticised, surprised that he was capable of being dishonet but releived that now I knew the problem & our marriage could be fixed. Well I was wrong again, he apologised, said all the right things etc. i forgave him, but 1 month later things were back to bad again.
    I asked him to leave and we both agreed to indivdual therepy. I still though it was all me and spent the first 6 months of therepy trying to get my therepist to diagnose my problems. He was going to therpy as well and would come by every weekend to explain his “discoveries” for why he was addicted to porn …. All of them were my fault.

    Finally 1 day he failed to show up for a meeting with our daughters therepist and she said to me “he forgot on purpose”. This opened up the door for me to start researching and I finally made the discovery that he is PA. Everything fits and I now know I am not crazy, unstable, etc. i have asked him for a divorce and we are 6 months into trying to resolve the financial issues. He does not want to maintain our daughter fully, hehas shifted his assets around etc. i feel like walking away with nothing, but he has taken so much from me already, I need to fight him on this so that I can prove to myself, that he does not have power over me anymore.
    Sorry for the long rant. I spend days trying to figure out how I allowed this to happen to me and then days being grateful and happy that I found the “answer”. Everytime i doubt myself (because he can be kind and charming) I visit a forum like this 1 to remind myself what he is really like and what I have been through.

    It is “emotional rape” and it is worse than actal rape becuase there is nothing physical that happens to you. Its all “up there” and in addition to feeling assaulted you have self doubt, did this really heppen, what does this mean, am I overreacting etc.

    To all of you who have had to suffer as a result of this condition, i pray you have the strength and courage to move forward and to heal fully.

    • Lynda said,

      May 16, 2014 at 11:49 am

      Married 18 years, two teen sons, who are nothing like their father. Thank God. Just found this site 2 weeks ago. Wow there’s a name for it. I spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with my husband. He is very passive, with me, especially around his mother, now deceased two years. My husband avoids confrontation at all costs (who is much like his father, also deceased now 2 years). Everything had to be run by his mother first. No way, my husband used to pace up and down if I didn’t check w/his mother first. If we were going to have the kids birthday party on a Saturday or a Sunday. she called my kids schools, took money out of our bank account. His sister with her low waist jeans. You could see her freckled ass when she bends over. she still does it. Sister is 47 years old now. told her 50 times pull her pants up, pull your shirt down. So my kids don’t have to see it. My husband never said a word to her. Now this is sister no 2. Who happened to buy a home for her and her boyfriend. no marriage plans in the future for her. Not the executor. If things turned for the worst, my husband went against me every time. He stood behind me with his mouth shut and made me fight all his battles with his mother. His sister is the executor of the parents estate. She refuses to give my husband his share and he won’t ask for it. We are strapped for money. I told him he’s on his own, deal with your own siblings for once but he won’t. He is estranged from all of his siblings since they put the parents in the ground. It’s been two months now since I have taken off my wedding ring. All intimacy has gone out the window for the past two months. Right now I am coping. If I were to win the lottery or if PCH comes to my door w/$$$$ the first thing I would do is get a divorce. Wishful thinking, I know.

  58. njblack48065 said,

    June 1, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    It took me a long time to read this. No, i’m not slow or illiterate, just……..stunned. You have basically summed up my marriage of 10 years. Being with my wife since highschool,I thought I was in a loving relationship. I am now just beginning to piece together my own “turd” puzzle. Memories rewritten, check. Lies by omission, huge check. Feeling like I’m the one who is crazy/guilty/unsupportive/not giving enough attention, check and double check. I’m not a perfect husband. I’ve made my mistakes. But I’ve always held myself accountable for my actions. Something my wife has painfully proven to never do. I fight myself everyday to understand what is real or just an effect of the years of mind games. I can’t believe I’ve let a person define my reality, feelings and self. I feel ashamed and embarrassed of how emotionally,mentally, and intellectually weak I’ve become as a result of years of the covert abuse I have endured. I’ve felt guilty for spending time with my family (we don’t talk to much any more), friends (all gone now) and even my own children. I have felt like the biggest piece of crap for feeling this way. Who in their right mind feels guilty for spending time with their own children. Im seeing it now. And it hurts,deeply. I am not divorced as of yet. I’m still trying to make it work. But to what end will I allow this to keep happening? 16 plus years of my life are gone. I’m lost and confused. Nobody believes anything I tell them about what I’m going through. I guess I can’t blame them. She has tricked all of them and myself. Making us all believe there is nothing wrong and we have a perfect life. Thank you for your post. It allows me to feel that I’m not crazy and that I’m not alone. I hope I will soon have enough strength to do what’s best for me and my children. And run far,far away. Thank you

    • coralf said,

      June 1, 2014 at 7:34 pm

      It is a horribly lonely place to find yourself, but it is temporary. Your comment gave me an emotional response because you appear to have nailed what I was trying to share.

      You have also nailed the part where you can’t actually share the experience with anyone close to you, and you spend years trying to decide where to assign responsibilty.

      If you are anything like me you are taking yourself to pieces. George Simon author of, “In sheeps clothing” really helped.

      While I never understood it’s purpose before I needed it, the objective input from a psychologist really helped wade through what I thought was real and what really was real, although I’ve heard that you need to choose carefully and or try a few. I dropped my first because she brought her personal opinion into subjects where I thought it was inappropriate.

      While I am now well ahead of this experience, I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Trust that it gets better.

      Look after yourself. One day you can and will focus forward instead of focusing on the tornado.

      In hindsight there may even be evidence that he was intentionally distancing me from my family. Crazy crazy stuff.

      Thankfully I never lost “me” in the process, but I questioned it for a very very long time.
      Wishing you a painless as possible journey…

  59. Lynda said,

    June 1, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    It’s been a couple weeks since my last post. When my husband and I got married, I was under the impression that he would always stand beside me not behind me. Over the years, he walked on eggshells where his mother was concerned, not to ever make her cry. my husband is just like his father, sat in his recliner chair and kept his mouth shut about whatever wrong doings my mother in law, I use this term loosely, had in mind. She considered herself head of the family and every little shit had to be run by her. If my husband wanted to talk to one of his siblings on the phone, he would call his mothers phone first and ask if so and so was home, she would say “what do you need to talk to so and so about”? This drove me absolutely insane. I would ask my husband why can’t you just call whoever, why does your mother have to know what your talking to your siblings about. He would say leave me alone, let me do what I want. Ughhh. He let his younger sister age 50 (unmarried or should I put it) never been married let her into our lives too much. She is very bossy and doesn’t take no for an answer. Much like her mother. She does have a live in boy friend though. Doesn’t want to marry her. All I can say is “keep pedaling”.

  60. SadAndStressed said,

    June 6, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I am very sad to come the recent realization that my partner of 4 years is a PA. We are in therapy both together & individually and she has shed some light on our “issues” for me. I have no idea what to do with this info now…. I’m still i shock.

    • coralf said,

      June 6, 2014 at 8:09 pm

      I would suggest reading, “In sheeps clothing”

      Passive aggression tends to occur alongside other, more serious, issues.

      That book is horribly enlightening. Sending strength and light in your direction. Look after yourself.

      • Lynda said,

        June 6, 2014 at 8:42 pm

        I have been married to my husband for 18 years, we have two teenaged sons. Maybe about a month or so ago I came across this site. The realization that my husband has PA threw me a curve ball. When we got married I was under the impression that he was a gentle giant. Kind, on the quiet side. Over the years his vindictive bitch of a mother and sisters crossed boundaries in ways that caused friction In our relationship and home and our kids between me and my husband. My husband avoids confrontations with his siblings at all costs, went against me where his family was concerned. When I got married I was under the impression that he was going to stand beside me not behind me. Neither if us is in therapy. He’s never going to change. So for now I am taking the time to figure out what I need to do.

  61. Get out with your sanity!!! said,

    June 10, 2014 at 4:15 am

    With a mannish guy for 20 year. He only cries if someone is watching. Dated a woman before me, she was as bad as he was. She allowed him to ” take breaks from the relationship , 10 times. I thought this was odd. I understand why . 1. He lies constantly. 2. He never takes blame for bad behavior 3. Not capable of having an intimate loving relationship 4. Wants to always be right even all the time. 5. Insecure about everything ( penis size, weight, finances, ….) 6. Behaves like a 12 year old ( has to have his way). 7. Wants people to believe he’s a great person, when in private he’s a jerk 8. Does not know how to socialize , without insulting others. 9. Pretends to like people but says horrible things about them in private. 10. Had affairs, and when caught flies into a rage, tear and sorrow. 11. Always riding an emotional roller coaster, I do not buy tickets.

  62. PETA said,

    June 11, 2014 at 4:57 am

    OMG – if only I knew this earlier. I don’t even think he realises he has this disorder. I’ve told him and sent him articles with all the descriptions of the traits. He had almost all of them. One important one being raised in a Christian family, with Dad being the minister (who too is a PA), stuffing down all that anger. I feel so sad for him now.
    It must be awful to be unable to love completely. It must be a crazy tug of war in their heart and in their head.
    I hope he recognises it and fixes it whether we can patch it up or not. At least now I know what I’m dealing with.

  63. Bonnie Beck said,

    June 20, 2014 at 8:45 am

    I also live with a man that on the surface to others is the most sweet,personal guy you would ever want to meet..when he is home he is the most angry, miserable person..he will be nice when I ask him to do something yhen totally resentful when he is doing it, he has no problems..everyone else is the problem.He isn’t interested in me as much anymore and he won’t talk about things..I know he is into porn but denies it even when I confront him..lies a lot then wonders why I don’t trust him

    • S.N said,

      November 20, 2014 at 5:40 pm

      except for the overt anger part this is completely my husband. Total lies lies lies lies lies about the porn, especially.

      • coralf said,

        November 20, 2014 at 5:48 pm

        Overt is better. At least the puzzle is in full view. I saw wasband angry for about 3 seconds… once… in 15 years. But it festers and you have no clue.

        Lies lies lies… yep. And those of us who don’t do that are clueless about how deep that particular rabbit hole goes until we are forced to confront it.

        Life is great the other side of this. This knowledge is a gift. It just takes a lot of time to see it as such

      • S.N said,

        November 26, 2014 at 12:25 am

        I am starting to feel how good it is going to be ‘on the other side’ and part of me feels guilty. he is leaving at the end of the month (well, true to form, he wants to go Dec 4th instead of the 1st)…. At first I was terrified. Then guilty as hell. Then numb. The relief is setting in.
        Did you question your part in it all during your split? I find myself thinking the good old “I’ve probably just been too dramatic / demanding / fussy” etc etc. I’m hoping I can let go of that. How did you reassure yourself that although you played a part in the destruction of your marriage that it was okay to let it go & accept that he REALLY DID do all those things to hurt you and that you really DO deserve better?
        I mean.. I know it on one level but the other level sneaks in there….

  64. Callie said,

    June 27, 2014 at 3:32 am

    My husband would drive w/o turning on the windshield wipers. I would get so mad that I would close my eyes, because I would get so upset. When I look back over our marriage I knew something was off, but I never knew what. I just happened to be on line trying to get information about why my husband is insensitive at times. And it started to piece together. Why my birthdays, Anniversary’s were treated as chores, or him telling me every couple of years that he has lost his passion and love for me. I feeled drained. PA’s are draining. Those dam windshield wipers

    • Lynda said,

      June 27, 2014 at 11:37 am

      I just found this site two months ago. Married 18 years, two teen sons. It took all these years to realize my Husband was PA. He walked on eggshells around his mother, father, Two sisters and a niece. Avoided confrontation with everybody at all costs. He’s never going to change. I decided I’m not fighting his battles for him anymore. He’s on his own with that. I put up with 20 years of his family’s crap. The mother is a vindictive, narcarisstic, bitch.

      • Dee said,

        June 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm

        I haven’t posted in months..was in a middle of a divorce from my PA husband. I warned my lawyer he would run the show..and he did. He dragged it on for 3 years. The whole time, refusing to leave the house. He stopped giving me money for bills,groceries etc. and there was nothing legally I could do. However, he then went out and bought himself a $60,000 truck. Again, nothing I could do.
        In midst of divorce, when I wasn’t home, he brought his new girlfriend to OUR house to meet our children. How insensitive and selfish can a person be? I did not find out until months later as kids didn’t want to tell me. They said they were mad and upset about it. Apparently, he showed her around the house and proceeded to have dinner on OUR kitchen table. The kids were to afraid to say anything to him.
        So now our 14 year old goes back and forth between us. Ex lives in a tiny shithole apt, but its right in the neighborhood of all my son’s friends.Location was on purpose so my son would want to stay with him. My ex will go to work at 6am and leave my son alone all day. I work from home..and can supervise my son 24/7. Not to mention my son also has Type I diabetes. My ex will literally take him ‘hostage’, saying “he doesn’t want to stay with you” . We have no set visitation/custody as my son is old enough to choose where he wants to stay. Now I got a letter from physician and am going to court to get custody. How selfish can a man be to put his child’s safety in jeopardy? Because he want to be the good guy/the fun dad. Now my son sees me as the bitch that wants to take him away from his friends. No 14 year old should be alone all day…if a parent is able to take care of them..duh!
        Now that we have been in separate residences, my older kids now see his PA personalitiy and NOW they understand what I went through. It only took 2 weeks for them to see it/experience it. As my ex is now displaying his traits without me as the ‘buffer’ to make things better. Of course my 14 year old is too young to see it or understand.
        So…no matter where these PA go/relationships they have , they will always be PA. It will only be a matter of time before his new girlfriend(s) see it.
        If you are in a relationship with a ! It does not get better. They may “hide” it for awhile , make you think things are getting better, then it comes out again. My ex could ‘bury’ it for months and then let it loose. Devastating me , as it washed away the few good months that we experienced. When he let loose, he would explain to me why the past few months sucked….emotional abuse at its finest.

      • Lynda said,

        June 29, 2014 at 1:07 pm

        I hope things work out for you. I am desperately trying to find a job first. I also have a 14 YO who I wouldn’t leave home alone all day either. And a 16 YO with Asberger Syndrome. As I know I would have to stand on my own two feet financially. I took off my wedding ring months ago. Yesterday my husband took my car over to the gas station just to get an inspection sticker. $35.00 right?? Not!!! He spent $300 on an unnecessary repair because he doesn’t want to get confrontational with anybody. He can’t say no. Didn’t get the inspection sticker. Do I have two children or three? Anyway my husband is supposed to get $3,000 or $4,000 from his parents estate two years ago. His sister who is the executor hasn’t given my husband his share yet and he won’t ask her for it. He doesnt want a confrontation with her. He says I’m not going to fight with my family for you”!! He never did so I don’t expect him to start now. It’s nice that those if us dealing with PA spouses can vent on this site. I don’t feel so alone. Again I hope things go well for you.

      • Anonymous said,

        June 29, 2014 at 4:10 pm

        I understand what you are going through. PA’s do not do confrontation. And he will walk away from you in a heartbeat, even in the middle of a conversation if he doesn’t like what he is hearing. You’ll find that everyone else’s needs will always come before yours. And the car thing, yes! In my case I had been in a small fender bender. When he went to pick up my van from the body shop he told me that instead of just giving him the balance of what he owed, he gave him the whole insurance check. Hundreds of dollars more than what he owed. Money that he had no business giving to someone else, over his family. Please keep in mind that he may not be the kind, honest man you thought you married and had children with. I doubt my PA was ever capable of loving me. He may have liked me at one time, but I believe love is too big of a feeling for him to have. The bottom line. He is not capable. If you read about PA you’ll find that they are an unusual breed. A hard to put your finger on personality quirk, that will leave you feeling alone and bewildered.

      • Lynda said,

        June 29, 2014 at 4:17 pm

        Ahhhhhh. As soon as I was able to figure out what my husbands problem was all these years I have been reading more and more about this behavior. Starting to understand it but not sure if I want to live the rest of my life with it. I am 49 years old.

      • Anonymous said,

        June 29, 2014 at 5:17 pm

        I was 53 when my PA blindsided me with divorce papers. I am finally at the end of the divorce process of which has gone on for 2 1/2 years. I had wanted out years ago, but at the time my kids were too young and it just didn’t seem feasible. I stayed for financial reasons. I left my job because I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I was out of the workforce for 20 years. However, when you go through a divorce and your husband doesn’t like you anymore, and certainly doesn’t want to support you anymore, he will remind you that at one point in your life you did support yourself and he’d now like you to return to that position. Impossible! At 56 I am ill equipped to return to my “old” job and pick up where I left off. Your PA may get nasty. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. I wouldn’t run out now and get a full time job, as that will work against you when you need alimony. The courts are not kind to the stay at home mom who now needs health insurance and enough money to pay the electric bill. Maybe get a part time job. This shows that you are willing to work, but that you have kids that need you and this is all you can swing right now. Really think about your circumstances before you opt out. I know living with him is hard. I was married to one for 25 years and it was awful. By the time he moved out, a year and a half after he gave me those papers, I was a complete wreck. My self esteem and self worth were at an all time low. I wish I could keep talking to you but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Other bloggers will help and advise. Maybe find a support group. You can do this. But you need to prepare yourself. PA’s don’t fight fair.

      • Lynda said,

        June 29, 2014 at 5:35 pm

        Thank You for sharing. No I wouldn’t do anything too harsh right now. I am going to get a pt job when school starts up again and take it from there. I hope all goes well with you. I am grateful for this site.

      • Angry-momma said,

        July 31, 2014 at 5:35 pm

        my MIL is a very vindictive, angry, selfish, hateful, spiteful, violent, aggressive person. She’s controlling and abused all her kids. surprisingly even after 2 of them had passed away you think you would be kinder to the ones that are still living.

      • Lynda said,

        July 31, 2014 at 6:26 pm

        Hi. My MIL passed two years ago . To this day my husband thinks she was a Saint. She called my sons schools on me. Teased my kids with gifts, telling them she had something for them. Writing IOUs in their birthday cards. Taking money out if our joint account because she thought it was all of my husband’s money. My SIL with her low rider jeans, stuck her freckled ASS in my kids faces for years. OMG I can go on 20 years worth of bullshit, My husbands excuse for her was that she’s just an old lady. Yeah keep telling yourself that!!!! Now my FIL who also passed 6 months after the MIL. He always sat in his recliner and kept his mouth shut, never said a word. It turns out my husband is just like his father. Tight lipped. Still trying to figure out how I want to spend the rest of my life. Taking it one day at a time.

  65. ce said,

    June 27, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Perfect. I never realised so many ladies felt and had exactly the same PA situations as myself. I divorced after 20 years. Nothing. No maintenance. But I now feel empowered as the t##d isn’t there. Happily I have an amazing job which I live, two fabulous children who he still manipulates, a close family who were horrified at the lie of a life I was leading. Oh. He trashed my reputation at work, an international company, but my friends know the truth….hold your head up. Walk. Your esteem shall return. Nobody can ever harm you again.

  66. Callie said,

    July 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    This is the 3rd time my husband of 14 years and come to me and said that he has lost his love and passion for me. Just like that he turned all emotions off. Telling me just as easily as if he was doing an exchange at a store, no emotion. No counseling or anything, he’s just done. Just like that I became a stranger. He stopped talking to me, he stopped looking at me. He no longer helped me around the house. He no longer called to see if I wanted anything from the store. He even changed and barely talked to our 14 year old son. If we were laughing hysterically while watching a comedy or whatever he would just sit, its like if he allowed himself to laugh he may feel something. I told him this is not right to treat people this way. Just like a PA he saw himself as the victim that is not doing anything wrong. He would be genuinely surprised everytime I would try to talk to him about his behavior. He said he was moving out, that was 3 months ago. On Sunday night my son was at a friends house, and were here for about 9 hour together and he said about 4 words to me. So I tried to talk to him one more time, again he denies everything. I stood there trying to get through to him. I could not take this anymore, the silence, the ignoring me. He said he was moving out, so move out. I asked him to leave, it was hurting me and my son. It became so negative in here. I told him that I would have loved him forever, but hey to him I’m just an old shoe he wears for a couple of years, but then throws them to the side. I’m no ones old shoe.

  67. Angry-momma said,

    July 31, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    OMG! My BF of 13 years and windshield wipers! what the heck!?!?! I always knew something was wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Everything that goes wrong is my fault. I MADE him buy a house. He’s asked me a few times if I wanted a ring or would I want to go shopping for one, my answer use to be when and where? and nothing ever happened. I always wanted him to hold my hand, he never would and still wont. Will not talk about anything as far as the relationship. He lied by omission about meeting up with an ex, He only told me when I was 6 months pregnant, mind you, in a restaurant. Had I not of been pregnant & just bought our house I would’ve left him there. He’s a procrastinator-so much so that I have to lie about what time we have to go somewhere just so that we get there on time. We are trying to sell our house and the realtor suggested something’s to fix, he flipped out saying he’s not doing anything, then proceeds to do other things that don’t even matter to the selling of the house. He is lazy. Won’t hurry or rush for anything. Everything I say, want or suggest is answered with a flat out NO. He hasn’t forgotten my birthday but will get things last minute, I remember mothers day waking up and my son was so upset that he didn’t have anything to give me (he’s 4) I was so infuriated that he didn’t think of how my son would feel. Once on our anniversary, get this, I got an anniversary card that read “On YOUR anniversary”. I was so stunned I hadn’t said anything.

    One time I was throwing a fit because i had had it (of course he was calm and cool) and he was acting like he didn’t need me and I said to him, “you know. I do everything, I cant rely on you to help or do anything. If I need something done you flatly refuse it. If you want something done I have to come help you. You act like you can live without me, but the truth is you need me more than I need you!” He didn’t respond, he takes his anger out on his video games, screaming and yelling so loud without even caring that we had a baby in the house that it’s 3am.

    Many times he will say,(for example) oh this shirt is red (truthfully it would be blue) so I would say no its blue. A week later the shirt or whatever will come up and he will say that HE said the shirt was blue and that I said it was red. Then get pissed off and make me look crazy. it would get to the point where I have to remember specifics of every conversation just so I knew I wasn’t crazy.

    I didn’t meet his parents until 3 years later and only at his dads funeral.

    He’s charming to a fault. Comments how sexy all different types of women are, even in front of me. Flirts and will touch another woman’s arm in front of me. He never complimented me when I was going to the gym, lost weight until i had a very handsome trainer(he looked like him except with muscles) who basically had to touch me sometimes-never inappropriately but in order to do some of my routine successfully. THEN only after I would say omg this guy and this guy said how great I looked and to keep up the good job, and family would say it in front of him, only THEN did he started paying compliments-even tried becoming more romantic. But it was awkward to me. I do everything by myself, go to parties by myself. There’s no connection between us and for him to act the way he was made it just weird.

    I find him making stuff up just to look like he’s right, I now tell him point blank, don’t make shit up, there’s no need to lie and I know you are, you don’t know so just say it don’t make up something.

    He’s very good with money, he’s a saver and im a spender. I spend to make myself feel better. So to keep money in check we have one credit card that we use together. He will tell me to go get this and this, then freak out over how high the bill is. I keep telling him to stop sending me to the store to buy things and that he is going to be in charge of getting groceries and what from now on. Hm no he didn’t take it-why? Because he didn’t want to be responsible or held accountable! If im wrong so what- I don’t care I will admit it and apologize. He has apologized twice because he said some cruel things to me. The last time I apologized-he said, You should. Because you’re always sorry.

    He thinks bonding with my son is sitting side by side my son staring at the tv and him with earphones in and watching his cartoons. He use to sit in the house when my son was a baby/toddler, all the blinds closed and i would come home from work and my son would still be in his pajamas. Never taking him outside or for a walk. At 3 years old i decided enough was enough and enrolled my toddler in school so he had social interaction and stimulation. He finds it tedious and bothersome to read a story to our son. He stays up all night, then wants to sleep in until noon and then, around 5pm will tell me he’s going downstairs to “relax”. If I get him to do family fun day, once we get home he wants to go laydown. Its so frustrating doing everything by myself. My day starts at 430 am everyday as 5am is my only time I can go to the gym and it ends at 1030/11 when I pass out in exhaustion.

    Don’t dare poke a joke or criticize him, especially in front of others, he will tear you down and say the meanest things regardless.

    I use to be always so happy and laugh and smile. But I don’t have any joy outside of my son, I don’t think I’ve laughed a joyous laugh in years. I’ve become negative and focused on negative everything so much so that last year I’ve decided to try to become spiritual and work on myself. I do enjoy my alone time and my freedom to explode things, things he never wants to do.

    I know that he has suffered at the hands of his mother as a child, both him and his siblings, and they are all the same. Non confrontational, holds things in, when someone has done them wrong, they just say “that’s okay. no no” as if to say..i wont get you back now but I will eventually. His family doesn’t like me, only because I would try to talk to him and he would close up so I would talk to them and then they would go back and tell him and then he withdrew even more and say mean things, when all I was trying to do was communicate with him how I was feeling.

    Everyone is out to get him, screw him over. He’s paranoid about people seeing the inside of our house or opening blinds because people may break in and steal something. We don’t even have expensive things outside of the TV’s!

    OMG mine too with the car doors! he always unlocks his and not mine!!! And he always forgets something in the house, no matter what! I will get myself and my son ready and he still will be moseying along or taking an hour poop-but hes not really pooping he’s just sitting there.

    AND we had an open house planned for a sunday, there was a lot to be done, WHAT did he decide to do? Help his mother and brother clean out her garage!!!!!! It had been sitting like that for over 2 years and TODAY you are going to do it? I had to call my girls over and they helped paint the outside of the garage.
    Sigh…this is making me depressed all over. again. My parents just split up, my job is stressful, he works 2nd shift so he doesn’t see our son during the week, my son is acting up because he doesnt see my parents or his dad very much, i get talked to at my sons preschool because he has been acting out, deliberately defiant, I have to do EVERYTHING in the house, I feel like something is going to give and real soon, he is giving me a hard time about moving to my parents house because he feels its going to break us up. But I don’t care. I don’t need him and from what he’s showing me he doesn’t need me either!
    Sorry its such a long post. I feel better getting this out at least you guys are listening…I think…

    • Lynda said,

      July 31, 2014 at 7:28 pm

      Omg my Husband has no sense of time. If we had to go to his parents house he would be their a half hour early but if we had a parent meeting at the school at 7:00 pm he would come home at 6:30 shower make us late. Ughhh.

      • Angry-momma said,

        July 31, 2014 at 7:33 pm

        Yes Mine too! I hate having plans with him to meet up with others, he will start getting ready 1 hour before we need to be somewhere and it takes him 1 hour to get ready, he’s so lackadaisical, no sense of urgency. Makes me insane!!

      • Anonymous said,

        July 31, 2014 at 9:40 pm

        I’d been in a situations where we’d be getting ready to go somewhere and he’d decide to change the oil. Are you kidding me!! He was always the last person to the car. I’d have the kids and all of our things in the car, and the heater or the air conditioner going, and he’d be in the bathroom. Just plain rude. I have to complain right now, I’m sorry. Soon to be ex, without giving me the heads up, cancelled my health insurance on May 1st. He told me on May 21st when I texted him and my insurance card didn’t work at the doctors office. He told me his company deemed the first judgement to be their only need to cancel me. He couldn’t even wait until the ink dried on the final divorce papers/judgement. I have been without healthcare for 3 months. Since I’m pro per now, his lawyer said I could sign up for COBRA. At $600.00 a month!! I don’t think so. Heck, I’m receiving $600.00 less in alimony. I don’t qualify for Medi-cal and now must wait for open enrollment with ObamaCare. HE told me he’d be fair. After 25 years of marriage you’d think I deserved at least that. I think I need a good cry!!

    • Lyn said,

      August 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm

      My husband avoids confrontation at all costs. At the hands of his mother who is now deceased. I thank God my two teen sons are not like their father. They are open and honest. Not afraid to speak up for themselves. They didn’t get that way from their father and I kept their grandmother at arms length as she was a vindictive, narcarcistic bitch.

  68. Angry-momma said,

    July 31, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    ^* explore..not explode…lol

  69. Lynda said,

    August 1, 2014 at 2:10 pm


    My boyfriend of three years and I bought a home together 1 year ago. I want to get married and he’s not ready, we are both 49 years old, what to do now?????I still have his friendship ring but no engagement ring yet, All I’m getting are broken promises.

  70. Angry-momma said,

    August 1, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    We bought a house 5 years ago, which he wont fix anything, I have to have my family come do things and then he criticizes everything they do. Trying to sell the house is hell right now I will never buy another house with him again. ive known him since we were 15, dating for 14years. (we’re 38)He just keeps telling me ‘someday’, or he will tell my dad she deserves it, now I cut him off and say, don’t promise shit you cant keep. You don’t want to so just say it. I don’t know your man personally, but I KNOW its not happening with my man.I don’t think you should hold your breath, but I don’t want to be the one to hurt you. What do you think he really truly would do? If you were a friend looking in on this, what would you say to her? I ignored the red flags, but I just wanted to prove everyone wrong and now I feel torn because we have a child now-stuck in the middle of it all..

  71. Angry-momma said,

    August 1, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    anonymous July 31-Him too! he will decide the last minute to put windshield fluid in, go to the bathroom, put air in the tire. So frustrating, that ive left him and gone to do things myself leaving him on the toilet

    • Anonymous said,

      August 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm

      Thank you Angry-Momma. Had to laugh at your solution. I should have left him too. Would he have learned a lesson though? Doubt it!! LOL

      • Angry-momma said,

        August 20, 2014 at 6:45 pm

        oh no of course not! lol

  72. Anonymous said,

    August 1, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Thank you Angry-Momma. Good thinking!! Wish I’d done what you did and left him on the toilet!! Priceless!!

    • Angry-momma said,

      August 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      That’s right! My time is valuable! Sick of it!

  73. randomosity, but not said,

    August 8, 2014 at 11:13 am

    I truly think you are an INFP projecting INTO under stress. I am an INTJ female also with a p/a going on 16 yrs. You sound like my INFP son whom comes across like a thinker since I was a more reliable parent than the ESP spouse. However, I could care no less if anyone accused me of feelings and am often flattered when someone notices I can also care. My MIL is SICK and though I often find her to be passive, it is only those that bulldog defend her giving most issue. I can clearly see why you believe you are INTJ preference. I simply am trying to do you a favor by suggesting that I have seen this need to hide the emotionally exposed side of yourself with something more protected and reasonable. I would highly suggest you try and see if you might feel better seeing yourself as INFP. There is no offense intended here and please understand such.
    Thanks for sharing this story. Relationships can feel impossible whenever the give and take is not in a balanced swing. Mine is certainly something I was not expecting and far worse than I know to admit. Please know that it is slightly more helpful that you allowed yourself to divulge this discretionary excerpt.

    • coralf said,

      August 8, 2014 at 11:47 am

      LOL. Typical INTJ response.

      I still score about 95% for “T” when I take the test. It is my highest attribute. That’s assuming I ascribe to Myers Briggs at all.

      I wrote these years ago when I was in the middle of trauma and post traumatic stress and had just had 15 years of my memories erased by this individual.
      He had far bigger issues than passive aggression.

      You should be aware that “T” is not an indication of absense of feeling. It indicates what motivates your behaviour. A “T” would never act on something based on their feelings they would objectively assess the logic and make choices from that.

      The best description I have found of P/J is this video:
      There is no way in hell I can be boxed as P.

      I appreciate your comments.
      Have a fabulous day.

    • coralf said,

      August 8, 2014 at 12:06 pm

      Have you ever investigated whether INTJs attract covert aggressives?

  74. Alice said,

    August 10, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Thank you so much for sharing all these horror stories ladies; it has truly been an eye opener,

    I have been with my P/A partner for 9 years, when I look back at when we first got together he was already showing P/A signs but unfortunately my rose-colored glasses chose to ignore them. We had been dating about 5 months, on our way to an evening with friends we stopped to get gas, my partner was at the gas pump and a friend who was with us went to get some stuff to eat, I realized I didn’t have any cash so I went to the ATM, crossing the gas station I got run over by a car! Everyone at the gas station came over to assist me, as you do when you see a person get run over, everyone except the guy still filling the car with gas, he just looked at me and did NOTHING!!!! is friend kept saying “hey come and help”, he didn’t move an inch, He said to me after that he had problems showing his emotions and as we’d only been dating a few months he didn’t want to seem too attached. Please don’t ask me I didn’t get up and run then…
    My partner has a job that means he has to go away for days at a time, especially during the summer season we hardly see him at all, to be honest I have never had any issues with trust, he has done nothing, well nothing I know of, to break that trust. The problem is he doesn’t trust me AT ALL and he uses our 7 yr old as a ball and chain to keep me at home, he says stuff like, “if you go and see so and so and leave him with a babysitter I’ll never forgive you”, when I rebel and say I’m going anyway he texts me things like “make sure you have fun, won’t you”. Just to be clear when I say ‘going out’, I don’t mean going on a crazy clubbing all-nighter, I’m talking about a glass of wine with a girlfriend.
    A year ago I told him I wanted it to end, as all of you here I had tried everything to make it work but sadly to no avail. He of course put is 5 year old hat on and sulked for weeks, total silence, he didn’t even try to work things out. We own a house together (we’re not married) and financially neither of us could afford to rent another place so we decided to live in the same house, him on the ground floor and me on the 2nd while we put the house up for sale, he has found every excuse under the sun not to advertise our house, he keeps changing the asking price, he doesn’t like any of the realtors I’ve chosen, anything and everything has stopped him selling our house, keeping us under the same roof.
    A couple of months ago after he had started to become his charming self again, the guy I fell in love with, (please don’t yell at me), I thought I had made a terrible mistake, breaking up my son’s family and home and I asked him if he would like to try again (I can hear you yelling), he said yes and has literally been punishing me since then, the silent treatment, crazy control freak, withholds sex, says everything is my fault. Just the other day we were playing a game with the kids after dinner and he said something not so nice to my older son, I, of course said “hey! Don’t say that”, he actually said (my son’s face was precious) “you just said that”, unbelievable! he said I’D said something that had just come out of HIS mouth 2 seconds before! Everything P/A he does it to a ‘T’, so I’m off! I have taken the opportunity of him being away to sign up with a realtor and advertise our house, while I’m writing this I so just want to punch him in the face!!!

    I was badly abused by my mother as a child, she has NPD and I know I’m a magnet for men with mental health issues; I need to please people, help them out (that’s obviously going to change). My previous partner was violent and I had to leave with my son in the middle of the night after my ex had threatened to kill us both. I was single for nearly 5 years, I was scarred a lot by that relationship and dated just a couple of guys during that time, I now know I was a perfect target for a P/A.
    I know I have all the resources I need to leave this asshole, I have a good job, a strong personality (hard to believe I know), and I’m not afraid of being alone, I actually can’t wait to be alone with my kids, I don’t have many friends anymore as he pretty much isolated me from them over the years, so I’ll have to get through this with minimum support. Now we just need to sell the house which will happen I know regardless of douchebag.
    Thank you for reading this, it’s all over the place I know and not very well written, it just came pouring out. All the very best wonderful, strong, wise, loving, caring ladies, here in France we have a saying “Better to be alone than in bad company”, oh and BTW French men are douchebags too :-)

    • Angry-momma said,

      August 20, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      oh my god! we are trying to sell and he approaches every offer as if they offered $1.00. I went to cut the hedges Saturday as they were overgrown and I was stung by a hornet. Come to find out there’s a huge hive the size of a cantaloupe there. Called for someone to remove it and he freaks out about $75.00 (um excuse me I have a 4 year old and im NOT going to chance he get stung by a huge hive of bees-esp that they are aggressive come fall)

      My man too if I go somewhere he’s like are you taking ‘littleman’ with you? um no! you don’t see him enough you can hang with him. What does he do? park him in front of the TV for hours with all the blinds closed and little light. WTF?!

      Selling the house has become very aggravating, between my parents divorcing, my son acting out in school and my boss is pretty much an aggressive, angry, bitter woman, this girl is about to walk away with her son from everything. I don’t care about that house anymore. If we lose every last dime so be it! he’s only dragging his feet supposedly because he thinks this will break us up. I warned him that I am at my wits end and I cant wait for this move!

  75. Alice said,

    August 10, 2014 at 7:36 am

    Sorry I have just realised I have said “Ladies” throughout my comment, sorry guys, I obviously know there are P/A women too, please don’t be offended, it just seems that the majority of P/A abuse somes from men.

  76. Amanda Sue Rollins said,

    August 20, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I read most of the posts here, and the original article and I wanted to know if any of ya’ll could be of help to me? I’m not married, and I know almost everyone, if not everyone on this site who has been posting is married or was married, but would you still be able to help me even though I am not married and have never been married?

    Anyways, I was dating this guy for the last 3 years (he recently cheated on me and has been with the girl he cheated on me with exclusively for the past 2 months), and after reading articles like this and doing other research on the net I am pretty sure he is a passive aggressive person, but I am not 100% sure because he was married before knew each other. When I met him he was just going through the divorce, his wife asked for a divorce after only a year or so of marriage and they were divorced officially 3 years later. He actually was still married (for 3 months) when he confessed to me that he had feelings for me. It took us 2 years after that to begin dating each other, but I don’t want to get into all these details because I don’t think it has anything to do with why I am here.

    He was together with his exwife for 4 years before he asked her to marry him and I don’t know his exwife I have only heard people at work talk about her and the way she was when she was with him (we work together, he is my boss) and it sounded to me like she was a very headstrong individual who wore the pants in that relationship. She is also the one who asked for the divorce and then according to him kept taking it back saying she wanted counseling and all this and then would change her mind again and demand he sign the papers. He said she really messed with his head. But he was with her for 4 years before they were married and she looked so happy in the wedding pics he showed me, so I don’t understand or know if this man is really passive aggressive or if he didn’t really like me, was just using me because his wife was leaving him and he needed someone to listen to him and give him attention or whatever it is he needed at the time, so therefore he acted like he was passive aggressive to push me away and to keep from having a real relationship with me (I never got to meet his friends or family because he said he was afraid people at work would find out and he’d lose his job, so we had to keep everything between us) and he said he was scared of commitment because he was afraid of getting hurt again so we basically had a relationship without the title. I could get into all this and give examples of why I think he is passive aggressive, but I am not sure any of you want to know those things?? I just am not sure because if he was passive aggressive wouldn’t his exwife had noticed those things and not married him? I know she asked for a divorce after only a year, but there have been rumors around why she asked for a divorce after only a year and none of them have to do with him being passive aggressive. And he treats this new girl like she is the queen of the world, he is nothing like he was with me, with her. So I was wondering if the way he treated me was because he really didn’t like me and thought of me as just an option and not someone he was serious about being in a relationship with but this girl and his exwife were people he wanted in his life and therefore treats/treated them better than he treated me? Because it’s been 2 months that the two of them have been together without him having to juggle the two of us (I think he was with her for about 2 months before I found out about her) and she is still with him so I mean he is not acting the way he acted with me because she is still with him. From what I have read here and other places a passive aggressive person will be that way with anyone he is in a relationship with, which is why I am wanting some help in knowing if he really IS passive aggressive or just acted like one so he wouldn’t have to commit to me? Because like I said, he is not acting this way with the new girl he is with, he is treating her so much better than he ever did me I mean she gets to see him more in the short time she has been with him than I ever did in the 5 years I have known him and the 3 I was romantically involved with him. I am just wondering if it was all my fault and if I made him act the way he did because he is a totally different person it seems like to me with this girl than he was with me.

    I didn’t mean to take up so much room and write so much, I am sorry. But can anyone help me with this? Is it ok that I am posting here?

    • coralf said,

      August 20, 2014 at 6:25 pm

      Oh my word, RUN!

      The first thing you need to realise is that cheaters lie. Especially about their ex spouses. They also blame shift to justify their behaviour. They also lie and love bomb to get attention.
      Lies ruin relationships.

      If you really want to learn the ins and outs of this dynamic please visit

      While it seems she takes a hard line on the behaviors she writes about there, I’ve seen it reflected again and again in the collective experience of every divorce support group I’ve attended. She also speaks about what you should be looking for in a healthy relationship and what the red flags are.

      • Angry-momma said,

        August 20, 2014 at 6:39 pm

        He sounds like my guy. complete prince charming. and it wears off. I live with my man for 10 years, dating 13 years, known him for 22 years. What his wife had become is what we like to call ‘angry wife’ of course she had to wear the pants, he may of not done anything. I met my mans siblings (even though I knew 1 of them) 2.5 years later and his mother 3.5 years later(at his fathers funeral, I was suppose to ‘meet him at Christmas’) and in no way is it your fault. Consider yourself lucky that you got away! Stay strong. There’s nothing wrong with you-that’s how they turn it around and make everything look like its your fault!
        Take care!

    • Lyn said,

      August 20, 2014 at 8:41 pm

      If it were me and not married I’d walk away. There’s a lot of baggage. I’m married to my PA I have kids and it’s not easy to walk away from the marriage. It’s just my opinion. Follow your heart. Good luck!!!

      • Amanda Sue Rollins said,

        August 21, 2014 at 1:31 pm

        Hi Lyn,

        Thank you for your input. We are not together anymore, he cheated on me which I didn’t find out about until after he came back from a business trip. He went to California for a few days and the first couple of days he was there I heard from him, he told me how much he missed me and begged me to go to a doctor to make sure I was ok (I was sick the weekend before he left) and how much he couldn’t wait to come home and spend time with me. Then I didn’t hear from him for the rest of his trip until the day he was to come home. He sent me a text saying his phone had died the previous day and the power in his hotel went out so he couldn’t charge it which is why I hadn’t heard from him. I texted him back and in not so many words told him I didn’t believe his story. He stopped talking to me and hasn’t spoken a word to me since, he cant even stand looking at me or being in the same room as me. I gave him a week to cool off and when I went to his house to talk to him there was another woman there. Come to find out he was seeing her at the same time he was seeing me for two months before he disappeared from me.

        I know everyone is telling me to run away from him, that I am better off without him, but I am trying to understand his behavior and truth be told I do want to be back together with him.

        I am not 100% sure he is passive aggressive and I also don’t understand that if he is that way and it is something he learned in childhood how his wife (before she was his wife) didn’t notice these things and ended up marrying him? And if he was passive aggressive with me why isn’t he acting that way with this new girl? They have been together exclusively for 2 months and she still seems crazy about him. Is that part of it? Are they really charming men in the beginning? He was so charming when I first met him. He really seemed like he was everything I could ever ask for in a guy. Not only was he sweet, but he came across as very honest, together, he had all of these qualities I was looking for in a guy, it was like he was created out of a check list of qualities I had in my head about what I want in a guy. He had the same opinions as me and values and beliefs in the beginning. Then something changed…I remember the first time he snapped at me. I am not someone who likes to curse, so I try very hard not to, and when we first were getting to know each other and flirting and whatnot I had made a joke about putting a ‘swear jar” in the office and every time he swore, or I swore, we’d put a quarter in and when the jar was full we’d use the money to go out for drinks or something I cant remember. But he said he doesn’t like to swear either and the jar was a good idea so we can both try to stop doing it. So anyways, one day we were in the office and there were some other people in there and he swore and I called him out on it in a joking manner about owing me a quarter or something and he apologized then all of a sudden he snapped and was like “You know what, I’m NOT sorry, I don’t care if I swear! This is me and if you don’t like it then you don’t like me!” I couldn’t believe it I mean he LIKED the swear jar idea when I first talked to him about it and it really was just a joke I never actually put a swear jar in the office! He said the same as me that he doesn’t like it when he swears and he was trying to stop and that the jar was a good idea. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere he flipped out on me and that was the last time I EVER corrected him when he swore.

        Is that passive aggressive behavior?

  77. Angry-momma said,

    August 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    “his wife”, meaning your man’s ex wife

    • Angry-momma said,

      August 20, 2014 at 7:24 pm

      I left him behind 3 weeks ago again. We talked about going to the beach, well he decided he wanted to sleep in until noon. Welp I got my son and I ready, he went in told daddy we are going to beach to get up. at 11am I just left. I didn’t go back and get him and I made plenty of noise packing coming in and out and my son running around. Beach is an hour away, I ended up getting lost and had to retract about 20 mins he called at 1pm and asked where I was and why I didn’t get him up. I said the baby did and you ignored him. I’m not keeping him cooped up until you decide when YOURE ready to get up and then follow an hour of you getting ready when we’ve been up and ready. He wanted me to turn around and come get him. I said, you were late, you weren’t ready, you come and find us, this is where we are. So he came to find us an hour later! ha! screw you buddy! im not making my 4 year old WAIT until you decide when you want to do something. the kids been up for 4 hours already patiently waiting for your jerk-ass to get going? I think not!

      • Lyn said,

        August 20, 2014 at 8:34 pm

        Omg kind of sounds like my husband. When my kids were young and we had to go to HIS mothers house he would have the car loaded, the kids in their car seats ready to get there 1/2 hour early. They lived 3 miles away. But once we got there my kids had to wait three hours before they were allowed to open any presents. BUT, if we had parents night at the school, say at 6;30. He’d come home from work at 6:15, take a shower and make us late. When this became a habit over the years, not home yet! Bye I’m going without you, see ya!!!!!

  78. Amanda Sue Rollins said,

    August 21, 2014 at 12:24 am

    That’s just it though, I am not sure is he is passive aggressive. I did not want to post anything detail on here until I was sure it was ok with ya’ll that I was here in the first place. As I said, I am not married to him nor was I married him, so I wasn’t sure if I belonged since all of ya’ll are married or were married. But two of you have responded to my post, so I take it is ok that I am here, so I want to get some insights on whether or not this man is a passive aggressive person or if he was only like that with me because he was angry at his wife and couldn’t show it to her, so he gave it all to me. I just want to get a handle on this and understand him and myself. I want to know if I brought this out in him because like I said he has been with this girl he cheated on me with for 2 months and already he is committed to her which doesn’t sound like a passive aggressive from what I have read, so I just need some support and guidance to find out what his deal with me was. If ya’ll can help me with that I would appreciate!

    • coralf said,

      August 21, 2014 at 1:09 pm

      You asked for an opinion so here it is.

      Passive aggression and conflict avoidance are dysfunctional coping mechanisms usually learned in childhood. You can’t make someone passive aggressive any more than you can turn someone blue.
      You will never know for sure and your research time would probably be better spent learning about what healthy behaviors, healthy boundaries and a healthy relationship are supposed to look.

      I would also learn to recognise unhealthy red flags and listen to your gut. Cheating, blame shifting and emotional manipulation are some of them.
      Why are you allowing yourself to stay in an environment where someone is treating you like that?

      The power of Spackle:

      • Irritated said,

        August 23, 2014 at 9:06 pm

        Because my husband grew up in a household with a narcarisstic mother, who as a child was never allowed to voice an opinion. This followed him into adulthood. To this day my husband of 18 years and who happens to be 49 YO, avoids conflict at all costs with me, his own wife, his siblings and people in general, could be a store clerk, whoever. Trying to have a conversation with my Husband like talking to a statue. So in a nutshell it starts in childhood. I spent years trying to figure out why my husband would never speak up . I fought his battles with his mother and siblings for 18 years and he put me in the front line while he hid in the shadows . I am a stay at home with two teen sons. What I need is a job. First off. I pray I get one soon. His sister who is executor of deceased parents has the money she supposed to divide 5 ways from sale of parents home. She won’t give my husband his share because she saving it incase the youngest sibling who is 47 yO wants to get married some day who lives with her live in BF who gave her a friendship ring last year. So the rest of the siblings have to suffer monetary loss because of a pipe dream that one day a marriage will take place. But my husband refuses to ask for his share. So he says he’s not gonna fight with his sister for me!!! Fine so be it , I have to find my own way .

  79. Dara said,

    August 21, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    To Laila: You did not make your ex husband passive aggressive. It doesn’t magically appear. It has been there since childhood and rears it’s ugly side when they have someone to vent on. From my experience it took me years to recognize what was happening. It was a friend who mentioned to me, out of the blue, that her first husband was P-A. I didn’t know what she was talking about. It took me years to figure out the pattern. In twenty-four years of marriage he displayed his anger once. One time in our marriage I could tell he was mad at me. From then on it was underhanded comments, ridicule and bewildering behavior that left me feeling alone and worthless. You’re better off without him. Consider yourself lucky you didn’t waste more time with this man. In time, the new woman in his life will come to find out what you already know.

  80. lam said,

    August 22, 2014 at 4:22 am

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your story!Im a week or two in my separation from my on and off again now ex boyfriend of 2years ive recently realized he too is passive aggressive! No i ddnt make some remarkable discovery from being with him it took me readig a book on anger that i thought I needed to read the signs and tecognize he had them all!Very scary needless to say once i put the pieces together

  81. SnatchAlicia said,

    August 23, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    My PA left me 10 months ago and finally tonight i have found this ‘voice’ to make sense of this weird ‘betrayal’ – i was able to identify his behaviour with the help of our marriage counsellor – which he obviously and subsequently gave up on – only after he ‘lost’ (actually someone STOLE) – the file with all his ‘notes’ etc. – but i have not until tonight found such an apt description of what actually happened – the telling everybody else he was divorcing me – the subsequent ‘affair’. I’ sobbed as i read about your pain about lost memories – exactly how i have been feeling – my pain and heartache over my nicely wrapped parcel of shit. My 10 years of poetry, anniversary cards, love letters, photos and facebook albums of ‘our love’ – trying to hold it together – and thinking ‘just another bad patch’ – now to realise all those times i felt that niggling feeling that ‘he is really being mean and right out malicious’ now – to now finally realise he actually WAS being malicious hurtful, and angry at me!!! Just after i read this article i immediately wrote a reply but then when i tried to post it i lost it – so this now my attempt at trying to find those words i used to get my feeling across – which are floating somewhere in cyberspace!! I am just so so thankful for this post as it really made something ‘click’ for me – the whole time i feel as if others can not understand my pain and grief – why am i not jumping up and down with delight now that he has finally left me? “Why are you ‘mourning’ your ‘marriage’ – from what we can gather it was not a real marriage anyway/” – – it just finally feels as if someone understands my pain – even if i don’t know you – you have really really helped me I don’t care if my family or closest friends don’t get it – someone gets it!! . I am now struggling with anger at the people who are taken in by his ‘victim’ act and who believe his lies….but i’m sure that the ‘you reap what you sow’ bus will also pull into that terminal…. I do not want to get bitter, i don’t want to hate him – how can i? – i want to heal, i want to regain my balance and serenity – but i definitely need to investigate my choices and see how i can deal with my ‘co-dependency’? So hopefully you can suggest some sites for me? I will absolutely read your other blogs as well. Thank you again. Very very much.

    • coralf said,

      August 25, 2014 at 9:36 pm

      I don’t really want to write about these things anymore, which is disturbing because most of my blogs attention is due to this topic.

      10 months in is really early in. I see many people who have these relationships where they kind of knew things were rocky. It’s a different ball game and completely traumatic when you were made to believe, by someone who’s been really close to you for over a decade that things were going more than great to actually realise it was all a manipulative act.

      Things get better. Much better.

    • coralf said,

      August 25, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      And that charming lesson to always always always trust your gut.

  82. Dea said,

    September 11, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    After reading, I feel that I need to share my story, maybe I get some second opinions.
    I was left by my boyfriend after 7 years about a month ago. I could not understand what happened. We were madly in love, had a passionate relationship, I was devastated when it ended. Throughout the years we had our fights, but for me it was nothing extraordinary to have a fight. I was always since a teenager an expressive person, I had no trouble running over others like a bulldozer when in a conflict. I do not say this is the right behavior, I know it is not healthy but he got together with me knowing me like this. I am successful, well educated and have a strong personality. I remember him telling me when we got together how he loved when I came back from a meeting where I had an argument, how cute I was when my nose was getting all wrinkled. So I know he knew what he was getting. All these years he told me how he cannot think of someone more perfect for him… We had a great relationship, traveled the world, moved jobs together, had a really full life. Everybody who knew us was shocked when the news came. We had arguments, and after that long periods of radio silence. The arguments started on small things. I wanted something, a small task, and first reaction was “no”. His excuse was that his mother was always bossing him around, how he hates it, and I should stop doing it. I found it unfair that I cannot ask for help. He will do it when he feels like. And sometimes it was hours, days, months till he got something done. He was withdrawing a lot in his self involved hobbies, at one point he got involved in a network strategy game for about 8 Months, sometimes 10-12 hours a day. But I ended up in counseling, because it is my problem that it is bothering me. We always made plans, but somehow the big steps we never took. He always put it on me, because he saw I had my doubts, so he better gave up. Since the beginning of the year I got a new assignment, which required more traveling on my side. When he saw I was going out with others, having a good time, he concluded that I am not happy with him, and I am out looking for someone else. No matter how much reassurance he got, the conclusion was the same. The final reason that he gave me that he was worried by my behavior. And he knows I am not happy with him, and always complain about him procrastinating on all things I ask him and all decisions, I am better off without him… I tried for weeks to talk to him, but he turned in the martyr who sacrificed everything for me, and I was selfish and never gave him anything. I was really hurt, so I started reading a lot about personality types to see how I can change my behavior, be less angry and more understanding. When I came across the PA, it was like reading the story of my life. I think he was living out his fears through my anger and frustration. Just knew very well how to push me to have a fit, so he can stay the nice guy and me the crazy raging lunatic. It breaks my heart, because I love him like crazy. But there is no way of making him understand. He lives with the idea that although he did everything for me, I was unsatisfied, looking around for better, and he just got tired of trying to make me happy while all I do is complain all day about his habits. And of course the final rage of anger which he laid on me when we broke up was also my fault, because normally he is a loving and caring person who never gets angry, but he just couldn’t help it around me….

  83. Halo said,

    October 3, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Hello ladies, I have been doing research on this most heinous personality disorder. I was married to a PA for 8 yrs and am currently waiting for the date to finalize my divorce. ihad no idea what PA was, I just thought that my then boyfriend was just making stupid decisions. Little did I know that he was planning and stategically plotting the entire time. He had prejudged me but what he did not plan for was me being able to beat him at his own game. It is unfortunate that i did not come to this 17 yrs and 2 kids prior. My mother, his mother and my older brother all told me that he was passive aggressive but i had Nooooo clue what that meant. We were “ok” until we got married (we dated for 11 yrs) when i got pregnant with our second child i took the plunge. Biggest mistake of my life. We would break up and get back together. He would always say that he was going to leave. I spent so many years with this looming over my head. Finally one day he said it, I asked him when and before he could answer I said lets make it NOW. I helped him pack his S___T. I was so hurt and we tried to get back together or should i say i tried. He got involved with 2 women 4 months after he left. Woud become enraged if i asked him about them. He took great pleasure in watching me hurt. It wasnt until the day that he moved in with her that sent me for a loop. He had her babysitting our children and then had the audacity to move in and have my children with her during his visits. Maaaan, can you say pissed. The final straw was when he decided that he was going to leave her and he did. He came back to my house and then that night she came and KNOCKED ON MY DOOR!!!! How did she know my address…..i didnt know how this woman looked, she knew all about me. I knew nothing except her name. I found out where she lived eventually because my kids were going there. Anyway, I have so much more that i could talk about but that would not help. The best thing that i can put on this forum is good advice. Ladies, no matter what, love yourself more. Mr PA is NOT GOING to change. He will drive you absolutely nuts and be just as content as a pig in slop while we are pulling our hair out. No matter how hard or scary you have to leave. If you have to stay in a shelter, piece of mind is worth more than any material thing. Get your children out of the dsyfunctional environment. They are affected too. Once when i allowed him to come back I watched how my children were affected by his presence. It only lasted 3 days. i suffered anxiety attacks when he was around. Nightsweats and just felt negative energy. It was not worth it to me. I made up my mind to let it go. After 17 yrs i let it go. It took me 2 yrs but i made it. I was determined. Share information, people will help you. You never know what the next person is going through. I would rather have a heated vent and a blanket before returning to that life. There is sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I met a wonderful man. He has supported me and we are now discussing marriage. I spent 17 yrs living a lie but once i came to grips with it and let it go, none of that mattered. Of course my PA ex is doing everything to try to sucker me back in (as he is still iving with his girlfriend) and he is upset that i did not beg him to come back. Not stroking his ego kills him. He wants me to want him but i will NEVER ask him to come back. I took control. Before I made allowances for him but no more. Now we have a court order and i let him know that you will abide by it. I cant make you do anything but i can keep records. So anytime that you try to get at me by not picking up the children on your schedule day it is duly noted and will be presented to the judge. I let him know that i will fight for full custody and that he will see them when i say so and pay child support. If he misses one payment i will notify the courts and have you locked up. I recite his SSN to him to let him know that you can run but you cant hide. I will no longer be his victim. I ignore him and when i do he tries to control my life by not holding up his end of the bargain regarding the children. So i had to counter that.

    The best thing to do for a passive aggressive is to ignore them. Be matter of fact and direct. They will eventually walk on to the next victim. He never wanted to give me a definite answer to anything. What time are you going to get here……always a 2 hr window. Trying to control me. i will be waiting for him…..not going to happen. Said that he would drop the kids off at 650am showed up at 730am , did not call to say he was running late. He had to wait until i was done taking my shower. He was so mad when i opened the door. I just smiled. Sent him a text message reminding him of the time that he said he would arrive and said that he should have called when plans changed. I also sad that a little communication will hep things flow more smoothly. told him to have a great day and kept it moving. The best medicine for a PA is to ignore him and leave. I am so much happier. It was hard but i made it.

    He was devastated when I told him that i did not want to talk to him. You know PAs want you to want them so they can deny you. To hell with that. Kick rocks and tell your story walking. i love myself to much. Once i discovered what PA was I vowed to never go back. It is hard because i love him dearly but i know that we do not have a future and i refuse to invest another minute on this dsyfunction. I deserve better and thanks to my new guy i am receiving it. Please ladies love yourself and let it go. They do not change and why subject yourself to abuse.

  84. Tez said,

    November 8, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    Incredible..! My mind is reeling right now, that there are others going through the same thing. I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon this place. Thank you to everyone that has shared their stories. You have given me clarity and hope.

    Even though you (coralf) stated that you don’t wish to discuss this topic any longer – which I find completely understandable- I will still share MY story, in hopes that someone else will be able to relate to my experiences. Also, I just need to vent to a place where I might be understood…

    *I apologize that this turned out being so long*

    I met T through an internet dating site 10 years ago, at the age of 34, after having lived in Finland for almost 3 years. (I’m originally from Sweden, but lived in Canada for 21 years before moving here). My family and my one remaining friend, are all still in Canada. When I met T, I had only a few months left to live in Finland, as my work contract as an ESL teacher wasn’t being renewed, due to cutbacks. I had found a job teaching in England for the summer, and then I was going to move back to Canada or try to find a new country to work and live in. As many here have mentioned in their own stories, T was very charming at first. He was successful in his work, building a beautiful home, and showed genuine interest in building a life and family together with someone. Looking back, there were of course ‘red flags’, but I excused them, putting the blame on things like him being shy, an engineer, and Finnish (engineers and Finns having a reputation of being slightly odd and introverted. -apologies for the generalizations, but such had been my experiences teaching business English to Finnish engineers, and even THEY joked about their special personality traits! )

    We became inseperable quickly, and I fell head over heels for him…thinking I’d found a true life partner, at last. I’d been single for 5 years at that point, having gone through a separation from someone who had some serious issues with addictions and had been both verbally and emotionally abusive towards me. I was counting myself lucky for having gotten out of that previous relationship, and promised myself to not make the same mistakes in recognizing character flaws again. The timing of our meeting, however, meant that I was homeless and unemployed only 3 months later…and I had a temporary teaching job lined up in England. T didn’t want me to go, and I was frankly flattered of his attachment to me. We decided that I could move into his soon to be finished house, and live there for the summer while helping him build it, and do some simple landscaping outside…and to see where out relationship would take us. He seemed just as eager as I was, to commit to something long term. I was 34, and my biological clock was ticking. I’d by that point as good as given up the thought of having a family of my own, so you can imagine my sheer joy at having found someone who wanted to start a family with me. It started with him buying me a dog of my own…a chocolate labrador, which I had dreamed of for many years. A couple of months later, I discovered I was pregnant. It didn’t exactly come as a surprise, as T had refused to wear protection…and I had been off the pill for years, seeing as there had been zero need for it.

    So, basically, he had me trapped in his extremely rural home village, across the road from his parents’ house, where he’s lived his whole life. Pregnant, unemployed, broke, and very far away from family and friends. I still didn’t see it as such, though…he continued being charming and thoughtful, and the few times when I noticed his odd behaviour towards me, I still excused it, chalking it up to stress from work, his never having lived with a woman before (his girlfriend/fianceé of 15 years had moved to Sweden ‘temporarily’ to work as a nurse, and had had an affair there, while he was busy building a house for them. Or, at least, that was the story I’ve been told).

    Some things that I remember reacting to as odd and troubling (giving my gut a little stirring that I shouldn’t have ignored) that first year together, were 1. his complete refusal to open himself up and show vulnerability during love making…he wouldn’t show me how he liked to be touched, would make ZERO noise, and refused to talk about body parts or birth control. (all of which still holds true, ten years later). 2. his near violent reaction to being photographed, and sulking about it for days afterwards if I insisted. 3. He told me he loved me, 3 weeks after we met face to face (we emailed for a month before that). He also told me at that point, that he would never say it again, because he feels uncomfortable in doing so. I didn’t think he REALLY meant it, but to this day 10½ years later, I still haven’t heard those words again, despite having said them to him many times, mostly during the first couple of years. I later gave up. 4. He would never use anyone’s names, including mine. Just odd nicknames that only he used for people. It made getting to know people difficult, especially when meeting pretty much the entire village at once. 5. He wouldn’t share any anecdotes from his childhood, talk about his past, or show pictures. The little information I could collect about him, I got from his parents and his younger sister, or from direct yes/no questions.

    Our first Christmas together, 9 months into our relationship, saw us travelling to Canada to meet my family. I was 5 months pregnant at that time, and looking forward to showing and sharing bits of my life from before we’d met. He’d so far shown little interest in my past, which I thought had to do with the fact that where we live in Finland, we weren’t surrounded by things that could remind me of stories, or prompt him to ask about things. So I thought that he’d show some interest in getting to know me, and seeing some things from where I grew up. This, I think, was my first ‘OMG what is WRONG with this guy’ moment. When I confronted him with how he was upsetting me about his apparent lack of interest in anything I had to show him or say, he completely clammed up. Like, he didn’t give any response that he had heard me speak. He sat like a statue, staring at me, watching me grow more and more upset. I was sobbing, and quite visibly upset, and he couldn’t even lean over to comfort me by rubbing my back. Nothing, Just staring at me.

    I think, having lived through a previous relationship with emotional abuse, I instinctively adapted to life with T, not noticing (or giving enough importance to) the quirks of T’s personality that would surface more often…or the things that I somehow thought would go away with time, as we got to know each other more, and learned to trust each other. ‘Cause that’s mostly what I thought; he’d been hurt by his ex, and had trouble opening up and learning to trust again. It was first after the birth of our second child, that T’s true colours really began to show. During our first, he would take turns in helping out with feedings and even changing a diaper or two. He would take some time out of his workaholic schedule to be with us, and would seemingly take pleasure in showing our son, R, things like the tractors that pass by our house, or letting him ‘help’ when doing some tasks around the house. Our second child, however, proved to have trouble sleeping at night. She would scream for hours, and wake up 6-8 times per night. I simply couldn’t trust T to let him get up with her. He had no patience for trying to calm and soothe our baby girl. Gentle bobbing up and down motions would become fast, angry motions, and soothing words would get spoken too loudly. So, I assumed all responsibily for child care. Our son was 1½, and extremely active during the day, requiring constant vigillance, and our daughter would keep me up all night with her crying. I was exhausted, and now knew the supportive partnership I had imagined in building our family, didn’t exist.

    And so, that’s how the next 8 years have been. I’m trapped in a ‘foreign’ country, unemployed and uneducated, raising 2 (incredible, wonderful) children, living with a stranger who won’t talk to me, in a tiny spot in the middle of nowhere, which also happens to be the place where my common-law husband has lived all of his life, and where he knows everyone and I know basically no one. T works a full time job, in addition to owning a company of his own, and co-owning another, both companies taking up ALL of his time outside of his regular full time job. I have no one to talk to, and I feel myself slipping away, slowly going crazy from trying to understand this person that I live with. I’ve tried explaining his behaviour to a couple of people, but of course no one can truly understand what I’m talking about, since he’s truly charming and talkative to the rest of the world.

    Here is a list of some things that come to mind, now making me believe he’s got Passive Aggresive Personality Disorder:

    – he’ll speak to me only when HE feels like it, always about a topic of his choice…he’ll start the story ‘in the middle’, somehow expecting me to know what/who he’s talking about, despite never having gotten any information previously. He’ll spew out his information like a presentation, and if I try to show interest in turning it into an actual conversation by asking follow-up questions, he’ll immediately be irritated by my apparent stupidity for not knowing what he’s talking about, and only answer sarcastically, or in 1or2 word sentences.

    – if I try to start a conversation, it’s most usually met with irritation for being disturbed, a one word answer, or (most often) a sound that is almost a word, but not really.

    – he never uses anyone’s real name around me. I’ve never heard my own name, and the kids haven’t heard theirs, either. Choosing names for the kids was a living hell for me…any name choice I would have, would be turned down for one reason or another. And when asked what HE would prefer, he would only come up with joke names. Like the name of our elderly -male- neighbour for our daughter, for example.

    – he has an apparent inability to express feelings and opinions. He also gets angry if anyone else in the house expresses feelings or opinions. If someone dares laugh at something that they find funny, T immediately mocks their laughter and asks ‘was that funny?’ . He never gives compliments, either.

    – he never expresses wishes or needs. Choosing gifts for him is a nightmare, as one is expected to read his mind. Whatever gift he receives is met with a blank face, no words of thanks, and usually left to collect dust somewhere.

    – he’s a total workaholic, spending as much time away from us as possible. His ‘free time’ at home is spent locked into his office with the door closed, or away from home fixing or installing things for people (he’s an IT/ computer guy, electric engineer, robot programmer, and also installs surveillance systems with some other people) On occasions where he’s forced to take time or vacation with us, he’ll usually actively sabotage the enjoyment of it. Like seemingly agreeing to come bowling with me and the kids. Something that R was really excited to do, as he’d tried it once with his class. T comes along, only to inform us once we get there that no, he’s not bowling. Proceeds to sit staring at us while we do it, not talking to us or reacting to the kids bowling at all. The kids were very confused at his behaviour, as they had thought we were going to go have fun together for once… Another time, he punished me for making him play a Pictionary style board game with me and the kids. When it was his turn, he’d draw the bare minimum…when it was our turn, he’d refuse to guess, wouldn’t roll the dice, or move his game piece.

    – he won’t move anything out of the way. He’ll choose instead to work AROUND things that are in the way, step OVER things left on the floor, or sit ON things left on the couch. He doesn’t put the garbage in the garbage can, but will leave it out on the counter instead. He’ll leave the cutlery drawer open a liiiiitle bit, just enough to be in the way and to collect crumbs. But, he WILL move (and attempt to hide) a particular spoon or cup that I might show preference in wanting to use.

    – he doesn’t tolerate bathroom sounds (yet he designed the house in a way that places his office -where he spends all of his time – directly opposite the hall from our only usable bathroom), chewing sounds, or me stirring the sugar in a particular tea mug.

    – I used to ask him to fix stuff here at home. Since it leads nowhere, I’ve stopped asking. After 8 years, we finally got a second bathroom installed. Right next to our (MY) bedroom, which I had really been looking forward to since it’s a pain having to go downstairs to go pee in the middle of the night. 2 years later, I still can’t really use the bathroom, since it doesn’t have a window or any lighting (note the fact that he’s an electrical engineer). But yet, he’s been to numerous other houses, spending DAYS installing all of their electrical and lighting needs. There’s also something wrong with the heating system upstairs, leaving the 2 bedrooms there (mine, and R’s) VERY cold in the winter. Sometimes no more than 10 degrees Celcius. You would think that a caring father would be there to find and repair the problem, full of concern for his freezing son. But, since T insists on sleeping on the couch in front of the TV in the living room -on the main floor, close to our wood burning stove, it matters not that our son and I are freezing our butts off upstairs.

    Ok…I know this is turning into the longest novel ever, and there are sooo many more things that should be listed. But I’ll just mention one more thing…the thing that got me hooked reading all of the above comments, because I was all ‘WTF, do these men compare notes and share ideas for crazy making, or what!?’

    -THE CAR. The not using the freakin’ windshield wipers until way past the point of not being able to see the road. Putting the seatbelt on while driving, while steering with his leg. Speaking on the cell phone, programming the GPS, and watching TV shows on his mini ipad thingy. All while driving over the speed limit, with his family in the car, seemingly not caring about our safety.

    I’ll end this now. There’s so much more to my story, but I feel better now just knowing that all of this crazyness actually has a name. This coming week, I’m finally seeking help from a psychologist concerning my ADHD and the severe depression I’ve found myself in lately. I’m going to tell him about my new found revelations regarding T’s behaviour, and see if he feels that my suspicions of PAPD are warrented. Hopefully that will lead to me getting some help in dealing with it. I’ve never felt this alone before in my life, and I truly thought I’d seen lonely.

    And, thank you. Thank you to everyone who shared their own story, thank you to anyone reading mine, and thank you to any thoughts anyone might share after reading this.


  85. AG said,

    April 13, 2015 at 2:10 am

    Thanks for writing about your PA husband. I’ve been with my PA husband for six years. He changes jobs frequently because he always has issues between himself and management or he says the company policies are unfair and he won’t put up with it.

    The first few times he complained for months and left his job (or was let go) I gave him the benefit of the doubt but we have changed our living situation so many times and I’ve heard the same complaints about jobs and Managers from him over these years that the pattern is too obvious to ignore. I began to see that other people were often as frustrated with his behavior as I am. He has even cried telling me he doesn’t understand why he’s not more successful in life. He has a long string of short-lived jobs behind him at 57 years old but still sees what happens at his jobs as everybody else’s problem.

    Yesterday we had a verbal blowout with his current boss (I work for them too). He claims he told his boss that he would be gone and when he would return. The boss claims he never did. I don’t know if he told him but I do know my husband often claims he told me something when I know he DID NOT tell me. The boss blew up, used the “F” word over and over and got in my husband’s face–it was BAD and my husband just stood there and calmly stuck to his claim that he told the Boss all the details about his departure and return. I thought we would be let go but I think the Boss can’t afford to let us go right now. I asked the Boss if he had tried my husband’s cell phone but my husband hadn’t given the Boss his new number (on purpose, I think) months ago and tried to act like he did.

    One thing my PA husband likes to do is what I call “dangle” people. I think it makes him feel powerful somehow to watch somebody have issues with a job or not get help that my husband could/should have given to prevent a problem. He just stands there and acts like it wasn’t his fault or he didn’t know or he couldn’t have helped because he was prevented by some circumstance. I know these are often lies/excuses and he should have done something. It makes him feel good to see others fail when he does this and sometimes he brags to me about how someone screwed up and he had to come in and fix their problem.

    Another sure sign that my husband is PA is that he is just like his Mother this way. She gets a big kick out of letting someone else, or helping someone else fail or at least look stupid so she can talk about how inept they are and of course, even without saying it, it makes her look superior. It’s like putting a rope in front of a doorway and then condemning the people that trip and fall for being so stupidly accident prone and not noticing the rope. Needless to say, she is not my favorite person. My husband is her only child and they are two peas in a pod in many ways. That may indicate more aspects to the PA issue or be related, at least.

    Something else my PA Husband does is “throw me under the bus” when something happens and he can get away with it. We worked together on a temp job for the government. We were often late because he insisted on stopping at the mini-mart every morning to get gas instead of gassing up the night before. He also would buy breakfast or lunch stuff at that time and it would make us later. Sometimes our tardiness was my fault but not usually. He was moved to another area to work and they put me with his old working group. The guys there liked me well enough to tell me that my husband had been reporting to his superior and the guys he worked with that I was at fault for our Tardiness, every time. This is just one example of many where I have discovered he doesn’t mind sacrificing me for his own gain.

    He doesn’t tell me things. He tells other people and makes plans with his family and friends but doesn’t let me know until it’s almost upon us or even not at all. I hear things from others and go through his emails and facebook chats just to find out what is going on. I SHOULDN’T have to do this, I know. He also lies to people about how much work I do or tells others I don’t help him pay for things. I worked very hard to help him with side businesses for over three years. It was very physical work and I never stopped my momentum once or refused to go with him even though I never got any money from it into my hands the whole time. He said it was all required for paying our bills. One day I hear his Mother make a comment about how nobody every helps my husband, he has to do it all himself and works sooo hard. Another day I heard her ask him on the phone, “Doesn’t she ever do ANYTHING?” I asked him about that and he denied she said it.

    So here I sit after a problem that came about while I was helping him do his job while he did things to actually make it harder for me and then sat and watched me struggle when he could have/should have told me how to do something…it was HIS job to do that. He just smiled to himself.

    I think I have always been a healthier person emotionally than to be with someone like my Husband, honestly. I think about my life before, my friends, my relationships and they weren’t this messed up. This was kind of an anomaly, it seems, us getting together. His Mother still insists that I only married her son for his money. Ironic, since he has no money and was living in her house on unemployment when I met him and like I said, I worked my butt off to help him with his side work and received no $ myself. She is a whole other problem trying to interfere in our marriage, etc. She acts like we’re not even married and has treated me as if I were just a Temporary acquaintance in her son’s life.

    I feel ready to get out but I don’t have the means to do it. I think that He thinks that he’s going to get half of my things if we divorce because of laws in this State. I fear I will come home one day and my things will be gone because he’s left suddenly before and even had the electricity shut off then, of course, acted ignorant to how that affected me. He also tries to act charming to my Mother who I know he can’t tolerate, I think because he knows there will be a small inheritance. If I leave him now I have no job and no money, no place to go. Thankfully we don’t have kids but we do have some small farm animals that I purchased and care for.

    • coralf said,

      April 13, 2015 at 8:15 am

      Many behaviours became much more obvious to me after reading about covert aggressive personalities. It is absolutely in intentional behaviour and is all about power.
      George Simon discusses these types and demonstrates example behaviours in his book, “In Sheeps clothing”.

      Well worth the read.

    • Not too late said,

      April 27, 2015 at 11:27 pm

      My mother in law was a vindictive narcarcistic bitch. My husband is one of 5 siblings. Married 20 years two teen sons…. and my husband walked on eggshells where she was concerned. His mother cried when we had other plans, or had to go visit MY family on occasion. She stuck her nose in our business constantly. I told my husband stop telling her everything!!! Because she expects it. His Mother now deceased 3 years now. But I found this sight a year ago and I finally after 19 years of marriage can now pinpoint my husbands behavior. He avoids confrontation with everybody. I had to fight with his mother while he kept his mouth shut.

  86. Jenn said,

    April 27, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Thank you..thank you and thank you.
    I’m sitting here thinking perhaps I was crazy to break up with “him”, perhaps I was mistaken, but no…the more I think about it, the more I know I am right.
    He changed, started doing a 180 on me..every month it became worse and worse..lies, omitting information about things, then finally the emotional withdrawl and silent treatment.

    I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Miss him but know the roller coaster is over.

    Thank you for your honest recount of events. It helps tremendously to know I am not the only one.

  87. Jenn said,

    April 27, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Thank you..thank you and thank you.
    I’m sitting here thinking perhaps I was crazy to break up with “him”, perhaps I was mistaken, but no…the more I think about it, the more I know I am right.
    He changed, started doing a 180 on me..every month it became worse and worse..lies, omitting information about things, then finally the emotional withdrawl and silent treatment.

    I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Miss him but know the roller coaster is over.

    Thank you for your honest recount of events. It helps tremendously to know I am not the only one.

  88. Theresa said,

    June 26, 2015 at 4:19 am

    Thank you for providing a better insight on the PA behaviour. I dated a PA man for 3 yrs. Everyone loved him and would say he’s such a “nice guy” and you’re “very lucky” to have him. I found him to be very hostile at times with certain things. He would make comments at me when we were alone like “Any man would have left you by now” (clearly this is emotional abuse). I couldn’t understand it. He made me feel like I was an awful gf to him. When our relationship came to the end, he didn’t even have the guts to tell me his true feelings but instead left with no explanation and told his family how awful I was to be with (which is him being the victim). His family blamed me for the relationship ending and threatened to call the police if I try to contact him or his family. I never felt so hurt in my life. It was far beyond I have ever experienced before. He has something definitely deep rooted that only therapy could help. I would never wish this on anyone to go through.

    • Dara said,

      June 26, 2015 at 4:53 am

      Consider yourself lucky of sorts in that you didn’t marry him. I was married to one for 25 years and believe me I know the pain of which you speak. Please do not blame yourself. Please. You need to know that it is not you. It is SO him. And, as you are aware of now, they can not take any blame for their behaviour. My ex husband’s family was never aware of his P.A. ways. It was so frustrating. They thought he was the cat’s meow and such a great guy. Yeah, of course they would feel that way, they didn’t have to live with him!! LOL. Now that you know what to look for, you won’t get involved with a PA again. Take care.

      • Linda said,

        June 30, 2015 at 12:54 am

        I feel the same way about my husband. I now blame his parents. My husbands siblings thought he was the greatest guy and how lucky I am to have him. Ahhhh yeah ok. I need a full time job so I can get on with my life. I’m 50 years old and in good health. Just jobless.

      • Dara said,

        June 30, 2015 at 5:18 am

        Getting a job is a challenge, sorry to say. I’ve been looking for a full time job for years. Ageism exists for us “older” job seekers. With a part time job and a bit of alimony, I am able to eke out a life? I wish you well on your search.

  89. Theresa said,

    June 26, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you for your kind words, Dara. I didn`t actually see this behaviour until we lived together. We had plans of getting married and having children (at least I did!) I didn’t actually know how extreme his P.A behaviour was. He even told me that he is P.A and advised that he does not like confrontation. He lacked in communication but showed it in his actions. He eventually started to spend our only quality time on the weekends away from me with his brother. I thought I was doing a good thing by giving him space, but in actuality he was just waiting for be to say something so he could leave the relationship and not take the responsibility of us falling apart since he truly believed he was a “good guy”.

    This is defiantly a life changing lesson and I hope to never marry a man who is this way. I never thought that people can manipulate and make you feel that you are going crazy. If we did not make the decision to live together first,than I would have not known what I was getting myself into and would have a life of attending therapy/counselling to keep our marriage from going sour.

    • Dara said,

      June 27, 2015 at 12:14 am

      You are welcome, Theresa. I didn’t see my ex’s P/A behavior, or didn’t recognize it, until after we were married. Looking back I know it was there, but when you’re dating it’s something you just ignore. In fact I didn’t realize what was going on for quite some time into my married life. It was a friend, who out of the blue, said she was once married to a P/A.
      I didn’t know what she was talking about. I went to the library and researched it a bit, and still it didn’t click. And then the frustration set in and that’s when I knew what I was dealing with. It is truly a Crazy Making behavior. The things he would say and do were just outrageous. I would often say to him, please think about what you are going to say before you say it. Please. I believed that if he really thought about what he was going to say, then maybe he would opt not to say it, once he realized how mean it was. I would call him on it, to which he would reply that I was overreacting or too sensitive. Like I said, Crazy Making. You can’t win. And they are very adept at making you feel like you are the one with the problem. My self esteem plummeted. You are a smart gal. You’ve seen the pattern. Now go out there and find someone “healthy”. lol.

      • Theresa said,

        June 27, 2015 at 12:53 am

        It’s been exactly a year since all of this occurred and I’m happy to have survived it. I’ve tried dating again but it’s scary out there! I don’t want to have this wall built up for the next guy. It will take some time to heal and feel myself again. I’m happier to know that others have experienced the same too. Thank you!

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